[From Atholl Papers - AP-40B-3]

[Reply from Liverpool re smuggling from Isle of Man, 1764]

Honourable Sirs

Persuant to your Honours directions of the 18th instant, I have made the most strict inquiry into the Isleman Trade, and inclosed please to receive an account of all foreign goods, imported into the said Island, with the exact duties payable to the Proprietor for the same ; which has been done with care, and I hope will be found accurate, also your Honours will receive inclosed, a book of rates, which a trusty friend procured at the Isleman for me, wherein your Honours have, not only the exact duties payable to the proprietor on all foreign goods, but also on all goods imported into the said Island, from Great Britain & Ireland, from whom they are obliged to have almost every necessary article, even the necessaries of life, and this Isleman which abounded with plenty not many years ago, is now become so populous they would starve was it not her neighbours to assist.

It is remarkable, that in the inclosed book of rates, tea is not mentioned, a plain indication, that, that article, which is now the staple commodity in the Island, was not thought on, in 1692.

The Proprietors income has increased greatly of late years, but must undoubtedly lessen, as the trade in the Island is upon the decline, and might be greatly lessened, if the African merchants had a few necessary indulgences or the East India Company obliged to import a sufficient and proper assortment of goods, for their trade, and also obliged to have their tea sales, more frequent, and to put up plenty of it ; and particularly, if the importation of East India goods are liable to be prosecuted on the 7th Geo 1st C.20th sec 9th; but if that law should not be found effectual for that purpose, doubtless one can be made and other methods taken (I am of opinion) that it would make the Noble Proprietor sensible, that it would be for his interest to farm, this grant to the Crown upon reasonable terms, which is most humbly submitted by

Your honours most obliged & obedient humble servant

Atr Onslow

Customhouse Leverpoole 23d May 1764

The trusty friend was almost certainly John Quayle


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