[From Atholl Papers - AP X19-30]

[Letter from William Christian, Ballamooar, Jurby, Attorney General, to Duke of Atholl, 2 December 1750.

May it please your Grace

Not only the sense of my Duty but the gratefull remembrance of the many and undeserved favours received from your Grace induces me at this time; as it shall always oblige me to acquaint you with such transactions as relate to the discharge of my duty.

Last summer one Wm Corlet a farmer that lives in the parish of KK Christlezare haveing occasion to build a house, and digging(in a place where we have it by tradition, the parish church was formerly erected and by other ad , and an old popish chapple) struck upon a Large flag or stone, pretty deep under the surface, which stone they turned up and upon examination found it was a Grave five foot long and near three broad, with a stone in the bottom, and one of each side, in which was found a two edged Sword of a very Large and, uncommon size, and a Battleax, one on each side of the mouldered here, but were so eaten up with rust that upon handling them they fell into pieces, and in a little vacancy adjoyning the Tombe were found 39 small pieces of Silver of the same Coin and Seize with the enclosed, only one of a larger Seize, these being Treasure Trove, and your Graces peculiar right, I have secured waiting your Grace's pleasure. This was kept a secret for a considerable time, and it was with some difficulty and examinations upon oath ye discovery was made and I doubt, some of them, will never be got, and this is the reason your Grace was not acquainted with this affair sooner.

I am with all due respect your graces most dutifull and obedient humble Servt

Isle of Mann 2 Dember 1750 Wm Christian


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