[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Lamothe’s Family


John Dominique (b 1731, obit 1807), son of Sieur Arnaud & Marguerite Perez of Bayonne in the Basses Pyrenees, was the progenitor of the Manx Lamothe’s. On the 30th of June 1760, he went as surgeon on board the privateer brig St. Lawrence, of 10 guns. She captured several English vessels, the crews of which rose and took possession of the St. Lawrence, bringing here, on the 9th November in the same year, into Douglas. Dominique with the rest was imprisoned in Castle Rushen, but was released on parole. When H.M.S. Delight came to take off the prisoners in January 1761, he ‘having gone on an exploring expedition into the Island 1 was not to be found and so the Delight sailed without him. He was then re-imprisoned in Castle Rushen, but it is said that his medical skill proved so successful in the case of the Governor’s wife that he was soon released, and, as after the conclusion of peace in 1763 he remained in the Island of his own free will, he continued the practice of his profession there. In 1763, he married Susanna (born 1741, obit 1803), daughter of Henry Corrin of Castletown, whose sister married Deemster Lace, and had issue 11 children: William born 1763 (obit sans progeny); John (born 1764, obit 1808) married Sarah Cummins in 1797 at Londonderry and had issue one only daughter, Rebecca, who married and had issue; Jane (born 1766, obit unmarried); Sophia (born 1769, obit ?) married Rev. James Gelling, afterwards Vicar of German in 1794 and had issue Frederick La Mothe Gelling of Castletown, advocate (now represented by Henry Evans Gelling of Castletown, advocate); Elizabeth (born 1771) who married the Rev. Joseph Stowell, master of Peel Grammar School in 1796 and had issue 3 sons and 2 daughters (see Stowells); Frederick (born 1773, obit 1838) married Margaret, daughter of John Corlett of Glentrammon, H.K., in 1804. He was a M.R.C.S.E. and practiced in Ramsey for 35 years. They had issue Frederick John Dominique (born 1805, obit 1865) of Ramsey, advocate, M.H.K. He married Ann, only daughter of Thomas Cowle, Ballavair, Bride, in 1830, and had issue:

John Henry (obit young); Frederick Cowle (born 1832, obit 1842).

Annie Isabella (born 1835) married Rev. Hugh A. Stowell and has issue (see Stowell’s).

Henry Thomas (born 1836, obit 1868 without progeny).

John Corlet (born 1838), the present representative of the family. (For his children, see below); Claude Haskins (born 1839, obit 1888). He took his degree at St. John’s College, Cambridge, in Moral Science (Honours in 1864), and rowed the University boat race in 1863. He was ordained in 1864 and held several curacies and livings. He married Jecholiah Elkington in 1882 and left issue one son, Claude Douglas, now, in 1896, living with his mother at Eastbourne. They have taken the name of ‘de la Mothe;’ Margaret Corlet (born 1840) married Rev. Ed. Parke, Rector of St. Andrews, Blackley, Manchester, and has issue.

Catherine Rose (born 1841) married William Johnson, of London, wine merchant, and has issue.

Frederick (born 1843), educated at King William’s College, Scholar of L.C.C. Cambridge, took his degree in 1868 (3rd class classical Tripos) and proceeded M.A. in 1872. He was curate of Andreas and is now Vicar of C.C., Heaton, near Manchester. In 1887 he married Mabel Clare Joughin, and has issue Margaret Clare Elise (born 1888); Hugh Dominique (born 1890); Frederick Hilary (born 1892); Albert Edward (born 1844) of Peel, advocates.

Mona (born 1845, obit 1872).

The next child of Frederick (the third son of Dominique the First) was Ann Susannah (born 1808). She married Lieut. Pilcher Ralfe, R.N., and had issue. Then came Margaret Eliza (born 1810), still living in 1896, in Ramsey; Catherine Rose (born 1812, obit 1891) married John Henry Spencer M.D., of Douglas, and had issue; and finally John Henry (born 1817, obit 1845) married Sabrina (born ?, obit 1846) and had issue on only daughter, who died in the same year. He took his degree at Dublin in 1836 and was Vicar of Lezayre at the time of his death.

We now return to the younger children of Dominique (the First): Dominique born 1775 (obit sans progeny); Henry (born 1700, obit sans progeny); Susannah (born 1778) married John Bridson, of Ballavarkish, Arbory, in 1804, and had issue two daughters; James Thomas (obit young), and last, Rose Theresa (born 1784, obit 1818) married William Chauncey and had issue.

John Corlet (died 1898) married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Banks, of Liverpool, merchant, in 1863 and has issue Frederick Malcolm (born 1864, obit 18xx) married Edith Rose, daughter of Capt. Crompton, in 1894; Henry Hesketh (born 1866, obit 1890). He was educated at King William’s College and took his degree at C.C.C., Cambridge in 1889; Eleanor Edith (born 1867) married her cousin Ernest Alfred Crew Stowell in 1891, and has issue two sons (see Stowells); John Dominique (born 1868) ordained in the American Episcopal Church in 1894; Gertrude Spencer (born 1870) married Josiah Kendal Rigby in 1893 and has issue; Bertha Marguerite (born 1872); Sarah Marianne (born 1876), Alice Maud (born 1877), Annie Irene (born 1878).

1 From account of the family by J.C. Lamothe



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