[From Atholl Papers - X14-18]

[Report by Gov Cochrane] No 7th July 24th 1758

My Lord

My last was No 6th June 9th

the auditt is now don and I shall send it to Ramsay to Mr Forbes to be forwarded to Mr Archibald Stuart att Edinburgh who will take care to send it to your Grace. The 1442 15 9 payed to Mr Andrew Drummond by the Clergy is not in this auditt as we have not ended matters with them so that sum must be putt into the next auditt and no notice is taken of the Brass money in this auditt as we have not gott at the charges upon it.

The Fort and new stone house att Ramsay will be begun in a few days and I believe we shall finish it for little money and to lessen the expence I have disposed of the old store house which was of very little use but as it joins Mr Frissel's house he has agreed to give 30 for it So if your Grace approves of what I have done I here inclose a paper to be signed.

In answer to the petition given in to your Grace by Mr Woodside I here inclose The man knows not what he would be at from morning to night he is alwise drunk.

We have about 2000 British ready to be sent to your Grace Capt Lace is not in the Island we expect my Lord Bishop about the end of this month from London and then I expect the clergy will give us a bill payable to Mr Andrew Drummond for what money we have which will save the expence of sending it to Liverpoole.

The herring fishery begun and a fine prospect.

As I have for some time suspected that Capt Murray was not carefull of the affairs of Peeltown as he ought to have been I am to bring him to Castletown to have him under my own eye and to send one Mr Lidderdale in his place who I expect will be more watchfull of your Grace's affairs.

Parson Curghy of KK Lonnan died lately and I shall delay recommending any till I have spoke to the Bishop. I am with great esteem

My Lord Your Grace's Most faithfull and most obedient humble servant

Basil Cochrane


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