Manx Servicemen in Boer War

From the start of the war it was the lead story in the Manx Papers until displaced by the Dumbell's Bank crash and aftermath of February 1901. In November 1899 High Bailiff Gell suggested that a list be made of all those serving with any Manx connection.


The High-Bailiff of Castletown (Mr .J. S. Gell) has written us stating that an endeavour should be made to secure the names and home addresses of the soldiers connected with the Isle of Man who are-now engaged in the war in South Africa, along with-the names of the regiment to which they belong,

His Worship further suggests that we should-make the request in The Examiner, for. the necessary particulars to be sent to us by the relatives or friends of the soldiers concerned, in order that a complete list might be published.

We think High-Bailiff, Gell's suggestion an admirable one, and have pleasure in inviting or friends of all soldiers connected with the Isle of Man who are now at the front, or who are on their way to the front, to send us the following particulars regarding them

Their Names -
Their Home Addresses.
The Regiments-to-which they belong
Their Location and Brigade in South Africa-
And other particulars, such as their ages and length of service, married or single, and the, engagements already taken part in, would also be of great interest; but we are chiefly anxious to obtain their names and addresses. We would ask all readers who take an interest in this matter to help us to make the proposed list as complete as possible.

This request also applies in connection with sailors and marines and members of colonial forces of Volunteers serving in South Africa.

The Examiner responded to this, these lists appeared weekly in The Examiner from November 1899 to April 14th 1900 when they appeared to cease - there may be subsequent lists (if so they are after July 1900) but this list should contain the bulk of those who served.

Within it can be seen those moved from India to South Africa, the reservists moved from the UK and the volunteers after the December debacles. The 'Noble Nine', volunteers from the Manx Volunteer Rifles left after publication of this list and are covered elsewhere.

[some addional details supplied by Brian Kaighin Website:]


ARIS E.B., with the Cape Mounted Rifles An old King Williamite.

BANNERMAN - with the Cape Mounted Rifles A old King William's College boy.

BARRON Frank P., in Col. Baden-Powell's Mounted Volunteers under Major Hore. In Mafeking. Son of Mr. John Barron Duke-street, Douglas.

BREW Philip, with the New South Wales Lancers His father, Robert Brew, a native of Ballaugh. emigrated to New South Wales many years ago.

BREW Richard, 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards forming part of the Eighth Division. Home address - 3 Hillary Park. Douglas.

BURGESS, Private Samuel, 2nd Cheshire

BUNDAY, James, Quarter-master H. M. S "Terrible," with Sir Redvers Buller. Age 36 years; married, 3 children; brother-in-law of Harry Hunt, Coastguard, Peel

CAINE Herbert, gunner (80735) T Battery, R.H.A., 7 year's service in India„ now Army Reserve; age 32 years; married. Home address - 26 Allan-street Douglas,.

CALEY, Private (3,574), in Royal Mounted Fusiliers. Served seven years - reservist;. single ; age 26 Home address - Sulby Lezayre.

CHRISTIAN, T., Gunner (86571), Royal Horse Artillery, .L.B, Battery; age 27 years. Home address - St Jude's, Andreas.

CLAGUE, R. H. Pioneer Railway Engineers Home address - Park View, Laxey

CLEATOR, Private John Wm. (65,187) 15th Western Division, Royal Horse Artillery.

CLUCAS, William John Lancashire , Regiment (Loyal North); single. Home address - The Factory Ballasalla.

COOLE, Stanley, Sergt, Royal Artillery . Home address - Douglas ,

CORLETT, George, Liverpool Regiment (The King's); single. Was at Ladysmith Home address - Harbour-road Santon.

CORLETT, Daniel F: with Bethune's Mounted Infantry With Sir Redvers Buller Home address - Ballaugh

CORLETT, Henry James, 16th Lancers (Queen's), single. Home address - Seafield. Santon

CORLETT, James. in the Horse Artillery Corps son of Mr. James Corlett, gardener, of Winsor-terrace, Ramsey.

COUPE, Sergt. Percy, Natal Police, on the border of Basutoland. Son of Mr. Coupe, Victoria-street, Douglas

COWLEY P. in Natal Ambulance Corps. Brother-in-law of Mr. Kelly assistant harbour master, Peel.

COWLEY Lance-Corporal Frank, 17th Company Royal Engineers, with General Buller's Division. Home address - Ballavoddan, Andreas

COWELL, Private W. (6420) E Company, 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers Home address - Tynwald-street.

COWIN, L.B. Junr., son of Mr. L.B. Cowin manager in London of the Equitable Fire Insurance Company and grandson Mr. Cowin, Beverley Mount. Sergeant in the City of London. Ambulance Corps on the Red Cross Hospital "Princess of Wales" ; second in command of one of the ship's wards. Age 20 Home address - Highbury Park, London

CREER, Private George A. (361), Imperial Light Infantry

CREER, Private Daniel C (371) Imperial Light Infantry sons of R.W. Creer, Athol-street . Marble Mason

CRENNELL, Private Alfred (5811), 1st Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment. Was in Ladysmith Age 22 years; son of W. Crennell, joiner, 3 Alexander Drive, Douglas

CURPHEY, Robert Private (5038) M.I. Company, .1l King's Liverpool. Son of Mrs Curphy, Ballamenaugh,Michael.

DURRAH, Captain O B. Z. Royal West Surrey Regiment under Buller; married. Educated at King William's College. He is well known in Castletown.

DAVIES, Lance-Corporal D. T , with General Gatmore's Column. Formerly in the employ of Archer, Evans & Co.

DAUGHERTY, Robert, in Natal Ambulance Corps, now with Sir Redvers Buller. Home address - Gordon

DICKSON, Trooper N., son of Mrs. Dickson of the Green, Castletown, is serving with the Imperial Light Horse, and was present at the battle when Colonel Chisholme was killed. Was in Ladysmith

DICKSON, E.,. brother of the above trooper, is a sergeant in Thorneycroft's Irregular Horse with Butler. Wounded in the Spion Kop Battle

DUNNE, Sergt., in the fifth Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Embarked for the front. Son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Barney McEvoy, The Smelt, Rushen, and father of Bugler John Francis Dunne, who recently appeared before Her Majesty the Queen for conspicuous bravery at Colenso.

DUNNE, Bugler (aged 16), son of the above. Was wounded. Returned to Netley Hospital, and visits her Majesty.

EDMUNDSON, Lieut O.H., Cape Mounted Rifles ; with Gateacre's force. Eldest son of Mr. O.R. Edmundson, of Newsham terrace, Douglas.

ELPHINSTONE - late of King William's College. Just left Cambridge for the front.

FARRAGHER, Private Moses, in the Kaffrarian Rifles (F Company) under General Gatacre ; married. Son of Mr. John Faragher, of The Hope, St. John's.

FISHER, Joseph Simpson, with Bethune's Mounted Infantry at Frere, Natal; eldest son of Mr. Thos Fisher, J.P. Castletown

FLANAGAN, A., Private, 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment, General Hildyard's Brigade, Natal; age 27 years; single; 8 year's service. Home address - 7 King-street, Douglas.

FOSTER, R., an army reserve man with General French, and belongs to the Commissariat Department; was Patrick rural postman.

FREETH, Capt., of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers. Took part in the battle of the Atbara, and the fighting before Khartoun. Son of Col. Freeth, Head Constable of the Isle of Man. Taken prisoner at Spion Kop battle on 25th January; now in Pretoria.

FRIEND, Guy, in the Scots Guards with Lord Methmen; eldest son of Dr Friend, late of Douglas.

FRY, W., Major second in command of the 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment in General Hildyard's Brigade; age 40 years. Son-in-law of the late Sir John Senhouse Goldie-Taubman.

GALLOWAY, Robert, tailor (4004), A Company, 1st Royal Scots under General Gatacre; age 27 years; married; late with Mr. Robert Halsall, Strand street. Home address - 34 Allen street, Douglas.

GALE, Robert, stoker H.M.S. Pelorus, now in Durban; age 21 years.

GARGAN, J. and W. of the Manchester Regiment, belonging to Castletown.

GELLING, John Stephen, Uitlanders Mounted Infantry; unmarried; age 26 years. Took part in the Tagela battle under General Buller. Son of John Gelling, The Crofts, Castletown, and grandson of the late Robt. Gelling of Port St. Mary.

GELLING, Private T. (5084), E. Company, 2nd Cheshire Regiment age 23 years; single; 4½ years service. His father, now residing at Laxey, served throughout the Crimean campaign. Home address - 19 Drinkwater street, Douglas.

GILL, Thomas Howard, son of the late Rev. Thomas Howard Gill and nephew of the Ven. Hugh S. Gill, Archdeacon of Man. His mother at present resides at Bournemouth. He is 2nd Lieutantant in the Royal Artillery and belongs to the 21st Field Battery. He was present with the troops at Ladysmith. He is unmarried and is about 23 years of age.

GREENE, Edward W., with the Royal Canadian Artillery. Late of Grove View House, Union Mills.

HART, Capt., Arthur, with his father's (General Hart's) brigade in the West Surrey Regiment under Sir Redvers Buller. He captained the King William's College cricket team in 1897.

HENNIKER-MAJOR, Col. Arthur, commanding the Coldstream Guards with Lord Methuen; younger brother of Lord Henniker, Lieut,-Governor,

HEWSON, Caesar, 12th Field Battery; single. Home address - Castletown [There is a Driver 99420 C Hewson 88th RFA died of wounds at Vet River 1st January 1902, his name appears on the Royal Artilleey monument in London.]

HOGG, Trooper Joseph, C Squadron ,13th Hussars, at present with General Buller's forces; also took part in action at Tageia River; age 22 years; unmarried; late of Ramsey and brother to Mr. Hogg, station master, Union Mills.

HOLMES, Randle, in the Cape Mounted Rifles. Brother of the Rev. A. J. Holmes, St. Marks.

HOPE, Lieut. Charles, Royal artillery, 77 Field Battery, with general Gatacre's force. Son of Capt. Hope, R.N., and grandson of the Hon Charles Hope, formerly Governor of this Island.

HUNT, Charles, Petty Officer H.M.S. "Terrible", with Lord Methuen. Age 26 years; single ; brother of Harry Hunt, Coastguard, Peel.

JOHNSTONE, Lieut., with the Cape Volunteers. Captain of King William's College in 1889.

KARRAN, Private James E., first-class Reservist of the Liverpool Regiment; lately married. Son of the late Mr. Ed. Karran. Home address - 34 Athol Street, Douglas.

KELLY, Private John (2365), C Company, 1st South Lancashire Regiment, 5th Division Field Forces; aged 30 years; married. Nephew of Miss Kelly, 128 Buck's Road. Home address - 15 Hatfield-grove, Douglas.

KELLY, Private Edward, reservist of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers. Son of Mr. E. Kelly, bellman of Spring Gardens, Douglas.

KELLY, Private John (2,786), C Company 2nd Manchester Regiment; 7 years service in India now Army Reserve forming part of the 8th Division; married. Home address - 13 Big Well-street, Douglas.

KENNAUGH, Sapper Alfred M (26,717), in the Royal Engineers; married one child. Home address - 9 Stanley Mount, Peel.

KENNAUGH, Sergeant Major F.S. 13th Hussars; married. Son of Mr. John Kennaugh, Lower Foxdale.

KENNAUGH, Private Thomas, in the Hussars. Home address - St. George's street, Douglas.

KERMODE, William Stanley (3305), King's Liverpool Regiment, 8th Battalion; age 28 years; married. Home address - 2 Fort-street, Douglas.

KERMODE, Private John James, in 89th Battery, R.F.A. Two year's service; aged 20 years. Son of Mr. Kermode, tailor, Mount Vernon, Douglas. [Gunner John James died of enteric fever at Vryburg on 16th 1901 where he is buried and his name appears on the Vrybur & Royal Artillery monument in London.]

KEWLEY, Private Arthur, 16th Lancers (Queen's). Brother of Mr. W. W. Kewley, 'Brown Cow', Santon.

KEWLEY, Sapper G.W. (1789) 17th Company Royal Engineers with General Buller's force. Home address - Strand-street, Douglas.

KINRADE, Thos Lance-Corporal (2,280) E Company, 1st battalion South Lancashire Regiment; single. Home address - 106, Malew street, Castletown. [Age 33 he commited suicide by gunshot to head at 12 Stationary hospital in Pietermaritzburg on 7th January 1902 and is buried in the Fort Napier cemetery; his name appears on the monument there ]

KNEEN, Private A.W.C. Cape Colony Volunteer Rifles, with Lord Methuen's Division; age 27 years. Home address - Mile End Cottage, Peel-road, Douglas

LEECE, A. in Natal Ambulance Corps, now at Durban; son of Mr. W.E.Leece T.C. Peel.

LEWIS, Sergeant Thomas (1618), 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment. Reservist. son of Mr. J.R. Lewis of Ballalewis, Bride and Douglas.

LINDSAY, John, 16th Lancers, age 27 years; 4 Dukes Lane, Douglas.

LOCH, Hon. Edward Douglas, D.S.O. with Lord Methuen's force; only son of Lord Loch, formerly Governor of this Island.

LOCKLEY, R. with the Gordon Highlanders. An old King William's College boy.

MACLEAN, Private J. Reg. No. 741 Prince Alfred's Guards, B Company 2 Section; age 24; single. Home address - 13 Albert street, Douglas.

MADDOCK, Sergt. H.G.. In South African Light Horse. With General Buller. Son of Mr. H Maddock, Balladhoo, Lonan.[There is a 311 Quarter Master Sergeant HS Maddocks with SALH who was killed in action at Colenso 15th December 1899. He is buried in Clouston cemetery and his name appears Cape Town St.Georges Cathedral, All Saints Ladysmith & Saxonwold Jo'Burg.]

MATSON, Henry Dreaden, joined Natal Mounted Rifles, A Squadron in October last. Fought in a battle that took place just before the investment of Ladysmith and was in that town all the time of the investment. Single; aged 25 years. Formerly of the Douglas Grammar School, under Rev J. Quine. Home address - Mount Rule House, Braddan.

McGAUGHAN, Private John, in an Irish Regiment. Son of Mr. Michael McGaughen, Castletown.

McGAUGHAN, Private Peter, brother of above, in same regiment.

McILROY, Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Home address - Ramsey.

McNICHOLL, Robert, seaman on H.M.S. "Powerful", understood to be with Buller's force; home address - 18 Market street, Peel.

MOOR, Charles Henry, aged 28 years, son of H.W.Moor, 37 Derby road, Douglas. Lance Corporal Durham Light Infantry under General Buller.

NEELY, Corporal Albert Alexander (19,157), Royal Engineers; 15 year's service ; married. Son of Mrs C. Neely, Fairy Cottage, Laxey.

NELSON, Daniel H. trooper and despatch rider in the Cape Mounted Police: age 22 years. Eldest son of C.B.Nelson, Ramsey.

NEWMAN Percy E., gunner, 20th Battery, R.F.A. with Sir C. Warren ; late postman St. John's.

NEWALL, Private Jno. (3711), A Squadron, 12th Lancers. With Lord Methuen.

ORR, Capt., Imperial Light Horse, wounded at Elandslaagte, educated at King William's College.

PEARSON, W.B. with the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers, an olds King Williamite.

PERRY, Walter, Corporal in the Liverpool Regiment (The King's). Age 26 years; single; six year's service; was at Ladysmith. Home address - Ballasalla.

QUAYE, Private Thomas, in Natal Ambulance Corps with General Buller. Home address - Foxdale.

QUAYLE-JONES, Morey, Colonel C.B. in command of the Warwickshire regiment. A relative of the Quayle family at Bridge House, Castletown, his grandmother, Mrs Jones (formerly Miss Quayle), having been a first cousin of Mr. M.H. Quayle, late Clerk of the Rolls. Colonel Quayle-Jones was awarded the C.B. having been in charge of his regiment at the battle of Akbara, for conspicuous gallentry.

QUILLIAM, James, 8th Division of Calvalry regiment, 4th Hussars; married Seven years with the colours as signal man and telegraphist. was for many years in the employ of the Isle of man Railway Company in the booking office, Douglas. he is a nephew of T. Quilliam, postman, and belongs to Ballasalla. married (wife and one child). Home address - 128 Glyn-road, Homerton, London.

RADCLIFFE, Walter, Natal Ambulance Corps with Sir Redvers Buller; joined in Durban; aged 25 years. Home address - Foxdale.

SAYLE Wm Henry, 8th King's Liverpool Regiment; unmarried ; age 23 years ; was at Ladysmith under General White. At battle of Glencoe. Seven years service. Home address - 13 Wellington square, Douglas.

SHAW, S.H. an old King William's College boy.

SIMPSON, John, with a corps of Cape Volunteers. Son of Mr. Simpson, formerly of Oban House, Promenade [Douglas].

THORNTON, F.C. Bombadier Collar Maker, 56th, Howitzer Battery Royal Field Artillery. At Modder River with Lord Methuen. Son-in-law of Mr. J. Maddrell, Howe, Port St. Mary.

VARLEY, Corporal Richard (1,644) E. Company, 2nd Battalion Cheshire Regiment; 7½ years foreign service. Fourth son of Mr. Thomas Varley, Arbory-road, Castletown. Married; reservist.

WALLACE, Col-Sergeant Wm (2899) H. Company 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, 3 Brigade, Modder River Camp. unmarried; age 31 years; 11 year's service. Home address - Ballabeg Cottage, near Laxey. Killed on Sunday, February 18th at Koodoorsand.[2899 Colour Sergeant Seaforth Highlanders was killed in action at Paardeburg on 18th February 1900 where he is buried; his name appears on Paardeberg Vendusie drift, Kirk Lonan IOM & Dingwall Scotland memorials.]

WALLACE, John, Private (4292), H Company, 2nd battalion Seaforth Highlanders, 3 Brigade, Modder River camp; was on the reserve force, and was recalled on October 14th to serve with the colours in South Africa. Married; age 29 years; 7 years service. Home address - Ballabeg Cottage, near Laxey. Wounded at Koodoorsand as above.

WARD, Daniel (2840), Private in H Company, West Yorkshire Regiment; age 26 years. Home address - 24 Tynwald street, Douglas.

WHITE, General Sir George, V.C. who commanded the forces at Ladysmith, educated at King William's College. Returned to England.

WHITE, M. with the Imperial Yeomanry. Late master in King William's College.

WHITE, William H., Mounted Police ; age 21 years. Nephew of Thomas Tarnbull, Santon.

WOOLF, Samuel, 42nd Black watch Regiment, son of Mr. Ed. Woolf, founder of Woolf's Brewery. Wounded in Modder River fight - foot shattered.


Colour Sergeant Wallace is commemorated by a memorial tablet in Kirk Lonan, the report in the Examiner gives a little biographical detail - he was a son of Mr Wallace, schoolmaster of Lonan and had served as pupil teacher in the parish before moving to England.

There is a plaque in King William's College Chapel to Rupert Henry HALL (2nd Lieut. 4th Battalion Sherwood Foresters mortally wounded Roodeval, S. Africa. Died 15th June 1900, aged 21. [his name also appears on the following monuments; Kroonstad, Roodeval-Rhenoster River, Nottingham City Park]

GAWNE John Moore Lt Colonel, 2nd Royal Lancaster died of wounds 11th December 1900 at Vryheid where he is buried; His name appears on Vryheid main & individual, Holy Trinty Rushen IOM, Cheltenham College Bath, Staff College Camberley, Lancaster Priory.

Civilians caught up in Boer War

Besides the Military servicemen the Manx Press also reported on the several Manx out in South Africa and how they had been affected. Many of the Laxey miners who had gone to South Africa earlier in the 1890s with Capt. Kitto had already returned by the time hostilities began.

One such report was re Kimberley:

We have received the following list of names of Manx people in Kimberley resident there during the famous siege, from Mr F. Kelly, one of our oldest and most esteemed correspondents of the Examiner.

A Manx Boy Soldier

Bertie CLUCAS, the 15-year old son of Mr. A.R. Clucas, manager American Stores, Kimberley, and grandson of Mr Thomas Clucas, Mafeking House, Douglas, was a member of the Army canteen stores, Kimberley Mounted Camp from the commencement of the siege. He feels proud of having served his Queen and country through the ever memorable siege. He is an exceptionally smart, intelligent boy for his age. Manx boys throughout the Island will feel proud of their juvenile compatriot, who looks in kharki and putties a typical Tommy Atkins. He received the Queen's chocolates this week, which gift has made him the proudest boy in the British Empire.

List of Manx People in Kimberley

Mrs Sam NICHOLLS, daughter of Mr. J.L. Kneale, grocer, Sydney-street, Douglas.
Mrs A.B. CLUCAS, daughter of Mr R. Quayle, Foxdale Village.
Mrs Albert MOSS, daughter of Mr. W.H. Corjeag, Kirk Michael
Mr C.W. KEWLEY, M.A., Kimberley Buffs, principal St Cyprian's Schools, late of Castletown
Mr Wm KELLY, "Reservoir Redoubt", son of the late Mr Jas Kelly, New-road, Laxey
Mr Jas CALLISTER, 1, Searchlight Redoubt, late of Foxdale.
Mr J.T. CAINE, late of Lhergydhoo, Peel.
Mr Tom TEARE, Reservoir Redoubt, son of Mr Dan Teare, Slieuwhallin, Lower Foxdale.
Mr Johnathan WATTERSON, son of Mr William Watterson, Arbory (late of Strandhall), Secretary of Kimberley Gaol.
Mr Ernest CLAGUE, Cape Mounted Police, son of Mr J. Clague, Ballasalla.
Mr F.KELLY No 1 Searchlight Redoubt son of Mr Thomas Kelly, New-road Laxey
Mr A.B. CLUCAS, Army Service Corps, son of Thomas Clucas, Mafeking House, Douglas and brother of Mr C. Clucas, Mayor of Mafeking.


Reports were also made of Mr Matt KILLEY, late of Douglas, son-in-law of Mr R. Corkill, builder, that he and family were safe and well in the Orange Free State amongst the Boers, his postcard being posted at Reitz and then making a circuitous route to reach Durban!.

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