[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #1 1913]


Mr. G. PATTERSON in the Chair.

There were nine members and three visitors present. The President, suffering from a bad cold, was unable to attend, and Mr Patterson was unanimously elected to the chair,

The minutes of the last meeting having been confirmed, the following were elected members of the Society: Mr. L. Homan, Ballaugh, and Mr. A. H. Teare, Ramsey.

The Secretary announced the presentation to, the Museum from Mr. A. Bell of a collection of fossil shells from the Crag for comparison with Manx Glacial shells. The Rev. S. N. Harrison had sent a specimen of the black-headed gull, Larus ridibundus, which he had picked up on Ramsey beach on the 18th January. Thanks were voted to the donors.

Mr Ralfe then submitted a paper on the Natural History of the Castletown District, which he illustrated by examples of many of the birds mentioned and by specimens of the plants. The birds were from the collection at King William's College, and the plants had been collected by Miss Moore-Lane. In both cases there were some rarities, and some of the plants had not previously been recorded from the Island: e.g., Orobanche minor, Redgap; Tamus communis, Pooilvaaiish .

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