E. Henry + J. Batchelder - c.1880

Music Cover

The Cover to "Mona's Isle Waltz" is slightly trimmed but dedicated to Sir Henry Brougham Loch, K.C.B. Lieut Governor of the Isle of Man - Loch was awarded the K.C.B. in September 1880, and soon afterwards indicated a desire to move to London - he left the Island in March 1882 - thus I've provisionally dated the music & map to 1880.

The Map derives from the Hall map of 1832 which appeared in many guide books - no indication of engraver/artist is given - I have thus acribed it to the Manchester based E. Henry & Co, Barton Arcade and Deansgate.

taken from 1898 publication
James Batchelder was well known in Manchester musical life - a pen portrait in The Gentleman's Journal 15 December 1898 p3553 ascribes to him 500 compositions, 50,000 lessons etc over his 30 year connection with Manchester - one of his compositions being "Slap! Bang! Here we are again!" though he also hadhad several appointments as a church organist - he was also musical editor for a firm of London publishers. The stamp inside states Mr James Batchelder, Professor of Music, 8 Queens Rd Manchester - he was residing at this address in 1881 when the census states age 40 born Norwich.



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