Leece Families

The following is based on information given to me by a relative. Two branches or 'septs' to use term denoting a division of a family, especially a division of a clan, as used by Rex Kissack in looking at the various Kissack families, and like these Kissack families there is very likely some earlier common family.

Leece Family of Ballahowan - Kirk German ca. 1540 -1730


The Parish Registers of Kirk German do not pre-date the second half of the 17 Century. The earliest burials begin in 1665 - baptisms 1670 - marriages 1673. The entries in the three registers were very sparse until the second decade of the 18th century. However. Wills prior to that period, provide the date of death and the names of the deceased's children and occasionally, the name of the wife or husband. From this information it is possible to calculate the likely date of birth of the deceased; the probable date of marriage and the birth years of their children.

First Generation

The earliest documented Ballahowan Leece's are two brothers born in the 1540's Their parents have not been identified and it is probable that the brothers came to the Island from North Lancashire or Cumbria

One brother was named William. He became a Vicar in the Anglican Church. There is no record of his ordination in the Isle of Man or in England and it would seem that his ministry was in Ireland. He was married. His wife is unknown, but a daughter named Jane has been identified.

William returned to the Island as an elderly widower to live with his daughter Jane (Gawne) in Kirk Michael, where he died in 1602.

The other brother, John, is recorded in Liber Vast in 1597 as purchasing a parcel of Quarterland known as Ballahowan, belonging to Patrick Quirk (deceased) from his brother, John Quirk. The quarterland was in the treen of Balladoyne, with an annual rent of 18 shillings and 10 pence.

John was married - his wife has not been identified. She is mentioned as being alive, in her daughter Elizabeth's will of 1613. Five of their children have been identified

Second Generation.

Jane Leece Born c.1575. Daughter of William. Died 21st March 1632 in Kirk Michael. Buried at Kirk Ballaugh 24th March in the grave of her late husband. He is not identified but probably was named Phillip and he died before the commencement of the Ballaugh burial register in 1595.. Jane was bequeathed "a sheep" in the will of her cousin Elizabeth Leece and from Elizabeth's sister Dorothie, "a young heffer, a young -----? A ffether bed, a sheet and a cadow"

At the time of her death she was living with her grown up son Phillip Gawne. - her only child.

She died intestate and the Administration names her as Jane Gawne als Leece John Born C.1575.Died 1622. Inherited Ballahown. Married Margaret Cross of Ballacronk Born C.1578 Died 1628. They had nine children

At the time of his death John considered that Margaret, then aged about 44years; might re-marry and have another child.. He made provision in his will to cover this possibility and to protect the interests of his children. Margaret did not re-marry.

The Crosse family were neighbours and Margaret was (presumably) the sister of John & Phillip Crosse. Margaret's brothers had become her husband's neighbours in June 1600 when they purchased the other parcel of Ballahowan from Katherine Quirk, widow of John Quirk.

In 1612 John Leece bought John Crosse's half share in the Abbey Mill at Ballaspet. . The Wattleworth family had the other half and the Leece/Wattleworth co-ownership continued unbroken until the second half of the 18th century.

John, his wife Margaret and her brothers' Phillip & John & her nephew Silvester, were involved in a brawl in Peeltown with their Vicar William Cosnahan

The brawl occurred between 1621 - when William Cosnahan was appointed Vicar of German and 1622 - the year of John Leece's death.

It was witnessed and remembered by a parishioner, William Quay. He was one of a number of plaintiffs at a Consistory Court, held on 27th February 1637 in which the Reverend Cosnahan appeared as the respondent.

Lawrence. Mentioned in the 1613 will of his sister Elizabeth & the 1614 will of his sister Dorothie. No further documentation

Dorothie Born c.1570 . Died 1614. Pre-deceased her husband, Richarde Huton. Comparatively wealthy Kirk German farmers. Not recorded in the Manorial Roll or in Liber Vast or Liber Assed. No children

Elizabeth. Born C.1572. Died 8th Feb; 1613. Pre-deceased her husband, John Tyldersley. There was one child, a son named William. Elizabeth's mother is alive and mentioned but not named in her will. Elizabeth lived with her husband at "The Friary" Bymacan Kirk Arbory.

Gynett Born c 1577. mentioned in the wills of her sisters Dorothie & Elizabeth. She witnessed Dorothie's will, signing herself Gynett Leece. It would seem that she lived in her parent's house as the unmarried daughter and perhaps later with her nephew John Leece, as an elderly aunt. No will or Administration has been found

Third Generation

Dorothy. Born. c.1597. Died.C.1634. Married C.1620 Henry Halsall, son

of Sylvester & Salisburie Halsall.of Peeltown.. The marriage contract was read "in Anglish & Manks" to the assembled congregation prior to the wedding service. Dorothy's father gave a farm in Kirk Patrick, named The Great Close, to her as part of her dowry. The contract stipulated that if, at any time, the direct chain of descent from the Leece family was broken - then the farm should return to the Leece family Dorothy had one child, a son named Silvester, born C.1625.. He married an unidentified daughter of Thomas Kilburne..

Dorothy died in the mid 1630's

Silvester died without issue on 13th ----1652. He left a will bequeathing the farm buildings to his wife and parcels of land to his cousin Richard Halsall and to his father-in-law Thomas Kilburne.

Dorothy's eldest brother John contested the will.

Thomas Kilburne realised that because the marriage was childless; the line of descent was broken and the contract posed a threat to his daughter's tenure of the farm He obtained the contract from his daughter and upon reading it saw "The full intent of the contract did make all for John Leece and upon that score he burned it" (As told to his friend, William Cooper of Peeltown)

Jane Born C.1599. Died 27.2 1661/2. Married c.1630 Thomas Shymen. Born c.1595. Died 20.12.1658. They farmed Balla Booie in the Bishop's Barony in Kirk Patrick.. There was an agreement that the tenancy would revert back to Ballahowan when Jane died.

They had two children - A daughter Katherine,. c.1635 - married to William Cannel of K. Michael, and also a son, Thomas,. Born c.1632.

Following on from the death of her husband; Jane realised that she was no longer able to manage the farm. She made a Contract Bargain in favour of her son.

Thomas was not married and he did not want the responsibility of looking after a sick & aged mother and also managing the farm. The Contract Bargain was amended to give his sister and her husband the tenancy for a period of 16 years, after which Thomas would take possession.

Jane made a will, ignoring the provisions of the Contract Bargain and bequeathed the farm and the flax harvest to Thomas..

Katherine & her husband contested the will citing the Contract Bargain. The agreement between Jane her brother John of Ballahowan, was not mentioned.. The will was declared void and they were awarded possession...

Katherine's uncle, John Leece of Ballahowan instituted proceedings to recover the farm. The matter was brought before an Episcopal Court in October 1663..

John did not pursue his action, presumably because an Out of Court settlement had been reached.. The land was returned to Ballahowan and Katherine and her husband went to live in Kirk Braddan

Katherine's husband was buried in K. Braddan 12.9.1669. Katherine died 7.1.1696/7. There were three daughters. Jane born in K.Patrick - Averike & Coone born in Kirk Braddan

John Born C.1602. Inherited Ballahowan on the death of his father. Died 25.9.1677 Married c.1634 -. Ellinor Taubman Born c.1612. at Kirk Malew. Daughter of John Taubman & Christian als Bootle. Ellinor died 3.2.1681.

John increased the area of land owned in Kirk Patrick by purchasing land in the Bishop's Barony as when it came up for sale. He was frequently engaged in litigation with his neighbours and with his close relations.

His brother William complained in 1643 that John had withheld from him, his share of their parents' portion. In October 1650. Michael Crosse, a son of John's cousin Silvester, complained in the Chancery Court that John had imposed an extortive contract on a parcel of land, formerly belonging to Michael.

John went to Court in February 1654 to recover The Great Close from Richard Halsall, and Thomas Kilburne.

In October 1663 John was in the Bishop's Court to recover Close Booie from the children of his deceased sister, Jane (Shymen)

Complaints by John about his neighbours - and- by his neighbours about John frequently occur in Liber Plitor, relating to Kirk German land and in Liber Episcopi regarding land in the Bishop's Barony. Stray cattle eating crops - dogs worrying sheep - unauthorised use of horses for plowing - brawling in Peeltown on Saturday nights, the everyday happenings of 17 century rural life.

Thomas Born C.1604. Married 1627-8. Wife not identified. His brother William, told an Ecclesiastical court in 1643 that "his brother, Thomas had died in Kirk Michael about five years ago" Thomas's Will/Administration has not been found..

He is not named as an executor in his mother's will of 1628 or in the Administration of his sister Isabell in 1629. The absence denoting that he is married and had received his marriage portion

Anne Born C.1607. Mentioned in her mother's will of 1628. Also in the Administrations of her sister Isabell 1629.and her brother Phillip 1643 & her sister Margaret 1647. Nothing else is known.

William. Born C.1609 .Alive in 1654.

His father bequeathed William the farm known as the Great Close. It had been given to William's sister Dorothy as part of her dowry when she married to Henry Halsall. The provision being that William would inherit if his sister died childless. Dorothy's only child, Silvester Halsall, died without issue. William & his elder brother John commenced legal proceedings in 1654 to recover the farm. The farm was returned to the Leece family in 1655.

I believe, but lack documentary proof, that William married and made a home in Traie Bane and raised a family of three daughters and two sons.

Issabel Born c.1612 Died unmarried and intestate 6.2.1629. Issabel's mother had died within the previous twelve months. Her brother John had the expense of the two funerals and the Administration decreed that this expense should come from Issabel's estate and also, that her unmarried brothers and sisters' portions should be with-held until John had had paid off the funeral expenses. Her brother William petitioned the Ecclesiastical Court In 1643 for Issabell's portion to be divided between her surving brothers and sisters.

Margaret Born C. 1614. Married William Curlott C.1644. One child Margaret, baptised at Kirk Braddan 2.6.1646.

Margaret had married William Curlott, a brewer trading and living in Douglas. Margaret drowned with two unrelated men viz John Faile & Euan Curgie on 25.7.1647. Presumably when they were being rowed across Douglas Harbour on the ferry. The Coroner's report has not been found

William Curlott re-married and had a son named William. A blacksmith. He is mentioned as "my cosin" in the 1709 will of Margaret's niece Dorothy Leece. [Margaret's husband was not the William Curlott, who died in Douglas 15th March 169 1. His will names his two children as William & Margaret, but the deed of sale for the house shows that his son was a felt maker]

Phillip Born C.1617. The Administration of his mother's estate in 1628 shows that he was under the age of 14 years at the time of her death. He died un-married & intestate in the City of Wrexford, Ireland in 1643. There were trade links between the Port of Peel and the City of Wrexford. It is not known why he was in Wrexford. His brother William gave notice of the death.

Fourth Generation.

John Leece Born Circa 1630 It would appear, from a process of elimination that he is the son of Thomas Leece that died in Kirk Michael in 1638 It would seem from subsequent events that Thomas's unidentified widow was given a smallholding in Kirk Patrick, by her brother-in-law, John Leece of Ballahown..

John married Mary Woods C. 1655. They had two children, Henry -born C.1657 & Thomas Born C.1659. John Leece died on 18th February 1672 aged about 42 years. The opening paragraph of his will states he was in "perfect health;" This suggests his death was sudden & unexpected.

The parents of Mary Woods have not been identified. The name Henry, given to the eldest child suggests that it might also be the name of Mary's father.

[Wills checked: Henry Woods 1659. K.Malew. - Henry Woods 1663. K.Michael] ] Mary died in Kirk German in 1709.

Chidlren of John Leece & Elinor Taubman

Anne. Born 1635 (Composition Book). Buried as Ann Stole als Leece in K Maughold 15 March 1695. Husband unidentified. Anne is probably the mother of Mary Stole, mentioned in the 1709 will of Anne's sister, Dorothy.

John. Born 1638 (Composition Book). Inherited Ballahowan on the death of his father in 1677. Married Elizabeth Harrison C. 1659. They had 6 children Elizabeth Harrison's parents are not identified. She died 26th February 1702.

In 1711 John and his co-partner Casar Wattleworth, petitioned the Great Enquest that a neighbour, John Cain had altered the course of the mill race at the Abbey Mill at Ballaspet. (Small file 1711)

John took into his care two of his young granddaughters, Ann & Margaret Dawson, following the death of their mother in 1702. He also took into his care, Jane Kermod of Balladda, Kirk Patrick. Her father had drowned in a storm at sea on 31 st March 1692..

John died on 17th May 1712. He was 74 years of age and he had quarrelled with two of his sons'-in -law Thomas Christian and John Gell, over what portion was due to their wives. To avoid a verbal confrontation he secretly made his will and gave it to Jane Kermod to conceal until after his death..

William Born 1641 (Composition Book).. He married Anne Moore of Kirk Braddan prior to 1674. (Braddan Presentments of 1674 name them as man & wife)). Anne inherited quarterland in the treen of Gresby on the death of her grandfather in 1676 and quarterland in Alia Gresby on the death of her father 1680. The quarterlands became known as Ballamona.

William was buried at K Braddan on 8th May 1709. He had five children Anne was buried in Kirk Braddan on 9th November 1739 "aged 90 years" [It would seem that when she married William Leece - Anne was the widow of an unidentified man, surnamed Christian "1700 Kirk Patrick will of Charles Christian He was the father of six children and the next of kindred on the father's side are named as Patrick Christian- Ann Leece als Moore - Ann Woods als Christian"]

Dorothy Born C. 1643. In 1677 she was living in Conchan. As sole executrix of her father's will; she was presented for failing to produce an inventory.

She married Daniell Christin of K. Conchan on 23rd June 1678 at Kirk German. Dorothy died in May 1709. Her husband died on 2nd February 1713

Elin. Born C.1646. Nothing else known except she and her brother John were joint executors of her mother's will. She was sick and did not appear to be sworn in Court. [Conjecture: Was Elin the wife of the unidentified grandfather of the orphaned Jane Kermod?. If so, this would explain why Elin's brother John, took Jane into his household]

Traie Bane Leece's

William Born C.1633. Died December 1697. Wife not identified. Two daughters and one son mentioned in his will and two grandsons.

Thomas Born C. 1636. Died 1694 He married C. 1670 Ales Cubbon. She died 19th of July 1709. They had two sons and a daughter. Executor to his sister Casteen's will Margaret Born C. 1638. Died 12th July 1694. Married C. 1663 unidentified Kewley from Lezayre. Two sons and two daughters Two grandsons. Son-in-law Robert Casement. Her brother Thomas, executor.

Dorothy Mentioned as Darraty Inelece in the will of Casteen Leece (Below) Casteen Born C. 1642. Died 16th Sept 1667, Unmarried lived on a small-holding. She died aged about 25 years.. Her brothers and her sister Margaret lived on into the 1690's... Her friend Dolly White a beneficiary in Casteen's will, married and was buried in K. German on 26th August 1699 as Dorothy Christian

Casteen was buried as Christian Leece in K. German on 18th September 1667 Fifth Generation

Henry Born C. 1657. Son of John & Mary Leece. No further documentation found. He is presumed to have died while still a young man.

Thomas Born C. 1659. Brother of the above Henry.

As a child, he lived with his mother on a small holding in Kirk Patrick.

Married Joney Camaish C. 1693. Her parents have not been identified. They had two children. A boy, John born 1695 and a girl, Mary, born C. 1698.

Thomas died on 5th April 1701. His widow married John Kelly of Arreystane, Kirk Arbory. There were no children from the second marriage. Sometime after the death of her second husband in 1728, Joney returned to Kirk Patrick. She died in March 173617. Her son Thomas was her excecutor. Her funeral service as Joney Camaish was held in Kirk Patrick on 24 March and the same day she was buried in K. German, presumably in the grave of her first husband.

Children of John Leece and Elizabeth Harrison.

Ellin. Born C.1660. Married Thomas Christian at K. German. 19th January 1678. Died at K. Maughold 22nd February 1746. Aged about 86 years. Two married daughters are named in her will. Elinor Callow & Dorothy Cross. Also two sonsWilliam & John Christian.

Ellin's husband was in a dispute with her father at the time of her father's death: concerning the amount of marriage portion his wife was entitled to have when her father's died.

Anne Born. C. 1665. She married Thomas Dawson at K. German 27th October 1683. She was buried in K. German 10th August 1702. There were four children - William & Henry and Ann & Margaret.. The two boys were brought up by their father. The two girls by their grandfather, John Leece.

The two girls and another girl, Jane Kermod (Kermot) who was also John Leece's ward; were beneficiaries in the 1712 will of Anne Leece als Quirk; John Leece's daughter-in-law. They were referred to as "the servants of the house"

John Born C. 1670. Inherited Ballahowan, on the death of his father. Married Ellinor Kaighan at K. Michael on 14th February 1701.

She was the eighth child of John Kaighan & his wife Jane als Cannell.

[Ellinor's brother Charles, was at that time living in the American Colonies and it is reputed that in 1703 he sent her a letter congratulating her on the marriage to John Leece]

Ellinor died on the nineteenth of October 1709 and she was buried in K. Michael. There were three daughters: Jane 9.1.1702.- Ellinor 30.8.1705. - Elizabeth 21.3.1707 Ellinor's brother Charles had returned home in 1705 and he was an executor to her will

In 1710 John had a relationship with Margaret Raddcliffe, daughter of Thomas Raddcliffe of Knockaloe and his wife Ann als Gell.

At the end of the year, Margaret was pregnant.

On the 28th of April 1711 John married Anne Quirk, daughter of an unidentified John Quirk.

Margaret Raddcliffe gave birth to a son in September 1711. The child was baptised in St Peter's Church, K. German on the seventh of September. He was named Jon Leece and his father was recorded as being Jon Leece

Anne died carrying her unborn child, on the eighth of June 1712. She bequeathed the clothing that she had bought for the child, to her married sister, Isabell Halsall.

John married Margaret Raddcliffe on 20 July 1712 at St Peter,s Church. They had four more children - three daughters Margaret - Dorothy & Ann. Also a son, William who died aged two months.

John was the first to be referred to as "John Leece of Ballaleece". No Bill of Sale has been found. The property was still referred to as Ballahowan on legal documents into the second half of the century.

John's son - John, was buried at K. German on 16.12.1741.

John had out-lived his son by seven yrs - he was buried 13.4.1748 His grandson also named John 1737'- 1762. Inherited

Margaret als Raddcliffe was buried 12.5.1770

Elizabeth Born C. 1673. Married as Betty Leece to John Gell.9.12.1701 at Kirk German. Her husband disputed the amount of Portion that she would receive from her father.

John Gell was buried at K. German 20.10.1723. No children identified. Elizabeth married Phillip Kewley at Kirk German 15.11.1731.

She was buried in K. German 15.11.1731. No children mentioned in her will.

William Born C. 1676, Married Nelly ( Ellinor) Leece at K. German 9th May 1713. Ellinor Born C. 1680 was the younger of two daughters of John Leece and Marriot als Shimmin.

[John Leece and his younger brother Phillip, were the sons of Phillip Leece who farmed quarterland in the treens of Ballahigg & Arnicanigan/Foxdale. Kirk Patrick. John inherited the lands on the death of his father in 1675. He was the last male Leece to farm these lands. On his death on 9.2.1706 the farm passed to his eldest daughter Ann & her husband William Gell

Phillip married Jane Shimmin She died childless & intestate on 16th September 168 1. In 1687 Phillip began courting Catherine Corras, the widow of John Moore of Ballameanae. Catherine's father, Patrick Corras, did not approve and he let it be known that he would disinherit her, in favour of her daughter Jane, if she married Phillip.. The humiliation, is probably the reason why Phillip took residence in Ireland, where he was living in 1691 (Composition Book). His date of death is not known]

William and Ellinor rented and lived on the 21 acre Kirk German Glebe They had five children. John 1716. David 1719. Ellinor (Btsm not recorded) William 1721-1727. William 1729.

William was buried 8.8.1736. His wife Ellinor 20.3.1740. Dorothy Bapt 6.4.1679. Buried K. German. -- May 1753

Married K. German 4.2.1705. Thomas Moore He was buried K. German 1.12.1741. They had one child Mathias. His baptism is not on parish records. He married Elinor Radcliffe at K. German 16..4.1741.

Traie Bane Leece's

Children of William Leece..

Edward. - Jane - Kathrine (Died K.Jurby 25.4.1724) Katherine married Thomas Gawne of Kirk Jurby. They had one child Catherine. She married Patrick Clark of Kirk Jurby The date of Catherine's birth 4.9.1687 or the date of her marriage 13.2.1696 is incorrect.

Children of Thomas Leece.

Jane. Married Phillip Gell. She died giving birth to her only child on 12th March 1701. She was buried at K. German on 14th of March. Her child was baptised Jane, on the same day.. The child was reared by her father and her grandmother, Alice Leece als Cubbon.

Gilbert. Married Jony Quale at K. German 217. 1705. They had four children. Jane- - Margaret - Ellinor -John. They were all alive in December 1724.. Notrhing more known of them. Query - did John die in 1725 and is he the "Son Traie Bane" - buried 7.7.1725..K. German?.

In 1712 Gilbert and his neighbour John Sayle, jointly owned a heifer that grazed on the mountainside. The animal disappeared and another neighbour, John Shimmin, "gave some hints and dark Informations about its' whereabouts" He was brought before an Enquest Jury and ordered to disclose his information. He claimed that he had no knowledge of the heifer. He was fined 5. "for giving false Reports". Enquest File 1712.

Gilbert died 19th March 1716/7/ and his buried in K.German. His wife's death is not recorded.

Thomas, Married Dorothy Gell 18.5.1703. An undecipherable Christian name in the K.German Baptismal register dated 27.11.1707 is followed by "Leece daughter of Thomas" This is presumably, Ann Leece - Thomas's only child.

Thomas died 9th November 1723. The following year, his widow Dorothy, bought a cottage in Peeltown from Isabell Corlet als Corrin, widow of William Corlet.. Dorothy left Traie Bane and lived in the cottage in Peel and died there on 19.4.1731. The daughter, Ann, married Jon Dawson -- October 1724 and they inherited the cottage.

Sixth Generation

Children of William Leece & Anne als Moore.

They and their descendants have been previously documented up to the first quarter of the 19th centrury.as Braddan/Ballamona- Santan/Knockfroy Leece's

Children of John Leece and Elizabeth als Harrison As above, but as Ballaleece Leece's.

John Born 1695. Son of Thomas Leece & Joney Camaish.

Subsequent to the death of her husband in 1702 Joney married John Kelly of Arreystane. Kirk Arbory. She took John's younger sister, Mary with her to Arreystane leaving John in Kirk German, presumably in the care of his grandmother, Ma\ry Leece als Woods.

It seems probable that John & his grandmother lived in the household of John Leeece of Ballahowan where he came into contact with his future wife Jane Kermot./Kermod. Jane's father, John Kermod of Balladda K.Patrick was one of twelve Kirk Patrick men and a number of Kirk Rushen men that drowned when their boats sank in a storm on 29th March 1692

He died intestate and from the Administration, It would seem that his unidentified father was dead and had left a will and had also made a Marriage Contract for John (neither of them have been found) John's mother was alive but not identified. John had a brother Thomas that had pre-deceased him and two other brothers, Phinlo & Patrick

Jane was his only child and was probably less than a year old (She died in 1781) [John's father is not the John Kermod that died in 1677, He was the father of Thomas Kermod that also drowned on 29th March 1692]

Liber Vast & Assed are very sparse. The first relevant entry is in Liber Assed 1712. "Jane Kermot is entered paying 3 shillings & two pence rent and Silvester Kelly paying 35 shillings rent for Balladda in the Dalby Treen." Jane Kermot was at this time living in Ballahowan.

John and Jane were married c.1717. Their eldest child Thomas, was baptised at K. German 1.3.1718. Joney on 27.2.1723. Mary on 16.10.1726

1718 Addendum to Jane's father's Administration. "22nd Nov; 1718 John Leece the Admtrxs husband received from her uncles ffinlo & Patrick Kermod. 2.02.00 John Leece his Mk"

Jane & John sold Jane's land in Balladda to Patrick Kelly for .5.14.6d The land was quarterland known as Beal- y-Vair and Intack called Crott-y- Cornish The sale took place on 24th December 1728. and was entered in Liber Vast in 1730.

Their daughter Joney had married Patrick Hutchin of Balla Hutchin. K. Patrick and John and Jane went to live with her in the mid 1730's.

In 1747. Their daughter Mary married William Quirk of Kirk Patrick. The marriage is not in the marriage register.. The Marriage Contract named William's mother as Margaret Goan als Kelly of K. Rushen. William and Mary farmed on Slieau Whallian

John & Jane's last contact with Ballahown came in 1756. Anne Leece daughter of John Leece (C.1670-1748) had married John Corlett, heir to Ballatesson. K.Ballaugh. There was no immediate prospect of them inheriting.

John & Ann decided to set up a home of their own and they bought Ballaneddin in K.Michael. They borrowed money from the Bishop Wilson Fund,. John & Jane loaned them 60.

[ Did John & Jane feel that they were discharging a debt which perhaps they believed they owed to Jane's grandfather for giving them a home when they were children?] John died at Balla Hutchin on 10th May 1758. He is buried in K, Patrick His tombstone - a large rough piece of grey stone is inscribed "Here Beth the body of John McLees who departed this life the 10th of May 1758 aged 63 years.".

Jane went to live with her married son Thomas. He had a farm - Ballacallin- in the Dalby Treen.(Not the Ballacallin on the road from St Johns to K. Patrick Church) In 1762 Jane bought a parcel of quarterland adjoining Ballacallin from Paul Quirk for 17.15 shillings.. She then gave the land to her son by way of a Deed Of Settlement. [The quarterland, later known as Peddlars Meadow. was sold by Jane's Great granddaughter Catherine Corlett als Leece in 1806 to John Quirk for 32]

Jane was illiterate but this did not prevent her from buying, selling, mortgaging land from her neighbours.

She died aged about 90 years. She was buried in K. Patrick on 23.3.1781. as "Jane McLeece - Widow"

Mary Leece. Born C.1698. K.German. Daughter Of Thomas Leece and Joney als Camaish.. Lived with her mother and stepfather John Kelly at Arreystane Kirk Arbory.. Married Thomas Cannel, son of ffinlo Cannel in 1724. Marriage Contract.. The had four children. All boys. One died in infancy.

Mary died 2.1.1738. Buried in K.Arbory.

Leece Family - Ballamona, Braddan

Earliest recorded is William Leece (1) & Ann Moore at Ballmoney (Bal ny moaney, now Ballamona), Braddan. William died 1709, Ann d. 9 Nov 1739 aged 'about 90'. Five known children (4 in Baptismal reg which only start 1680) all at Braddan :-

William (2) b. c.1678
Robert bap. 1 April 1680
Nicholas bap. 17 June 1684
Christopher bap 5 May 1687 bur. 20 Nov 1720 (unm); owned several hives of bees
Ann bap13 Oct 1689

It is possible that William (1) was son of John Leece of Balladoyne, Kirk German. His daughter Margaret Leece "perished by sea" together with John Faile and Ewan Curgie on 25 July 1647 - the administration would indicate that her married name was Curlett and that her siblings were John, William, Ann and Jayne. The conjecture as to parents is that the Administration of John Leece of Balladoyne in 1643 names his children as John, William, Margaret, Ann and Jane. The John Leece of Balldoyne died 1712.

Second Generation

William (2) inherited Ballamona in 1709; married Dorothy Kewley 15 June 1706 Braddan. Died 1734, widow married 2ndly John Oates of Santan in 1737 (died 1740).
Five children (all bap Braddan ):-

William (3) bap 13 June 1708
Robert bap 10 April 1711
David bap 3 March 1713
Nicholas died smallpox 13 May 1725
Paul died small pox 15 May 1725

Robert married Ellinor Brew (date/place unknown), sometime around 1723 went to live at Knockfreiy, Santan; her father was John Brew (died 10 April 1729, mother Carter Brew). He buried 12 Jan 1762 (aged 82), she 9 Oct 1772 (aged 80) both at Santan;
Eight Children :-

Elizabeth, bap Braddan 6 Sep 1713
John, bap Braddan 1 April 1714
Isabel, bap Braddan 4 June 1717
Ellinor, bap 31 July 1723
William, bap 27 Feb 1725
Robert, bap Santan 8 Oct 1732, no further mention in Registers but mentioned in mother's will of 1772
James, bap Santan 2 March 1734, no further mention in Registers but mentioned in mother's will of 1772
Emmilia /Emma - bap not recorded (? 1726-1731), resided in Douglas and buried Santan 28 Oct 1794

Nicholas married Isable Crain 13 Nov 1722 at Braddan; She was daughter of Robert Crain and Margaret Stean (Stephen) of Ballabrunt and was widow of John Hampton of Ballaquiggin (m. 20 April 1704) by whom had had six children - the youngest, Christian, born, 1717, after her father's death. Nicholas and Isable had one child, Issable, bap 23 Jan 1724 but who died some 16 months later (bur Braddan 25 Apl 1725). Nicholas apparently treated step-daughter Christian as his own, settling inheritance on Robert Moore (of Bolerenny) in a marriage contract dated 1742 (+ deed of Settlement 28 April 1744). Isable bur. 17 Nov 1751 at Braddan; Nicholas died intestate, buried 10 Jan 1760 at Braddan; brother Robert appointed administrator but he relinquished task unto Nicholas's son-in-law Robert Moore.

Ann married Mathew Crellin of Kirk German 4 Dec 1718 (John Leece of Balladoyne, German, signatory to Marriage Contract and also stood as Pledge). Buried German 24 July 1739.

Third Generation - Braddan

William (3) inherited Ballamoaney in 1734; married Isabel Kissack at Santan 15 July 1729. Buried Braddan 17 Jan 1794; Isable bur Braddan 29 Jan 1775
Five children known:-

Issabel, 2 May 1736 (left legacy in Uncle Thomas Kissack's will of 1745
Dorothy, bap 6 May 1739
William (4) bap 17 Jun 1744

Robert married Ann Brew (date/place unknown); buried Braddan 24 Nov 1797 age 86. Initially farmed Balley Erjaghyn (Boayl Injeign) but later Ballaglionney (Ballaglonna). Ann buried Braddan 28 Jan 1795. Eleven known children:

Ann (1733-1734) bur Braddan 20 May 1734,
Dorothy, bap. 6 Jun 1740
Robert (1742-1743),
William, bap 17 Jun 1744
John (died Nov 1750)
Robert (1748 died before 1754),
Thomas, bap 16 Jun 1751
Robert 1754,
Emy (1757-1760)


Fourth Generation - Braddan

Robert - married Margaret Crebbin

John - 17 May 1767
Esther - 1 Apr 1770
William - 2 May 1773

William - bur 21 Dec 1794 Braddan 'late of Ballamoaney but now of Ballabrebbag'

Fifth Generation - Braddan

John - married Anne Bridson 12 Sept 1789 at Santan; died 1849

William - 1 Jan 1790, bur Braddan 1 Feb 1836
Anne - 14 Dec 1794; m Thomas Creer of Ballaslig
John - 23 Oct 1797
Paul, - 30 Mar 1800
Elizabeth - 25 Jul 1802
James - 10 Mar 1805
Catherine - 12 Jul 1807; m William Kneale of Marown
Paul Henry - 7 May 1809; inherited estate in 1849; died 1885 (see obit)
Caesar Bridson - 22 Jun 1815

Third Generation - Knockfreiy

Elizabeth - no further record in Registers; not mentioned in Mother's will; Sister Emilia bequeathed "£3 British to her nephew John Jones, if he is heard of" thus possibly he was son of Elizabeth. (FPC however Feltham records Memorial to Betty Leece dau to Robert Leece 30 May 1714 (no age is given) - suspect Jones might possibly be the Capt Jones of Leece & Drinkwater's William Leece which sank 1819)

John - inherited Knockfreiy; married Jane Crebbin at Santan 14 Dec 1760 - she was 29 to his 46. He was buried aged 80 26 Jul 1794 at Santan, she aged 87 on 8 April 1808. Five Children (all bap Santan):

John (2), bap 14 Dec 1761
Ellinor, 27 Sept 1763
Jane, 17 Oct 1765
William, 13 Aug 1769
Robert 27 April 1774

There is a conjecture that John of Knockfreiy inherited Ballaleece (Kk German) on death of unmarried John Leece in 1784, this estate being sold in 1785 for £1,100 to John Lace of Castletown.

Isabel - buried Santan 14 April 1810 (? FPC - no such entry in Santan Burial Reg); marriage not in registers, husband was a Brew. Baptism of son James Brew not recorded though thought to be born 1748. James, a master mariner, commonly known as Captain Brew (commanded Duke of Athol, Earl of Surrey and James Holmes) - married twice, his second wife Alice being 50 years younger! - both died of Cholera in 1831 (?fpc - must have been off Island as 1st cholera on Island was 1832 and they are not in my list of deaths).

Ellenr - no record of marriage or burial found; in mother's will of 1772 left a bequest of 40s.

William - went to Liverpool in 1740's where he died and is buried 1804. Became Liverpool agent for John Joseph Bacon (leading merchant in trading Manx herring as far as Baltic, Mediterranean, North America and West Indies (these later two being food for slave plantations). William Leece provided chadlery, tar, salt and barrell staves.
Acquired sufficient capital to enter business as a linen merchant (one queriable mention is of owning a flax mill in Ballasalla). Link with USA encouraged him to enter cotton trade, purchasing salted herring from nephew William Leece of Douglas and trading them for cotton.
Married Margaret Barrow at St Nicholas, Liverpool 30 Oct 1752; only child, Ellinor baptised St Nicholas's 6 Oct 1757 - she married James Drinkwater at St Nicholas's 18 October 1777.
William prospered becoming a ship owner (also entered public life - benefactor to Public Infirmary and Blue Coat Hospital, on Parish committee in 1790). James Drinkwater was son of George and Alice Drinkwater, George was a broker and next door neighbour in Tower Gardens, Water street. William took James into partnership and they traded as "Leece and Drinkwater". In 1790 Gore's directory gives William Leece, merchant, 8 Tower-garden with Linen Warehouse at 7 Tower-garden which address was also that of Capt. James Drinkwater (by 1796 described as merchant with 7 Tower-garden being described as Leece and Drinkwater's Linen warehouse). William moved to 28 Drury lane in 1796, with the Linen warehouse at 27
Possibly William's business interests on the Island were conducted by his unmarried sister Emmelia who lived in Douglas and whose will of 1780 suggestes she was an educated lady of considerable means, she died 1794 after which possibly Isabel and Captain Brew acted as agents.
In 1811 Leece and Drinkwater are noted as owners of the Brilliant (Packet) and Duke of Atholl - both vessels trading Liverpool/Douglas.
One of streets in Liverpool is named Leece Street in memory.

Fourth Generation - Knockfreiy

John - bur 28 Oct 1827 m. Anne Kissack (died 12 July 1844 age 72) (see Santon MI's)

Ann - 8 Aprl 1804

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