[From Mannin, #4, 1914]

Folk-Lore Notes.


Chibbyr Ooinney. West Baldwin. I just now call to mind a well in the west glen of Baldwin ; I give the name as locally pronounced, so it is open to correction. The water of Chibbyr Ooinney1 was in bygone days, perhaps it yet is, well known to have a healing virtue for persons suffering from weak eyes, and many journeyed to it to bring away a bottleful for use. I have been told of aged persons who have been so benefited by its use that after wearing spectacles for years they could, with the naked eye, thread a fine sewing needle ! It was always understood that no benefit was got from using the water unless a nice roun’ey white stone was put in the well, and persons neglecting this were always disappointed. When I saw the well the bottom was covered with them, and scores were lying about as if they had been taken out when some one was cleaning it.

Ashburton, New Zealand. J. R. MOORE.

1 Chibbyr Rooney. (Rhys, Mannin No. II, p. 61)


Va Juan eamit lesh dys y whaiyl son feanish
Dooyrt eh ny focklyn shoh rish y Vriw.

‘ Hie Juan Mooar Gilbert as charge eh magh bing,
As lhie Thom Karrad boght ec y thie trome ching;
Te chiart cha mie dooys geddyn baase ec y thie,
Na goll mârish cloan Vondy dy gheddyn baase er y chriy.
Red erbee nagh row ad fakin cha row ad son geid,


* * *

Vad geid muihit, geid kirree, geid kiarkyn as guoiee
Cha row shen joarree daue, son v’ad jannoo lheid roie.
Haink Juan Mooar Gilbert sheese woish y clieau,
V’eh mainstyr ny maarlee as shen myr v’eh rieau;
Ta mish mee hene er yannoo tack keayrt ny ghaa.
Cha gheid mee rieau lane-cart dy chirree ayns laa.

* * *

Yiow shiu yn slane coontey voish Kate Villee.

Dooyrt y Briw rish : ‘Gow thie Yuan lesh dty rhymeyn!’
(Inshit liorish Mac Guilley yn chluig as scruit sheese ec Mac Neen).

* Jarroodit ec yn insheyder.


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