[ILN 18 Aug 1866]


IoMSPCo Tynwald

THE new iron steam-ship Tynwald, of 488 tons net burden and 280-horse power, has recently been constructed, by Messrs. Caird and Co. of Greenock, for the Isle of Man Steam-packet Company, being the third paddle steam-ship built for that company by the same firm within three years to accommodate the passenger and cargo traffic between Liverpool and the island. The company, which was formed in 1830, has now a fleet of five large and swift vessels. The Tynwald is commanded by Captain Alexander McQueen, and has been named after the ancient hill or mound upon which the laws of the island are yearly promulgated. Her dimensions are as follow :—Length of keel and forerake, 241 ft. ; breadth of beam, 26 ft. ; depth of hold, 14 ft. 6 in. ; builders’ measurement of capacity, 808 tons. She is furnished with oscillating engines, having cylinders of the diameter of 58 in. and of 6-ft. stroke and performing thirty- revolutions minute. The Tynwald has been proved to have a speed of from eighteen to nineteen miles an hour, and performed her first voyage from Liverpool to Douglas, a distance of eighty-four miles, in four hours and eighteen minutes. There is accommodation for 781 passengers, the vessel is fitted up with bath and state rooms. The cabins are elegantly furnished and decorated, and there is a capacious deck-saloon and promenade deck 60 ft. long, besides all the usual accommodation.

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