High Bailiff Moore's Remarks on Pauperism

This is the covering letter from High Bailiff Robert Moore of Peel returning both the submitted returns to the 1869 questionnaire and his synopsis of them.

The annexed tabulated statement is founded upon the returns sent in to me by the several clergymen and ministers whose names appear in the first column.

It is to be regretted that direct and full replies were not given, in all cases, to the several questions submitted.

I fear the returns do not show the real state of Pauperism in my district

The persons whose names appear under the classifications 1 and 3 are those only who receive aid directly from their church thro' the Vicar and church wardens. I am satisfied, however, that there is a very considerable number of persons throughout the district who are, if not entirely, at all events to a great extent, dependent upon the charity of their well-disposed neighbours (and in some cases, of their distant relations) who do not receive aid from the public fund administered by the vicar and wardens. - Many of these, I venture to say, are greater of need of pity than those who are publicaly relieved. - I have personal knowledge of several families of the description last alluded to, in this town, - who are ashamed to beg, but who would be in the most abject state and utterly destitute, were it not for the aid afforded them by private individuals.

The Revd Mr Stowell in his return has stated that the "the approximate amount collected by street beggars has been calculated as from 35/- to 40/- per week". - It is impossible to arrive at any reliable estimate of the amount contributed by the public to street-beggars and towards the numerous casual cases of hardship which are presently recurring - but I should be inclined to consider Mr Stowell's estimate as much under the mark.

Then none of the returns refer to the system of house-to-house begging throughout the parishes as well as the towns.

All country residents and farmers have frequent, and, in some cases, weekly calls upon them by paupers who are able to walk, and there are many who thus travel about

Robert J Moore
High Bailiff of Peel




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