Special Sunday Collections at Jurby 1749-1793

The following list of people for whom a special Sunday Collection was made is included in the Parish Register - judging from a couple of entries the actual petitioner or a close relative was present.

Feby 20 1749 This day was collected for ye use of Ellinr Craine als Harrison of Ballaugh widow + sent to ye Rector by her son John Craine ye sum of five shillings + six pence half penny

March 1st 1751 Collected for ye use of Margt Corlett of Lezayre + transmitted to ye Revd ye Vicr of Lezayre by Joh Caley ye sum of five shillings

March 8th [1751] Collected in KK Michael for ye above Margt Corlett ye sum of six shillings + sixpence + transmitted to ye Revd ye Vicr of Lezayre by John Caley

May 6th 1753 Collected for ye use of Anne Goldsmith als Kneale of Kk German ye sum of six shillings + fourpence + transmitted to ye Vicr of German

July 7th 1754 Collected for Pat Kneale's son of KK Maughold ye sum of six shills + fivepence halfpenny + transmitted to ye Chaplain of Ramsey

Augst 25th 1754 Collected for Pat Mylchreest + Elinor Craine als Harrison both of Ballaugh ye sum of seven shills + eleven pence + transmitted to ye Rector of Ballaugh

Aprl 27th 1755 Collected for Thos Shimmin a poor blind man of Kk German ye sum of five shills + threepence + transmitted to ye Revd Mr Ratcliffe Curate of German

Sept 14th 1755 Collected for Joaney Brew of ye Gilcagh in Kk Andrews ye sum of five shillings + threepence + transmitted to Captn Dan Lace

1756 March 7th Collected for John Howland of Kk Bride whose houses + effects were lately consumed by fire ye sum of ten shillings + eleven pence + transmitted to ye Revd ye Rectr

1757 May 29th Collected for Isable Crye, Cath Kneen + Anne Cain of Ramsey widows ye sum of nine shills + sevenpence

1759 Septr 2d Collected for Wm Craine of Kk German a poor old man ye sum of eight shills + nine pence

1760 Decr 14 Collected for Dan Cannel John Cowin Gilbt Kewn + Thos Cain of Kk Braddan whose dwelling was consumed by fire + delivered to Thos Caine [one] of them ye sum of seventeen shills + sixpence besides corn given by some of Parishionrs

1761 March 8th Collected for Thos Crenil of Kk Bride having a cancer in his face + delivered to Thos Teare twelve shillings + six pence

1761 Oct 4th Collected for Richd Corlett of Lezayre his house + effects being consumed by fire - 10s 10½d

1762 Aprl 25th Collected for John Knickle of Kk Patrick he having a great swelling in his mouth - 8s 9d

1763 Janry 23d Collected for Edmd Quark of Kk Andrew + Joney his wife he not being able to walk + she seized by a cancer in her lip 10s -10d

1763 Septr 25th Collected for Thos Corkan of Kk Patrick he having one daughter a dumb idiot + another blind his wife also having lost ye use of her limbs - 12s 4½d

1763 Oct 30 Collected for John Gick of Castletown an aged + infirm poor man seven shills + 4½d

1764 Febry 19th Collected for Philip Kneale of Kk german his house + effects being consumed by fire ye sum of ten shills + three halfpence

1764 Decr 16th Collected for ye wife + daughter of John Garrett of Kk Bride ye sum of 9s 4d

1765 June 9th Collected for James Dawson + his wife of Peeltown being old + infirm - 8s 3d

1765 Augst 18th Collected for John Fargher of KK Patrick having lost ye use of his arm + leg - 8 11½d

1765 Septr 29th Collected for Phil Kelley of Douglas + wife being both old + infirm + their house + goods lately consumed by fire- 8s 8½d

1766 Jany 26th Collected for Cath Gell als Kaighin of Ballaugh widow + her son - 9s 1d

[1766] March 2d Collected for John Hutchin of Peeltown abt 83 years of age + his wife abt 86 years being both infirm + helpless - 7s 8d

1768 Aprl 17th Collected for John Quayle of Peeltown his wife being insane + deprived of understanding - 9 10½d

1768 June 26th Collected for James Crowe of KK Braddan his house + effects being burnt - 9s 1½d

1768 Decr 11th Collected for David Hutchin of KK Arbory having his back broke or dislocated by ye fall of a bank of gravel + stones upon him in ye work of ye publick 8s 5½d

1769 Feby 19th Collected for Mary Kerr relict of Danl Kerr of Scotland + her six children now living in Peeltown - 8s 3½d

Aprl 9th 1769 Collected for John Corlett of KK Patrick whose son was seized with an emaciating ulcerous disease along his right side ye sum of 10s 6½d

July 2d 1769 Collected for Wm Stole of Kk Maughold a labourer of 74 years old afflicted with a paralitick disorder in his right side for 13 years + his wife 86 years old infirm + blind &c - 7s 10d

Novr 26th 1769 Collected for John Craine of Jurby his body being ulcerous &c 10s 5d

1770 Aprl 8 Collected for Alice Casement als Garret of Kk Lonan being upwards of 75 years of age + near 25years a widow now bedrid + seized by a palaie @ Ewan Garrett ye sum of 10s 5½d

1770 May 20th Collected for Robt Knickal of Kk Patrick being 96 years of age bedrid + blind nine shills + sixpence sent @ Henery Kneale

1770 July 1st Collected for Wm Cowley of Kk German + his wife being both indigent + infirm thro' old age &c - 8s 8½d

1770 July 29th Collected for Elinor Quayan aged widow now bedrid + her daughter seized by a scurvy + palsy sent @ Philip Christian 10s 5½d

[1770] August 26 Collected for John Knickol of Kk Malew upwards of 90 years of age infirm sent @ Wm Shimmin 8s 10d

[1770] Octobr 7th Collected for Hugh Quirk of Peeltown his wife being infirm + bedrid with a family of 4 children 10s 11d

1771 Aprl 21st Collected for Christian Waterson a poor widow of Kk Patrick near 84 years of age + bedrid - 9s 5½d

[1771] Dec 22d Collected for Cath Corlett widow of Castletown her daughter having lost ye use of her side + affected in her intellect + sent @ John Crear - 7s 9d

1772 Febry 2d Collected for Shusannah Lyttle of Kk Patrick a poor widow of 88 years of age + @ Henry Kneale - 7s 7½d

[1772] April 5th Collected for John Kinread of KK braddan in behalf of Phil Cown his brother in law being lunatick frantick + incorrigible + Kinread's wife lately seized with an outragious phrensy &c given to himself - 8s 11½d

[1772] May 3d Collected for John Kaighin boat master in Kk Michael being reduced to poverty being one of ye appelts to his Majesty in Council in ye cause of ye herring tyth + having ye sum of fifty pounds costs awarded agst him ye sum of four shills + ninepence given to himself

[1772] May 17th Collected for Henry Kermod being upwards of eighty years of age + blind + sent by Dal Tellet - 6s 1½d

[1772] May 31st Collected for David Kelley of Kk Patrick upwrds of 77 years of age having a daughter dumb + deaf his wife lately dead of a cancer on her cheek - 5s 5d

[1772] August 2d Collected for Patrick Cubbon of Kk German whose wife having got an ailmt by child bearing is seven years incapable of working + lately bedrid seized with grevious pains - 7s 1d

[1772] August 30th Collected for James Cottier of Kk Marown whose has now lost ye use of his left leg + other three of his children being dumb given to John son of ye petitioner - 7s 8½d

[1772] Novembr 8th Collected for Patk Callister of Trinity Rushen an old man of abt 60 years of age with a great tumour in his legs + feet + a strange excresence on one of his eyes whereby he is incapable of doing anything towards ye support of life ye sum 5 11½d transmitted @ wm crebbin his relation
[?Wm Crebbin h/o Margaret Callister m Rus 17680827]

1773 March 7th Collected for Sarah Palmer wife of Isaac Palmer + five small children being a stranger destitute of friends + left by ye husband transmitted @ Thos Harrison 8 11½d
[?Hannah Steptoe w/o Isaac Palmer 5ch bapt DSM + 1 Malew 1759-1772]

[1773] March 21st Collected for John Corlett of Kk Patrick his thigh being three years ill of a virulent swelling which turned to a dropsey given to sd Corlet 6s 7d

[1773] Aprl 25th Collected for John Kissag of Kk St Andrews whose son being heavily afflicted by uncommon running ulcers in his thighs + legs - delivered to himself - 7s 9½d

[1773] May 23d Collected for Mary Dowan of KK Andrews abt nine years afflicted with a cancer on ye side of her head already she lost her eye it continuing still to expand + thought incurable - 8s 10½d
[a Mary Dowan bur Andreas 23 Sep 1774]

1773 August 1st Collected for Wm Kneale of Kk German having a mortification in his leg + under cure by Dr Lamothe ye sum of 7s 7d + transmitted by his sister Cath Kneale

[1773] August 22d Collected for Wm Arthur of Kk Patrick whose house + effects were consumed by fire - 9s 11d

1774 June 26th Collected for Cath Waterson of Castletown being abt 80 years old infirm + paralitick + June 30th delivered to ye Revd Mr Gellin - 9s 11½d

[1774] July 24th Collected for Cath Stone of Peeltown widow being abt 80 years of age infirm + dropsical - 10s 1d
[?cath Radcliffe w/o Oliver Stone(s) m Pat 17351005]

1775 Janry 15th Collected for John Stephen of Kk Michael being infirm + disabled - 9s 2½d

[1775] March 5th Collected for John Dawson of Peeltown being 85 years old + his wife old + infirm &c - 8s 1½d

[1775] March 19th Collected for Thomas Quine of Kk Lonan reduced to poverty by reason of his own illness his wife delivered of twins, having 9 children - 10s 1d

April 3rd 1775 Collected for Robt Kinread of Kk Lonan his wife being sickly + frantick + a son abt twenty years old abt a year ago dead of a violent incurable cancer in his face And ye doctors not paid 8s []d Counterfts - 9d
[?Robt Kinread miller Lonan son Daniel bapt Lon 17540217 bur Lon 17740410]

Septr 3d 1775 Collected for Wm Creer of Aghwhallen in Kk Braddan whose daughter abt 27 years old was seized with a pain in her right thigh + knee which so swelled + mortified yt her leg was cut off ye sum of 8s 8d with nine couterfeit pence

Decr 17th 1775 Collected for Patrick Crangle weaver of Peeltown an Irish man having broke his thigh bone near ye hip ye sum of seven shills + elevenpence + sent by -

June 23d 1776 Collected for Margt Corkan of Kk Patrick being an idiot, dumb, a cripple + epileptic 46 years of age ye sum of thirteen shills To Wm Knickel

Janry 5th 1777 Collected for John Callow of Douglas being ninety nine years old infirm + bedrid - 9s 6d

April 23d 1777 Collected for Margt Corlett of Peeltown a poor widow with a large family of small children May 3d to her son - 9s 9d

April 27th 1777 Collected for Cath Corlett of KK Michael aged 84 years + being very poor + very infirm - 11s 10d

May 11th 1777 Collected for Edward Camaish of Kk Bride a poor labourer having a great supparation from his belly as in a general state of putrefaction - 11s 5d

June 15th 1777 Collected for Thos Sansbury of Kk Patrick his son having running ulcers &c in his thighs + legs - 9s 8½d

July 6th 1777 Collectd for Thos Cottier of Kk Marown who was waylaid by Robt Hutcheon of Kk Arbory who fractured his skill so as to be trepanned in two places &c @ John Cottier 7s 5½d

August 31st 1777 Collected for Thos Caine of Kk Michael being abt 80 years old being indigent infirm + ulcerous - 9s 11d

Febry 22 1778 Collected for Thos Cowil of Peeltown being 75 years old he + his wife being infirm + bedrid delivered to John Quayle - 10s 4½d

Augst 16th 1779 Collected by ye wardens by applying to ye parishioners at their houses: to be remitted to ye Treasurer of ye Society for propagation of ye Gospel in foreign parts in order to relieve ye distressed clergy in America ye sum of four pounds one shilling + nine pence British + transmitted to Episcopal Register

Feby 24 1782 Collected for Henery Wilson of Kk Andrews his barn other houses &c being consumed by fire ye sum of seven shills + eleven pence

[undated] Collected for Philip Kneen having a mortification in his knee &c ye sum of twelve shills + - pences

Nov 10th Collected for Do [Philip Kneen] seventeen shills + threepence ½

Novembr 23d 1783 Collected for John Craine of this parish being infirm through old age + his wife having a severe cancer in her lip ye sum of fourteen shills + three halfpence

March 13th 1785 Collected for Wm Stevenson of Ramsey barber his effects being wholly burnt by accident ye sum of ten shills + five pence

Oct 21 1791 Collected for Dollin Clarke ye sum of fifteen shills + sevenpence

Feby 12th 1792 Collected for Thos Kenyon of Ramsey ye sum of twelve shills + 1 penny

June 1792 Collected for -- Kennaugh of Kk Braddan nine shills + fivepence

July 8th 1792 Collectd for Jane Corris of Kk Michael ten shills + an halfpenny

March 10th 1793 Collected for James Christian a paralitick of Lezayre fourteen shills + fivepence

June 3d 1793 Collected by ye wardens by application at ye several dwellings in ye parish for ye French Clergy refugees in England ye sum of one pound + seven shills Brittish


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