[From Atholl Papers - AP 33B(3rd)-43]

[Letter to Duke of Atholl re wrecks, 1767]

Isle Mann March 25th 1767

May it please your Grace

Herein enclosed your Grace will receive Capt Jackson's draft upon Mr Winter, dated the 21st Inst for 200 Brit at ninty days date, as no other could be had

On Monday last we were informed, that a Whitehaven ship had passed thro' a great number of hogsheads of Tobacco, floating off this coast, that some had been taken up & brought into Douglas, and that Mr Betham had ordered them into the King's Stores -

Yesterday the Moar of Rushen parish came to acquaint us, that some fishing boats of that parish had taken up at sea, twelve hogsheads of tobacco; and this day we hear Mr Betham has ordered them to be taken up for his Majesty and they are to be carryed round to Douglas and put into the sd store house.

This morning having received an account from a person whom we employ for that purpose about Peel, that there are some other wrecks thrown upon the coast of German & Michael parishes. One of us proposes going this day about them. As we have taken up several small parcels of wreck this season without the interferring of the Revenue officers, we did apprehend an interruption upon this occasion; but are now given to understand that Mr Betham is of opinion that wrecks flotsam & lagan are the King's and any opposition from us will be ineffectual.

Formerly wrecks of all kinds, brought into this Isle, belonged to your Grace and predecessors, and your Grace is best judge how far they were reserved contained and confirmed by the late act - But we beg leave to observe, that wrecks may sometimes be a considerable article of your Grace's revenue and worthy attention. In our humble opinion, the most eligible method will be an application to the Treasury so that your Grace from their answer can direct, how we are to act in this, and the like cases for the future. We are

Your Grace's most obedient humble servants

Dan Mylrea, John Quayle

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