BESIDES ye coroners there are other officers (both in every sheeding and in every parish) w~’ they call Moores. These are not only the lord’s bayliffs, to gather up ye lord’s rents and dutyes in that sheeding where they reside, and every Munday to bring up all monys (wch they had gathered up ye week before) unto Castletowne, and there to deliver it to ye receiver-generall, but he hath many other imploymts besides, both for ye execution in cases of justice concerning ye governmt of ye Island in generall, as for ye sheeding in pticular whereof he is ye moore ifor.

The Sunday before ye sheeding courts are to be kept, ye moores for ye north and south are to give notice to all yt ye courts are to be kept such a day, to ye intent y~ jf any

of yt sheeding have cause to complain, he may come to ye moore to suffion his adversary to answer him at ye court.

The moores and ye coroner are to p"sent in their places what bloodshed hath been in yt sheeding since ye last sheeding court ye last halfe year before.

In common law cases, a moor of ye parish, upon ye token Of ye deemster, may execute a recovery as a coroner may in chancery.

The moores doe ifence in ye court of a Tinwald, sheedings, etc.

As I conceive, those moores have not any pension from ye lord of ye Island, for I finde amongst their customary law,


ye moores of every sheeding doe pay two marks of office silver (as they call it) to ye lord of ye Island. Besides, they have divers fees and proffits ~ cometh to them by vertue of their office, as out of their goods, of a feb cle se he hath four shillings (wch is as much as ye deemster hath), as likewise out of every felon’s goods (wch ye coroner is to have) he is to pay four shillings to ye moor, and ye deemster hath no more; and soe I conceive he hath a share out of all the forfeitures of any goods yt fall to ye lord of ye Islande.

Whosoever resisteth or molesteth ye moor in doing of his office he shall forfett an amercemt of six shillings and eight pence, w’~’ is more than ye double amercemt for resisting of a coroner.


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