[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #1 1913]


Rev. S. N. HARRISON, B.A., in the Chair.

Only six members attended In the absence of the President and Vice-President, the Rev. S. N. Harrison was voted to the chair.

The minutes of the last meeting having been confirmed, the following were elected members of the Society:-Mr. J. W, Hyde, Douglas, Mrs J. S. Mylchreest, Michael; Miss Ridge, Douglas.

There were two presentations to the Library.

Mr. G. Storey contributed a report on work done at the Port Erin .Biological Station, which was, received with interest.

The Secretary read an interim report of the Archaeological Survey, which showed that some work had been done in the parishes of Lezayre and Maughold, but, owing to lack of funds,, it was impossible as yet to bring out the usual illustrated report. He thought it would be a misfortune if a work ,of such importance could not be completed, and urged upon members the necessity of their support if that was to, be done.

Plans and drawings and photographs illustrating the report were exhibited. Mr Kermode also exhibited a rubbing of the early Cross slab recently found by Mr. Graves on Ballamooar, Patrick. The slab, broken and badly weathered, was of local clay-slate, 21in. by 17in., and about 3in. thick. The upper half had been rounded One face showed, within a circular ring remains of eight rays, possibly a form of the Chi Rho symbol, or less likely, a cross patee of incised lines, straight, not curved, and terminating about 1½in. within the circle. He thought it might have been brought from the little Keeill at the head of the Ballaquayle glen, about a quarter of a mile west of the place where it was found. This makes the sixth known for the parish of Patrick.

There was also exhibited a small cross-slab, brought in the previous day from Andreas churchyard, where it was found by Mr. E. Christian. It looks like an ice-borne boulder. Each face has an incised Latin cross in outline; the ends of the limbs are left open. When cast, it was proposed to set it up with others from this parish in the Shelter north of Andreas Church.

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