[From Atholl Papers - AP X29(3rd)-23]

Private Memorandum read to Lord Sidmouth respecting his expression of "Respectable Inhabitants" connected with the Atty Genl & Lieut Governor

I am unwilling to make public representation upon private characters unless compelled to do so but an expression which fell from your Lordship in our conversation of [erased] in which you mentioned a wish to consult the respectable inhabitants of the Island could not escape my attention. I shall without fear of contradiction and prove it publickly if necessary that all the respectable inhabitants of the Isle of Man act in unison with myself. That my opponents who assume to themselves that character consist of a few individuals whose situation I will shortly state.

Major Taubman is the nominal Speaker of the House of Keys tho he is now generally absent from the Island - He is the son of the Taubman whose extensive smuggling transactions were the principal means of my family being deprived of their rights in the Island - He held at the revestment a great quantity of spirits teas wines &c deposited in the Island for the purpose of smuggling to England which was prevented by the revesting act and the duties upon which to the amount of five hundred pounds he never paid but which from the state of the Island for many years after that period became the principal source of supply to the Island at great prices and therefore realized a considerable fortune to the proprietor which added to some fortunate purchases at a time when the Island was supposed to be ruined has produced to the present Major Taubman a considerable property.

Mr Curwen and his son Mr Christian are also in the Keys whose name I need only mention to prove that we are not likely to coalesce in private or political opinion.

Mr Fitzsimmons introduced into the House of Keys by Col Smelt the Lieutenant Governor - he is a clergyman who has dropt the clerical character. He was arrested and his papers seized on suspicion of treasonable and seditious practices but was not tried on that charge but was afterwards tried convicted and imprisoned at Edinburgh for aiding French Prisoners to escape and is now become one of the respectable Inhabitants of the Isle of Man.

John Lewellyn [Llewellyn] later secretary of the Lieut Governor and by him chosen a Key in September last [1812] to support his interest possessed of very little property and held in no respect in the Island.

These persons act in conjunction with the Lieutenant Governor who has given year after year leave of absence to the attorney general [William Frankland - related to Smelt via marriage]for the purpose of securing his cooperation in keeping up the impression here that it is necessary that the proceedings of the government should be watched - and who has therefore naturally supported the Lieutenant Governor and become a resident agent for those who are thwarting his Majesty's government and the best interests of the Island instead of attending to the personal performance of his duty in it.


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