[From Atholl Papers - AP 33B-30]

[Letter from Dan Mylrea & John Quayle to Duke of Atholl 10 April 1766]

Castletown April 10th 1766

May it please your Grace

being in hourly expectation of Mr Lace's calling upon us for the remittance of what cash we should have upon hand, we had a letter ready this month past to give him upon the shortest notice. But hearing nothing of his going to Liverpool, we have taken the opportunity of the enclosed bill drawn this day by Capt John Jackson paymaster of the Queen's R Regiment of Foot on John winter Esqr for 400 Brit, which is all the money received and, as there is no vessel bound to Liverpool, and the Pacquet goes hence tomorrow, we have taken the liberty to forward this by Whitehaven.

We had likewise to inform your Grace, that on comunicating to Mr Cosnahan your Grace's proposal of remitting 50 of his duties; on the 4th ult we received his answer in writing: which in effect is, that he does not propose to pay your Grace any duties - there is the greatest reason to believe, that this gentleman & Mr Taubman are in concert, and if not brought to justice with a proper spirit, may be the ring leaders of the great opposition, that seems to be gathering in this country, against your Graces rights - were your Grace to call them to account in this Isle, we apprehend that your Grace would obtain but little satisfaction ; But if in England, it would alarm them, and deter others. which is a plan, in our humble opinion, worthy your Graces attention

Mr Lutwidge, who is sett out for London, stated a case inclining to draw the boon services to the side of the Crown, as appurtuances to the garrisons and has laid it before our Attorney General for his opinion, but the result has not yet transpired

One Mr Lawton upon the late change made a purchase adjoining the mountains, and is making very pretty improvements - in order to protect himself from the comons, he proposes to make the Fell hedge into a stone wall; and applyed for a licence to enclose a parcell of the adjacent mountain, so as to bring his wall in a straight line - we have viewed his plan ; and think it a public good, and rather an advantage to the comons - If your Grace approves of this application, we shall transmit a licence to be executed by your Graces (for he will not go to the expense for a temporary lease) & take care that a proper rent be settled thereon - There are also some flax mills lately erected, and if your Grace thinks proper, their licences may also be sent. We have the honor to be

Your Graces most obedient and most humble servants

Dan Mylrea, John Quayle


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