[From Atholl Papers - AP 42B-18]

[Letter from Lord Mansfield to Duke of Atholl, 27 September 1764]

My Dear Lord

I received yr Grace's of the 20th last night. I can by no means advise you to send that which you intended, or any other answer till you have been in London & fully advised with those whom you may think proper to employ & consult. The Parliament won't meet till after Xmas, & I see no utility from your being in town much sooner. The act 12 Geo 1st is to treat contract & agree for the whole. Sr R W Mr P & the D of N took the only fair practical way to attain that end. They don't mean to treat, much less to contract or agree, they don't know that they want to purchase the whole, they want you who don't desire to sell to lay all yr circumstances open & to demand a price upon which they don't propose to treat & profess they don't yet know what they want. This is a very different proposition. They take advantage upon (?) expression too in your letter, I am persuaded neither they mean nor will the Parliament do any injustice. But as there is to be no treaty much less any agreement declining or demanding is a single hit soon done. I beg my compliments to the Duchess & am most assly yrs &c


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