[From Atholl Papers - AP 136(2nd)-24]

Report of committee into State of St George's Church, 20 Aug 1799

To the Right Reverend Father in God Claudius by divine permission Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man We the committee appointed by your Lordship to ascertain and report the debts owing on account of St George's Chapel the amount of contributions thereto still outstanding and what sum or sums of money would be necessary to finish the said chapel; do humbly report to your Lordship that the debts owing by the said Chapel amount to the sum of Three hundred and sixty three pounds two shillings and ten pence halfpenny British.

That the outstanding contributions amount to the sum of twenty nine pounds thirteen shillings and six pence the recovery of which appears to be doubtful And having taken to our assistance proper artificers to make an estimate respecting the finishing of the said chapel do find and report that the sum of three hundred and thirty pounds British would be sufficient to finish the said Chapel.

And that the sum of one hundred and seventy pounds British would be sufficient for the purpose of purchasing and inclosing a churchyard for the use of the said Chapel.

We further beg leave to report to your Lordship that the revenues of the sd Chapel arise from the rents of the pews which are let from time to time by public auction. And that the yearly amount of such rents upon an average of the last ten years (after deducting the interest of the beforementioned debts and an annual sum of five pounds allowed for repairs) has not exceeded the sum of thirty seven pounds nine shillings British which has been and is the only fund for payment of the respective stipends of the Chaplain, Curate, Organist, Clerk and Sexton.

And we beg leave to suggest and recommend the propriety of applying to the Legislature to have the sd Chapel constituted a Parish Church and the town of Douglas (with respect to spiritual matters) made a parish of itself belonging to such church.

Robt Heywood
Lewis Geneste
Tho Stowell
Ev Christian

20th August 1799

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