Red Pier

Old Douglas Pier

The old Douglas pier of 1760, was damaged in a storm of 1786 and a new pier, the Red Pier, started shortly afterwards and completed in 1793.


The architect was George Steuart who designed many buildings, including Castle Mona, for the Dukes of Atholl. It was the Duke, then Governor General, who laid the foundation stone.
It was built from red sandstone (from Runcorn), hence the epithet, and extended some 530 ft and in the most part was 40ft wide.

At the end was a 50ft diameter raised platform in the centre of which was built the handsome lighthouse.

Red Pier Lighthouse


The red pier became a popular promenade with a request that heavy footwear not be worn to save wear.

A description of some of the scenes in mid 19th Century was given by 'Kelson'.

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