[From Mannin #1,1913]

Folklore Notes.

The following are contributed by "Cushag."

"My mother would never allow the dogs round the hearth to be lyin’ with their faces to the door. It was a sign, if persisted in, that someone would be carried out of the house before long."


"The people was goin’ down to the sea with cans to get the sea-water for cures. An’ they were sayin’ a charm an’ when they met every third wave they were dippin’ the water out of it an’ bowin’ themselves."


"I remember when nobody would carry a can of milk over the road without first puttin’ in a pinch of salt, otherwise the fairies would spill it."


"On the first of May the people would go before sunrise and scutch up the dew surrupshus from a neighbour’s field and scatter it over their own for luck."



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