Lezaire Presentments.

Document No. 191.


William Crow, one of the Chapter Quest, prsents Hugh Kissage for calling Will : Kissages son Thou Son of a Bitch.

1 dies in Eccls.

Hee prsents William Garret and Edw Christian for Makeing Nine holes with their knives upon Sunday after evening Prayer.

To acknowledge their fault, and promise Reformation.

William Crow his x

The inventory of Dan : Key of K. Bryde is == 26s.

Mr. Jo : Curghey and Jo : Xtian are Pledges for the Wife of Tho : Kelly of K. Germ. decd. about the year 1695.

Nine-holes. The Oxford Dictionary states that the first reference to ‘ Nine-holes‘ is in 1573. There were two games with this title.
(a) A game in which the players endeavour to roll small balls into nine holes made in the ground, each hole having a separate scoring value.
(b) A similar game played with a board having nine holes or arches.

The writer remembers that round about the early eighties [1880s] there was a place on the old Red Pier called ‘ The Nine-holes,’ but its exact location is not known. [fpc - this was possibly the old jail attached to the courthouse, pulled down when Athol Street courthouse came into use and the site used for Samuel Harris's Imperial Hotel in 1860s]

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