[taken from Chapter 9Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


daughter of William Leece, of Knockfroy, in Braddan, but who was then settled as a merchant in Liverpool, particularly distinguished herself during a dangerous riot which broke out among the sailors in that city in 1775. They visited the houses of the merchants and, among others, that of Miss LEECE's father in Water Street. She, "with a fearlessness and self-possession that was completely wanting in the local authorities of Liverpool during the riot, went to the door, and addressing the mob leader, who was a sailor, enquired what they wanted. Jack, struck with admiration at her courage and coolness, took off his hat and remained uncovered while, in respectful language he solicited, instead of demanding, a contribution. Having received it, he thanked her, and drew off the rabble without doing any further mischief."* The riot was eventually quelled by a troop of Light Horse from Manchester. ELINOR LEECE afterwards married William Drinkwater [?James], who was Mayor of Liverpool in 1810. Her eldest son, Sir George, held the same office in 1829 ; her second son, William Leece, was a member of the House of Keys; and her third son, John, was the father of Sir William Leece Drinkwater. Her daughter, Margaret, married Peter Bourne, who was Mayor of Liverpool in 1825.

* Williams, " Liverpool Privateers."





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