[From Atholl Papers - AP X5-36]

[Letter from Hugh Cosnahan to George Farquher, 17 April 1790]

Douglas Isle of Mann
17th April 1790

Dear Sir

I dualy received the 2d of July your esteemed previous of the 24th June last, which did not leave me room to reply to, as matters then lay in suspense and undetermined whither his Grace the Duke of Athol would interfere in the disposal of the Collectors office here - which however has been conferred on a worthy gentleman Capt Small

The Duke I find is at present, in London as I understand claiming some rights in this land from Government in Parliament as well as a further compensation for the very hurryed contract made with his father, in which I heartily wish he may succeed.

Some deputies from our our House of Keys are now also in London, endeavouring to solicit his Majesties confirming some laws & other favours for this poor country which I hope may not clash with his Grace's movements. Mr Senhouse Wilson, deputy Receiver General is also now in London - it was lately spoke off that Mr Archl Hamilton (who resides in London) was for resigning his comptrollership here & to get a brother or nephew appointed in his birth but that his Grace of Athol prevented it, however now I understand that Mr Hamilton's nephew is appointed and soon expected here. I presume by the Duke's approbation, who I think (in future) may have the sundry places in this Island at his disposal. Nothing at present offers by any vacancy except that of the late Mr Robert Lightfoot Barrack Master of Castletown that can be asked for. but if such should, or any new appointment that would be a livelyhood to a family I would still be urgeing you my Friend, to throw in your word in my behalf and if any thing could be obtained beyond meaness I think I might be as usefull a man in his Grace's interest in this land as any other he be who he will.

I beg my best respects to the Revd Mr Fitzsimmons and wishing you every desireable health & happiness I remain very truely with sincere regard
dear sir your most obed hble servant

Hugh Cosnahan

a line from you will be a kindness


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