[from Mannin vol 1]

Peel Cathedral

A SOFT mysterious light,
Falls through Cathedral windows on the night.
And tracks along the wave
To guide the saints that brave
The dreary tossing of the moonless way ;
And bring them to the Isle
Where they shall rest awhile,
And keep the Holy Feast on Easter Day

And ever the wind shall blow
Out of the Nor'-Nor'-East
That brings the Saggyrts to the Isle
To keep their Paschal feast

No earthly knowledge knows,
How that mysterious light for ever glows
When Lenten nights are dark,
And have no moon to mark
The Chancel window high above the deep;
But light is always there
To guide the pilgrims where
Their Easter-tide in holiness they keep

And ever the wind shall blow
From Sou'-Sou'-West to East
To waft the Saggyrts home again
After the Paschal Feast.




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