[From Thwaite's Directory 1863]



-(See Schools.)


Cubbon John, (and share broker,) 2 St. George's place
Kemball Edward T., 25 Strand st
Lee John, 79 Derby road
Haley George, (and coroner for Middle,) 46 Atholl street
Spurr and Houseman,Atholl street
Stephenson William, 5 Mucklesgate


Marked * are Notaries Public.
*Adamson Laurence William, Atholl street; h. Ballabrooie
*Adams Alfred Walter, (and acting attorney-general for the isle,) 21t Atholl street; h. Springfield
*Callow and Spittall, (and clerks to magistrates,) 33 Atholl street
Cannell Claude, B.A., Atholl st
Craigie Lawrence, 31 Atholl street
*Harris Samuel, (and episcopal registrar, tithe agent, sumner general, and secretary to the Lord Bishop,) Atholl street, h. Marathon
*Harrison John Caesar Tobin, Prospect hill; h. Ballauytton House, Braddan
*Harrison Ridgway, (and registrar of births for Douglas district,) Duke street; h. Woodside House
Laughton Alfred Nelson, (and commissioner in Queen's Bench and Court of Probate,) St George's pl; h. Eastfield House
*Moore John, 2 Harris terrace
Sherwood Richard, Wellington st
*Tuton Richard, 30 Atholl street
*Watts Henry B., (and deputy registrar of deeds,) Court House; h. 9 Victoria terrace
*Wilson Senhouse,(and high bailiff and registrar of deeds,) Court House; h. Sidney Mount


Armstrong John, (commission,) 16 Mona street
Berey William, (shipping agent and agent for Lloyd,) 50 North Quay; h. 4 Albert street
Cannell William, (house,) Castle st
Cooke James, (commission agent, and agent for Wheeler and Wilsons and other sewing machines,) 62 Atholl street; h. 4 Albion ter
Cubbon John, (land and estate,) 2 St. George's place
Jones Richard,(commission,) Windsor terrace
Kemball Edward T., (commission,) 25 Strand street
Lee John, (estate,) 79 Derby road
Raby Charles R., (commission,) Drumgold street
Spurr & Houseman, (estate,) 36 Atholl street
Thompson William, (commission,) Circular road


(See Grocers, and Wine and Spirit Merchants.)


Marked + are Photographers.
Brown Richard, Wilton buildings
Dean George Augustus, 46 Duke street
+Keig Thomas, Prospect hill; h. 5 Spring gardens
Lemon Alfred David, 3 Adelaide terrace
Moore Henry Watson, Castle Mona road
+Powell J., Castle street; h. 11 Great Nelson street
+Rothwell Samuel, Prospect hill; h. 3 Auckland grove
Wane Marshall, Prospect hill; h. 3 Mount Pleasant


Armstrong John, 16, Mona street
Jones Richard, Windsor terrace
Raby Charles R., Drumgold street
Spurr & Houseman, 36 Atholl st
Webb Samuel, 32 Duke street


Bawne Nathan, Barrack street
Bridson Eliza, 72 Strand street
Cain Thomas, New Bond street
Cain William, 3 Great Nelson st
Cain William, James street
Cain William Joseph, Church st
Calton Matthew, Strand street
Cavendish Eliza, 18 King street
Cleator John, 11 Drumgold street
Coole Thomas, Barrack street
Corkhill Edward, 11 Buck's road
Corlett James, 2 Lord street, corner of Church street
Cottle Edward, 73 Strand street
Cowin Norris, 51 Duke street
Crane Joseph, Church street
Creer John, 84 Strand street
Creer Thomas, 10 New Bond st
Gale William, Lord street
Kissack Robert and Edward, 7 Great George street
Kissack Robert Brew, 27 King st
Kissack William, Hanover street
Leech Robert, 21 North Quay
Moore William, King street, corner of Fancy street
Morrison Robert, 43 Strand street
Scarff John, Heywood place


Bank of Mona, (Branch of the City of Glasgow Bank,) Buck's road: draw on Prescott, Grote, and Co., at London, and on Bank of England at Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle:- John S. Jackson, manager
Douglas and Isle of Man Bank, (Dumbell, Son, and Howard,) Prospect hill: draw on Glyn, Mills, and Co., London
Savings Bank,Thomas street, (open on Saturdays from I to 2, and from 7 to 8, pm.:)-James Spittall, secretary


Anderton Thomas
Alfred Charles, Chester street
Heron George, Castle Mona
Jones Gilbert, back Castle Mona lawn


Heron George, Castle Mona
McGhie John, Douglas Baths, Bath street
Moss Henry, (:Crescent
Wallace Henry, Castle Mona road


(See also Milliners and Hosiers.)
Craughan Sarah, 25 Duke street
Waters Lucy, (and teacher of the art of making paper flowers,) Finch road


-See Hotels.


Cain (Thomas) & Nicklin (Richard), South Quay
Callister Daniel, (and weighing machine proprietor, and general smith,) Castle street
Cottier Walter, Fort street; h. Seneschal street
Faichney John, 7 North Quay
Hampton George, 4 North Quay
Hughes John, (and farrier,) Society lane; h. Hanover street
Barren John, Cattle market street; h. North John street
Kewley Thomas, King street
Lewin Edward, (and ship smith & agricultural implement maker and dealer,) The Bridge
Lewthwaite John, North Quay; h. 1 Bigwell street
Wilson John, Fort street; h. Castle Mona lawn


(See Mast and Block.)


(See also Lodging Houses.)
Butterworth James, (and dealer in glass, oils, paints, colours, &c.,) 6 and 7 Prospect hill
Cockayne John, 5 Mount Pleasant
Evarard Joseph, 4 and 5 Prospect hill
Matthews George M., 9 Clarence terrace


Marked * are Printers only.
Backwell Matthew Price, Prospect hill
British and Foreign Bible Depot, 25 Duke street:-S. Craughan, agent
*Brown James, Parade street
Cain Margaret, 8 Great George st
Curphey Harriet, (and engraver and copper-plate printer, printer to the Manx Society, and publisher, by authority, of the Statutes of the Island,) 13 King st.; h. 90 Derby square
Fargher Robert, Wilton buildings, Duke street
Johnson Robert Heywood, Prospect hill
Johnson Samuel, Fort street
Kelly Robert, 6 Wellington street
Kemball Edward T., 25 Strand st
Kneale William, 37 Duke street
Lewthwaite Alexander, 44 North Quay
Mylrea John, 17 Duke street; h. 6 Derby terrace
Quiggin Mary Ann, North Quay
Religious Tract Depot, 25 Duke street:-S. Craughan, agent
White Walter,Wellington street; h. 1 Derby terrace


Marked * deal in Gutta Percha
Boots and Shoes.
Bridson William, 20 Church street; h. Barrack street
Bromley John, Finch road; h. Mount Havelock
Cain Robert, 52 Duke street
Cain Thomas, 11 Hanover street
Callow Charles, 61 Strand street
Callow John, Crescent hill
Caren Thomas, 7 John street
Clague Norris, Fancy street; h. St. George's walk
Clague Thomas, Lord street
Corkill John E., 4 Duke lane; h. 4 Christian road
Corlett John, 44 Atholl street
Corris Thomas, 61 Duke street
Cretney Thomas, 6 King street
Crowe James, 15 Wellington street
Cubbon Ann, 71 Strand street
Cubbon Edward, Duke street
*Fitter William, Duke street; h. Taubman terrace
Gelling John, 14 Drumgold street
Hamilton Aaron, 21 Wellington st
Hampton Henry, 19 King street
Keighan William, King street, corner of Fancy street
Kelly Robert, 4 Gt. George street
Kennaugh Anne, 22 Strand street
Kermode James, Gt. Nelson street; h. 12 Hill's street
Kermode William, Chester street
Kewley John, 1 Thomas street
King Robert,-24 Duke street
Kissack Robert, 3 Castle street
McNeill William, 23 King street Payne William, Duke street
Quaye Thomas, 5 Drumgold st
Quaye William, 12 Drumgold st
Quayle Thomas, 18 Wellington sq
Quiggin James, 9 Wellington st
Quilleaish Philip, 26 Church st
Quine Daniel, 74 Strand street
Quine Edward, 78 Strand street
Quirk John, 13 Great Nelson st
Sayle John Henry, 10 Atholl st
Taggart Henry, 5 Lord street
Taggart Thomas, Bigwell street; h. 1 St. George's street
Taggart William, James street
Teare Thomas, 11 Great Nelson street; h. 40 Atholl street
Ward Cuthbert Robinson, 14 Strand street; h. 8 Mount Pleasant
Woods Joseph, James street


-See Plumbers.


( See also Ironmongers.)
Duff James, Lord street
Hamilton James, 3 New Bond st
Polin John, Strand street


Atkins George & Co., Castle hill
Garforth Samuel, Cattle Market street; h. St. Thomas's walk
Hogg & Co., Lake Brewery, Worth Quay
Okell William, Falcon Patent Brewery, Mount Falcon


(See Joiners and Stone Masons.)


Brew Thomas, 9 Strand street
Burns Patrick, 76 Strand street
Cain Thomas, 63 Duke street
Corrin Henry, Strand street
Corrin Thomas, 18 Queen street
Davis Henry, 7 Duke street
Dickinson John, (and cattle sales man,) 12 King street
Douglas John, Finch road
Faragher Henry, 6 Duke street
Fleming Thomas, 2 Duke street
Hampton Richard, Duke street; h. 3 Edward terrace
Moore Richard, 9 Seneschal lane
Taylor Frederick, 41 Strand street


.- (See also Joiners )
Bell James, Castle Mona road
Cartwright William B., Circular road
Cleawr Charles, North Quay
Douglass John, Church street
Curphey and Cubbon, 26 North Quay
Keig Thomas, Prospect hill; h. 5 Spring gardens
Kelly Thomas, Harris buildings, Atholl street
Mole Cornelius, Prospect hill
Quayle Charles, Prospect hill
Radcliffe Thomas, 10 & 11 Hill's street
Spence William, Prospect hill
White William, 22 New Bond st


(See also Painters, etc.)
Bregazzi Sebastian, 68 Atholl st
Burke John, James street
Prebble Henry, (carver only,) 8 Thomas street


Barber William, Duke street
Bowman Joseph Robert, 10 Gt. Nelson street
Breary William Arthur, Prospect hill
Greensill Thomas Spencer, (and inventor and manufacturer of the original Mona Bouquet,) 69 Strand street
Halton Richard, 5 Duke street; h. Eastfield terrace
Kinley Philip, (and proprietor of the celebrated Mona Bouquet,) Strand street
Mylchreest Evan, 1 Duke street


(See Glass, Be.)


Conner Thomas, Cattle Market st
Lawson Thomas, Strand street


Horsley Hudson, 28 King street
Johnson Joseph, Prospect hill; h. 5 Great George street


Douglas Elizabeth, James street
Magee Arthur, 22 King street
McArdle James, James street
M'Lerey Bernard, Great Nelson st
Polin Stephen, 11 Lord street
Skeley John, Drumgold street


Cannell Edward, (and cartwright,) 7 Wellington square
Nixon Edward, Castle Mona road
Perry John, 22 Atholl street
Wood John, 21 Lord street


Marked * are Dealers only.
Bell John (and proprietor of ferry boat,) 7 Queen street
Clague John, (and salt merchant, and sole agent for Proctor and Ryland's patent manures,) Wilton buildings, Duke street, and South Quay; h. Eastfield
Corris John, 17 Hope street, and South Quay
Hogg and Co., (and salt merchants') Forth Quay
Mulinger George, 9 Cattle Market street
*Robinson Thomas, Wellington sq
Shimmin William, Castle street
Torrance G. & Co., North Quay


Armstrong George, 17 Wellington street
Bradshaw George, 30 Strand street
Clague John, (and agent for Cassell's coffees,) in Gt Nelson st., and Castle Mona lawn
Crane Joseph, Church street
Cubbon Thomas, 22 King street
Jordan Frances, 25 King street
Kewley Catherine, 30 Duke street
McCann John, 33 Strand street
Quiggin William, Strand street
Wane Marshall, Prospect hill; h. 3 Mount Pleasant
Watson Eliza, North Quay


Sweden and Norway (Vice)-H. B. Noble, North Quay


Crellin Thomas, 36 Strand street
King John, James street
Stevenson Paul, North Quay; h. 3 George's terrace


(See also Corn. Millers.)
Cowin James, Strand street; h. 6 Circular road
Creer John, North Quay; h. 26 Hope street
Goldsmith George, Strand street
Quine Robert, (and painter, Kay and Q.,) 2 Castle street
Rowe Richard, North Quay:- William Beck, warehouseman
Sowden Joseph, Post Office place
Whiteside Henry & Co., North Quay, and Castletown


Cowin James, Douglas Steam Mills, Strand street; h. fi Circular road
Goldsmith George, Strand street, and Ballaughton.
Rowe Richard, North Quay; mill, Laxey Glen
Whiteside Henry & Co., Nunnery Mills, Braddan


(See also Ironmongers.)
Armroyd George, (and gunsmith, surgeon's instrument and spring truss manufacturer, and fishing tackle dealer,) 46 North Quay
Gardiner John, Church street
Gill John, 17 Bigwell street
Knapp William,(and electro-plater,) Prospect hill


Garrett Philip Lewis, 56 Atholl st
Higman Henley Rodgers, 6 Finch road
Karran James, Edward terrace


(See also Milliners and Hosiers.)
Bell John, 5 Gt. Nelson street
Brew Thomas, Strand street
Darke Edward James, 46 North Quay
Falkner Frederick, 49 Duke street
Harrison Richard, 43 Duke street
Healy John, 02 Castle street
Johnson Samuel, Fort street
Kneale and Teare, (and carpet factors,) 19 Duke street
Mackenzie Kenneth, Harris buildgs
Mundey Edward, 38 Duke street
Quine & Archer, 26 & 28 Duke st
Sparrow Joseph, 73 Atholl street
Spence and Mundell, 40 and 42 Duke street
Tate Thomas, 45 Duke street


Cowen John, 6 Great Nelson street, and Kewaigue
Kaye Alfred Wilkes, 34 Duke st
Moore John, King street; h. Peel road
Whipp William, 15 Drumgold st
Wright J. & Co., 27 Strand street


Clinton Thomas, 6 Duke lane
Crowe James, (and pleasure boat proprietor,) 5 New Bond street
Ewbank William, 51 North Quay
Kerns John, 72 Pier
Maunsell Mary, James street
Sutherland H., 17 King street


(See Glass, China, and Earthenware Dealers.)


Cain (Thomas) & Nicklin (Richd.) and brassfounders and agricultural implement makers, South Quay; h. Peel road
Milburn and Dixon, 7 Fort street


Curphey Harriet, 13 King street; h. 40 Derby square
Backwell Matthew P., Prospect hill
Dean George Augustus, 46 Duke st
Mylrea John, 17 Duke street


Marked * are Cowkeepers.
(See also Braddan and Onchan Directories.)
Benson Matthew, Woodbourne rd
Cannan John, 13 Buck's road
*Christian Charles, 6 Atholl street
*Craine Elizabeth, Wellington sq
Cubbon James, Ballaquayle
Downward William, Archway, South Quay
Fisher Robert, Lord street and .Marown
*Jones Gilbert, back Castle Mona lawn
*Kelly Elizabeth, Chester street
Kelly James, 3 Stanley terrace
*Kelly Robert, Senna road
*Kermode Robert, Falcon terrace
*McMullen Patrick, 30 Wellington square
*Quiggin William, Church street
Shimmin William, Castle street
Taylor Frederick, Onchan; h. Strand street


Alliance:-G. Torrance & Co., North Quay, and Queen street
Atlas:-T. Bawden, 54 North Quay
Caledonian:-J. Jackson, Bank of Mona
Clerical, Medical, & General (Life) -H. Whiteside, North Quay
Economic:-T. C. Callow, 33 Atholl street
Edinburgh Standard (Life):-J. Harris, Pier
European (Life):-W. A. Breary, Prospect hill
Friend-in-Need:-George Slack, Edgerton terrace
Imperial:-P. Elliott, 25 Atholl st. and James Spittall, 33 Atholl st
Liverpool and London:-Henry Johnson, Market place and Prospect hill; and C. R. Raby, Drumgold street
Minerva (Life):-E. M. Macdonald, Melina terrace
Manchester (Fire):-Spurr and Houseman, Atholl street
Nation (Life):-P. Elliott, 25 Atholl street
National and Mercantile (Life):- G. Heron, Castle street
Norwich Union:-A. Clarke and Son, 15 King street
Queen:-H. B. Noble, North Quay
Rock (Life):-W. A. Breary, Prospect hill
Royal Farmers':-W. L. Adamson, Atholl street
Royal Liver:-William Crellin, Wellington street
Sovereign:-Henry Green, 21 Duke street
Sun:-R. Harrison, Duke street
Temperance and General Provident:-J. Clague, 12 Great Nelson street, and Castle Mona lawn
Western (Life):-Spurr & Houseman, Atholl street


Beardmore John, 10 Fort street
Graham William, Market place
Hogg Joseph, 60 North Quay
Irvine Samuel, Noble's court
Kelly James, Well road
Kerny Lawrence, Fort street
Laughlin John, Fort street; h. Water lane
Proctor William, 4 Queen's place
Twemlow John and Brothers, Bath street


(See also Gardeners & Seedsmen.)
Cannell AImena, Strand street
Confer Thomas, (and register office for servants,) 52 Strand st
Corris Margaret, 2 Castle street
Cowin William, 4 Great Nelson st
Daniels Peter, (and tripe dresser,) 16 Church street
Irvine Samuel, Noble's court
Lockhart Robert, Finch road
Pigott James, 4 Castle street
Winder William, (and horsebreaker,) Duke street


Coffin William, 4 Great Nelson st
Eades William, 97 Derby square
Fargher Robert, Buck's road; h. Mona terrace
Spittal Alexander, Onchan, and New Bond street
Harwood John (fruit and flower gardeners,) Stanley gardens; h. 78 Derby road
Williams Owen, 11 King street


Broughton Samuel, 33 Duke street
Christian Isabella, Lord street
Cottier Robert, 2 King street
Graham William, Market place
Killip Eleanor, 16 Strand street
Kinley Matilda, Lord street
Wilson Catherine, 34 Strand street


Marked * are Wine and Spirit Merchants, and Italian ware housemen. (See also Shopkeepers.)
*Allen William, 1 Strand street; h. 1 Harris terrace
Bawden Thomas, 54 North Quay
*Beardmore John, l 0 Fort street
Cain William Joseph, Church st
*Carey Charles, 1 Lord street; h. Goldie terrace
McAllister Thomas, Frederick street
*Clarke Archibald and Son, 15 King street
Clucas John, 56 Strand street
Coole James, 12 Great George st
Corkhill Edward, 11 Buck's road
Corlett Robert, Market place; h. 5 Albert street
Corran Thomas, James street
Coupe Thomas, 41 Duke street
*Craine John, 65 Strand street
Crane Joseph, Church street
Creer John, 84 Strand street
*Crellin John, I Great Nelson st
*Cretney Robert, 6 New Bond st
Cubbon Robert, Duke Street
Cubbon Thomas, 24 North Quay; h. 17 Myrtle street
*Curphy John, 1 Castle street
Curphey John, 20 Buck's road
*Davis Henry, 7 Duke street
*Gelling Edward and Co., Duke street; h. Harris terrace
Green Henry, 21 Duke street
*Greer Samuel, Victoria road
*Harris John, 53 North Quay
*Hart (Colin) and Dale (William), 27 Duke street
*Hollingworth Eli, Finch road
Johnson Henry, (and seed dealer,) Market place and Prospect hill
Kelly Charlotte, 17 Drumgold st
*Kelly John, 20 Castle street
Kissack James, Duke street, and Castle Mona lawn
*Kneale John, 39 Duke street
*Kneale William Henry, 31 Duke street
*Laurence Henry, 11 Duke street
*Lockhart Robert, 8 Windsor ter
Moore Henry, 1 Brisbane street
Moore Nicholas Smith, 21 King st
Moore Thomas & Co., 11 North Quay
Moore William, King street, corner of Fancy street
Morrison Robert, 43 Strand street
Quilleish William, 30 Bigwell st
Quirk Mary, 59 Duke street
Radcliffe John, 5 North street
Richards Thomas, 16 Duke street; h. 15 Stanley terrace
Roney Richard, Duke street
*Roskell Robert, 83 Strand street; h. 41 Atholl street
Shirley Thomas, 24 Castle street
Torrance G. & Co., North Quay
*Varly William, Church street
*Williams and Kelly, 35 Duke st
*Young Charles, 2 Strand street


Clarke George, 2 Drumgold street
Connell John, 57 Drury street
Cubbon Robert, James street
Fielding James, North Quay
Fielding James, junr., Strand st
Kaye Joseph, 47 Duke street
M'Caskie Charles, 32 Atholl street
Roberts George, King street


Callow Thomas, Drumgold street
Cannell Robert, 20 King street
Goodwin Edward, Lord street
Legg Brothers, Duke street
Quayle John, 9 Duke street


Barlow Titus, South Quay; h. Drury street
Cannell Thomas, South Quay; h. 10 Parade street
Connell Robert, Fort street
Crellin Thomas, 36 Strand street
Kelly James, Well road hill
Rogers William, 12 New Bond st
Twemlow John and Bros., 2 Bath street


Bell John, 5 Great Nelson street'!
Clifford William, (and fent dealer,) Duke street
Morrison Charles, 53 Duke street
Phelan James, Wellington street
Sparrow Joseph, 72 Atholl street
Strains Eliza and Francis, 18 Castle street


Marked + have Billiard Rooms.
+Adelphi, William Stead, 21 Church street
Alma, Caesar Christian, 4 King st
Artillery Hotel, John Parkes, 7 Great Nelson street
Atholl Inn, Geo. Burgess, 1 Atholl st
Black Lion, Anne Cowin, North Quay
Board, Lewin Eliza Christian, 3 Chapel row
Bridge Inn, Thomas Hoult, North Quay
British Commercial and Family Hotel, Mary Ann Barnes, Market square
Broadway Inn & American Bowling Green, Thomas Handley, Castle Mona gates, Broadway
Carpenters' Arms, Philip Milburn, North Quay
+Castle Mona, George Heron, Castle Mona lawn
Chester Arms, Daniel Ward, 70 Chester street
Clarence Inn, William Cannell, 7 Lord street
Commercial, James Bell, North Quay
Commercial, Ann Cowin, 8 Atholl street
Crown Inn, John Hodgson, Duke street
Crown Inn, John Caufield, 13 Drumgold street
Cumberland House, James Gill, North Quay
Cumberland Inn, Joseph Creer, 8 Heywood place
Cumberland Tavern, Richd. Quirk, James street
Fisherman's Arms, John Quirk, 47, North Quay
Fleetwood Commercial Inn, Robert Quirk, North Quay
Foresters' Arms, Patrick McIntyre, 24 Hope street
Foresters' Arms,William Christian, 4 Strand street
+Fort Anne Hotel, Robert Marshall, Fort Anne
George's Vaults,Jane McClelland, Church street
Greyhound, John Kermode, North Quay
Hare and Hounds, Joseph Hogg, 60 North Quay
Imperial Commercial and Family Hotel, Sophia Stagg, The Pier
Imperial Vaults, Robert Fisher, Lord street
+Lancashire House, William Topliss, North Quay
Leeds Arms, Joseph Eggleston, 20 Bigwell street
Liverpool and Manchester Arms, Townsend Giffard,63 North Quay
Manchester House, John Christian, Harris lane
Masons' Arms, Eleanor Braide, 82 Strand street
Masonic Arms, North Quay, closed
Old Custom House, John J. Roney, New Bond street
Odd Fellows' Arms, Chas. Palmer, 62 North Quay
Old Market Arms, John Taggart, Fairy ground
Old Market House, William Ewbank, 51 North Quay
Old Market Inn, James Roney, Chapel row
Pier Inn and United Service Club Room, James Birtles, Pier
Pig and Whistle, William Cubbon, 53 Strand street
Plough Inn, Mary Maunsell, James street
Queen, Felix Bregazzi, Crescent
Ramsey Inn, Jane Skillicorn, 8 New Bond street
+Redfern's Commercial & Family Hotel, Mary Hiscocks, James street
Revitt's Old Crescent Hotel, John Revitt, Crescent
Royal Family and Commercial Hotel, William Hill, The Pier
Royal Albert, Patrick Gallaugher, Chapel road
Royal Oak, Charles Michael Stuart Leigh, (and picture frame maker,) Great Nelson street
Saddle Commercial Inn, Thomas McCandlish, North Quay
Sheffield Family Hotel, Charles Gallimore, 14 Parade street
Shepherds' Inn, Jane McNeil, 25 Great Nelson street
Shore Inn, Alexander Brown, 1 Castle Mona road
Spirit Vaults, Margaret Stephens, Church street
Steam - Packet Vaults, Thomas Milne Whiteley, 68 & 69 North Quay
Strand, John Bridson, 63 Strand st
Strand Inn (New,) John Murray, 61 Strand street
Swan, Edward Skillicorn, Wellington square
Theatre Royal Hotel, Richard Brown, Wellington street
Thistle Inn, Thomas Alston, (and farrier,) 6 Parade street
Trafalgar, John Jask Jelly, South Quay
Victoria Arms, Jane Christian, 79 Strand street
Victoria Hotel, William Coxon Johnson, Prospect hill
Village of Waterloo, Abraham Lowe, Fairy ground
Volunteers' Inn, John Cooper Farrimond, New Bond street
York Hotel, George Thompson, Parade street


Gelling Richard, South Quay Foundry


Torrance G. & Co., Queen street


Calister Daniel, 17 Castle street
Cawte Isaac, 12 Strand street
Christian William, 14 Gt. Nelson street
Dawson Joseph & Son (John), 48 Strand street
Fowler Martin, 10 Duke street
Hampton George, North Quay
Milburn Liz Dixon, Fort street
Sherwood George, 56 Duke street; h. Fort street
Thompson Charles, Strand street
Todhunter & Elliott, Market place


(See also Stone Masons.)
Archer Robert, 10 Mona street
Cain Jonathan, Peel road; h, 21 Mona road
Cain Robert, jun., Circular road; h. Woodbourne view
Caley and Gelling, Circular road
Callister John, 26 Wellington ter
Cannell William, Hope street
Clague James, St. George's walk; h. Fort William
Clucas Henry, 24 Mona street
Corkhill William, Stanley mount
Cowin Daniel, Prospect bill; h. 13 Hill's street
Cowle Richard, 16 St. George's st
Cowley Thomas, Well road; h. Post Office place
Cowley William, 9 Buck's road
Craine John, Cattle Market street; h. Woodbourne avenue
Craine Robert, 2 Albion terrace
Douglas John, West view
Gelling Henry, Oxford street
Gelling John, Brisbane street
Gill James, North Quay
Hampton William, 14 Strand street
Hart John, Circular road
Kay Robert, Prospect hill; h. 12 Lord street
Kelly James, 3 Stanley terrace
Kelly John, Barrack street; h. Goldie street
Kelly William, Strathallan park
Kewley Thomas, 26 Castle street
Lambert James, Eastfield
Milburn Philip, North Quay
Quayle Thomas, Bigwell street; h. St George's terrace
Quine Thomas, 10 Drinkwater st
Quinney John, The Bridge; h. 4 Woodhouse terrace, South Quay
Robertson Alexander, Buck's road; h. Mount Havelock
Robinson Henry end John, Saint Thomas's walk


Houseman Eliza, 50 Strand street


Kennaugh Anne, 22 Strand street
Kewley John, l Thomas street
Payne William, Duke street


Backwell Matthew Price, Prospect hill
Cain Margaret, 8 Gt. George street
Kneale William, 37 Duke street
Mylrea John, 17 Duke street
Quiggin Mary A. 52 North Quay
Sailors' Library and News Room, 72 Pier


Bell Henry Wesley, James street, and Hanover street
Bell James, North Quay
Boyd Edward, Senna road
Bryan Margaret, Bigwell street
Butterworth James, Adelphi Hotel Stables, Church street, & Havelock Stables, Finch road
Clague Thomas, Crescent hill
Collister Robert, St. George's street
Corkhill John, Wellington square
Corlett Edward, Myrtle street
Corlett Robert, Fancy street
Cottier Robert, Buck's road
Cowley Edward, Shaw's brow
Crellin John, Sidney street
Cringle William, back of Mona terrace; h. 18 Queen street
Cubbin John, back Stanley ter
Donaldson David, Cattle Market st
Dunkin John, Cattle Market street
Gallaugher Patrick, Chapel row
Handley John, Castle Mona lawn
Heron George, Castle Mona Hotel
Moult Thomas, North Quay
Jones William, Castle Mona lawn
Kelly James, Finch road; h. 29 Mona street
Kelly Robert, Wellington square
Kelly Robert, Senna road
Kelly William, Imperial & Royal Hotel Stables; h. Woodhouse terrace
Kinley John, John street
Maxwell James, Old Post Office ln
Quiggin William, Church street
Quine Jane, Crescent
Quine Robert, James street
Quirk Matthew, Senna road
Saile Thomas, Queen street
Shimmin Thomas, Stanley mount
Shimmin William, Castle street
Smyth Thomas, Fort street
Storey William, Senna road
Taggart George, back Mona terrace; h. Well road
Teare Daniel, Castle Mona lawn
Tetlow Thomas, Rose mount
Vondey Isaac, back, Strand street
Wilson John, Castle Mona lawn


Amery Robert, 1 Woodbourne mut
Andrew Martha, 12 Stanley terrace
Andrews Joseph, I Castle terrace
Archer Robert, 10 Mona street
Ashley Elizabeth, 6 Christian road
Atkinson Frederick, Mount Havelock
Ballan Elizabeth, 4 Spring gardens
Barry Mary, 3 Myrtle street
Baxter William, 14 North Quay
Bell Martha, 4 Castle street
Bewley Elizabeth, Mona terrace
Birks Charles, 2 Knutsford place
Black Mary Ann, 7 Clarence ter
Blair Agnes, 15 Parade street
Blair James, 29 Finch road
Boardman Matthew, 8 Albert st
Bowen Catherine, back of Castle Mona lawn
Boyde William, Buck's road
Boyne William, (and master mariner,) 3 Atholl street
Bridson Margaret, South Quay
Broadfoot Isabella, 11 Fort street
Bromley John, Mount Havelock
Bullock Charles, Buck's road
Butterfield John, Fort street
Cain Charlotte, 5 Mona street
Cain Elizabeth, 5 Osborne terrace
Cain Jane, 14 Atholl street
Cain Jane, Stanley mount
Cain Jonathan, 21 Mona street
Cain Jonathan, 36 Atholl street
Cain Margaret, 8 Great George st
Caley William, 12 Mona street
Callister Christopher, 7 Esplanade
Cannan John, 13 Buck's road
Cannell Jane, 26 Mona street
Cannell Margaret, Victoria road
Cannell William, 3 Albion terrace
Carran Eleanor, Sidney street
Castile Jane, 10 Albert street
Christian Elizabeth, Wesley ter
Christian Elizabeth, 1 Clarence ter
Christian Margaret, 13 Albert st
Christian Margaret, 5 Mount Pleasant
Christian Mary Ann Elizabeth, 9 Mona street
Christian Stephen, 9 Albert street
Christian William, (and master mariner,) 5 Hope street
Cinnamon James, 15 Albert street
Clague Jane, 15 Atholl street
Clague Jane, 18 Elope street
Clague Norris, 8 Clarence terrace
Clark George, 5 Wellington street
Clegg John, 10 St. George's street
Clucas William, 4 Atholl terrace
Cochrane Eliza, Queen's place
Collins George, 32 Fort street
Collister Edward, 30 Fort street
Collister Thomas, 14, Hope street
Collister William, Hope street
Colqutoun Anne, 31 Finch road
Cooper Alexander, South Quay
Corkhill John Edward, Christian road
Corkhill Robert, 17 Christian road
Corkill Jane, 8, Myrtle street
Corkill Robert, 8 St. George st
Corkill William, 6 Buck's road
Corlett Susan, Victoria road
Corlett William, (and master mariner,) Woodhouse terrace
Corteen Thomas, 18 Buck's road
Costain Elizabeth, 14, Buck's road
Cottier Eliza, 94 Derby square
Cottier Robert, 2 King street
Cottle Mary, 24 King street
Cowell Henry, 8 Atholl terrace
Cornell Robert, 20 Albert street
Cowin Daniel, 13 Hill street
Cowley Jane Elizabeth, 3 Mount Havelock
Cowley William, 9 Buck's road
Craine Anne, 12 Thomas street
Craine William, 1 Christian road
Crawford Michael, Frederick street
Creer Jane, 15 Fort street
Crellin John, 58 Derby square
Crellin Samuel, Peel road
Craine Thomas, (and master mariner,) South Quay
Cretney William, 16 Mona street
Crowe James, 5 New Bond street
Crowe James, 15 Wellington street
Crowle-, 3 Hope street
Cubbon Robert, (and letter carrier,) 5 Hill's street
Cubbon Thomas, 12 Albert street
Cubbon William, 19 Buck's road
Curphey Arm, Mona terrace
Curphey Catherine, Circular road
Dameza James, 9 Hill's street
Darnley Henry, 36 Buck's road
Davidson Louisa, 17 Gt. Nelson st
Devine Charles, Church street
Dickinson Anthony, 9 Parade st
Dickinson Mary, 2 Atholl street
Downing David, Chester street
Eades William, 97 Derby square
Edgar Edward, Circular road
Fairhurst Thomas, 54 Strand street, and 45 Cattle Market street
Farquhar Thomas, 8 Mona street
Fell Elizabeth, 5 Buck's road
Fenwick Henry, 3 Victoria place
Fewster Ellen, 3 Castle terrace
Gawne Catherine, 7 Drinkwater st
Gell William, South Quay
Gelling Margaret, South Quay
Gelling Margaret, 5 Christian road
Gelling Mary, 43 Buck's road
Gelling Paul, 18 Albert street
Gick Mary, 4 Atholl street
Gick Thomas, 19 Mona street
Gill George, 6 Esplanade
Gold John, 5 Clarence terrace
Goldsmith John, 4 Albert terrace
Goldsmith Margaret, Circular road
Goldsmith Thomas, 8 Great Nelson street
Gracey Jane, 57 Derby square
Grose Mary, Crescent hill
Grosvenor Agues, 1 Atholl terrace
Haining Anna, 3 Clarence terrace
Halsall Edwin, 7 Buck's road
Hamilton James, 33 Buck's road
Hampton William, 14 Strand street
Hannay Alexander, 9 Myrtle street
Harrison William, 6 Mount Havelock
Hart John, Circular road
Harwood John, 78 Derby road
Heelis Jane, 30 Finch road
Heeney Ellen, Market street
Henry Rowland, 20 Mona street
Hickman Anne, 2 Castle terrace
Higginbotham Charles, 1 Mona st
Hinton John, 4 Victoria place
Hodgson John, 4 Esplanade
Hodgson Margaret, 17 Atholl st
Hoseason Rachael, 4 & 5 Lawn ter
Howland John, 21 Christian road
Hudson Joseph, Wellington square
Hughes Margaret, Fort William
Hutchinson William, 4 Drinkwater street
Jackson G. K., Albert terrace
Johnson Joseph, 5 Great George street
Jones George Morewood, Crescent hill
Joughin Catherine, 2 Mona street
Joughin Ellen, 5 Derby terrace
Joughin Thomas, 3 Mona street
Kay Thomas, 4 Christian road
Kelley Ann, 28 Castle street
Kelly E. & S., 2 North Quay
Kelly Caesar, 21 Hope street
Kelly James, (and sexton, St. Thomas's,) 29 Mona street
Kelly John, Goldie street
Kelly Mary, 2 Derby terrace
Kelly Philip, 7 Mona street
Kelly Robert, Castletown road
Kelly Robert, 4 Gt. George street
Kelly William, 11 Albert street
Kennaugh James, Circular road
Kennedy Elizabeth, 28 Mona street
Kenuish Martha, 55 North Quay
Kenworthy Samuel, South Quay
Kermeen John, 2 Hope street
Kermode James, 12 Hill street
Kermode Margaret, 28 Strand st
Kerriush Catherine, 2 Esplanade
Kewley John, 1 Thomas street
Kewley John, St. George's place
Kewley Mary Jane, Circular road
Kewley Robert, 1 Bath street
Kewley Robert, 9 Drumgold street
Killip Caesar, ~J7 Hope street
Kinrade Jane, 5 Victoria place
Kissack Ellen, 3 Prospect terrace
Kissack Isabella, Barrack street
Kneale Esther, 6 Great George st
Kneale John, 6 Hope street
Kneen James, Circular road
Kneed Richard, 6, Victoria terrace
Lewin Elizabeth, Wesley terrace
Lewthwaite Ann, Castle Mona rd
Lloyd Sarah, 8 Hill street
Lord Benjamin, Hope street
Lyon John, 6 Victoria place
McArthars Jane, Castle street
McIvar Thomas, Goldie street
McNeill George, (and master mariner,) Hope street
McTaggart Mary, l 6 Albert street
Macleod Arm, Edward terrace
Mainwairing John, 15 North Quay
Maley Eleanor,Woodhouse terrace
Mason Catherine, Hope street
Mates Thomas, Perry's Toner, South Quay
May Edmund, 6 Mona street
Miller Mary, 13 South street
Mitchell Grace, 7 Hope street
Moore Henry Watson, 35 Buck's road
Moore Isabella Quirk, 7 Mount Pleasant
Moore James, 37 Buck's road
Moore James, 19 Hope street
Moore Jane, 7 Atholl terrace
Moore (Jane) and Callow (Amelia and Isabella), 12 St. George's st
Moore Thomas, Crescent
Moore Thomas, Callow place
Moore William, 34 Fort street
Moore William Frederick, Derby road
Morrison Jane, 26 Finch road
Moughtin Thomas, 5 Goldie ter
Nicholson Ann, 75 Derby road
Owen Eunice,(and boarding house,) 24 New Bond street
Pearson Edwin, 38 Buck's road
Pickup John, 3 Goldie terrace
Powning Jane, I Stanley terrace
Proctor William, 4 Queen's place
Quay James, Hill's street
Quayle Robert, 55 Derby square
Quilleash John, 11 Hope street
Quine John, 81 Derby road
Quine Robert, Buck's road
Quine Thomas, 10 Drinkwater st
Quirk John, 32 Finch road
Pritchard William, 73 Derby road
Revitt John, Crescent
Richardson Elizabeth. Christian rd
Roach Edward, Castletown road
Robertshaw Alexander, Mount Havelock
Rothwell Samuel, 3 Auckland grove
Sale William, South Quay
Sayle Elizabeth, 62 Atholl street
Scott Charles, 16 North Quay
Seddon James, 1 Knutsford place
Sharp Robert, 31 Buck's road
Shimmin Sarah, Crescent
Shimmin Sarah, Hope street
Shimmin William, Castle street
Skillicorn Edward, 25 New Bond st
Skillicorn Elizabeth, 12 Buck's Id
Skillicorn John, Crescent hill
Skillicorn John, 12 Hope street
Skinner Thomas, (and master mariner,) Hope street
Southward Margaret, 191 Castle st
Spencer Elizabeth, Edward ter
Starkey Patrick, Castle street
Steele John, 23 Buck's road
Storey Julia, 2 Sidney street
Swainson John, Peel road
Swinnerton Charles, 60 Fort street
Taggart Isabella, Windsor terrace
Taggart James, I Mount Havelock
Taggart John, 8 Auckland terrace
Taggart Thomas, St. George's at
Taggart William, 3 Mucklesgate
Taggart William, 20 Hope street
Taylor Jane, Windsor terrace
Tear Margaret, 15 Finch road
Teddy William, 43 Fort street
Thomas Edward, 19 Albert street
Thomas George B., Eastfield ter
Thompson William, 3 Drinkwater st
Thornborow William, Crescent hill
Unsworth Thomas A., 16 Buck's rd
Wallace Elizabeth, 17 Buck's road
Wallace Henry, Castle Mona road
Wane Marshall, 3 Mount Pleasant
Ward William, 11 Mona street
Waterson Robert, 17 Albert street
Wattleworth Jane, 2 Christian rd
Webster Ann & Sarah,4 Taubman terrace
Whipp William, 15 Drumgold st
White Walter, 1 Derby terrace
Whitworth Jane, Goldie street
Williams Mary, 10 Queen street
Williamson Mary Ann, St. Thomas's road
Wilson Mary, Falcon terrace
Wilson Sophia, 6 Clarence terrace
Winterbottom Sarah Ann, 3 Lawn terrace
Wood William, 16 Hope street
Wright William, Hope street
Young Margaret Jane, 2 Broadway
Young William, 5 Esplanade


Cambell Edward, Fancy street
Collins Charles, Fancy street
Lynchey Andrew, Church street; h. Hanover street
Quay James, Fort street; h. 15 Hill's street
Robinson Thomas, Wellington sq


Fell James & Co., 15 Queen street
Qualtrough William, (and boat builder,) Bridge; h. Woodhouse grove


Marked + are Physicians.
+Adair J. J., (house surgeon,) Hospital, Fort street
+Bridson John, Hill's Cottage, Circular road
+Cosgrave John, Brisbane street
+Cookson George, 10 Finch road
Elliott Philip, 25 Atholl street
Eves Augustus W., 5 Prospect ter
+Fleming Maxwell, Victoria road
+Harris Sylvanus, M.D.& M.H.D., (Dr. Homoeopathic Medicine,) 8 Esplanade
Hobbs William, Derby square
Jones John T., Prospect hill
+Laird Samuel, M.D., M.R.C.P., London, L.R.C.S.E., (author of " The Glass and its Victims," and " Observations on Sanitary Reform,") 32 Buck's road
+Montford Henry, 60 Atholl st
Nelson Samuel C., Finch road
O'Reily John M., 8 Prospect ter
Ring C. P., 54 Atholl street
+Sale Thomas, Prospect hill
Scary Henry N., 50 Atholl street
+Underwood Thomas, (and surgeon to the Household,) 5 Finch road
+Vaylis Charles O., 4 Windsor ter


(See Coal, Tinder, and Wine and Spirit, die.' [merchants.)


-(See Corn Millers.)


(Marked + are Millinery Dealers and Ladies' Outfitters.)
+Brew Thomas, 47 Strand street
Cain Jane, 14 Atholl street
+Cannell Catherine, Hope street
Cannan Louisa, 34 Atholl street
Castile Jane, 10 Albert street
Christian Charlotte, 6 Albert street
Clague Ann, Fort Anne road
Colquboun Anne, 31 Finch road
Corkhill Catherine, 17 Strand st
Corkhill (Catherine) and Leece (Eleanor), 25 Buck's road
Cowley Isabella, Prospect hill; h. Fort street
+Cox (Eliza) and Matthews (Mary), 8 Strand street
Crain Ann, 12 Thomas street
Creer Jane, 15 Fort street
+Cubbon Elizabeth & Ellen Anna, 74 Atholl street
Curphey Fanny, The Bridge
+Curphey (Eliza) and Cochrane (Esther), Finch road
Davidson Esther, 9 Atholl street
Dent Ann, St. George's street
+Dodd Hannah Maria, 12 Duke st
Fell Sarah, 1 Great Nelson street; h. Hope street
Gelling Christian, Big~well street
Goldsmith Martha, Goldie street
Higgins Margaret, Church street
Kelly Anne, 28 Castle street
Kelly (Margaret) and Cowin (Esther), 48 Atholl street
+Kennaugh Catherine and Anne, Strand street
Kermode Mary, 67 Strand street
Kermode Mary Ann, 28 Strand st
Lewthwaite Margaret, North Quay
McKenna James, 7 Albert street
Quayle Margaret, Church street
+Quine Jane, 19 Wellington street
Quirk Ann and Mary, King street
Quirk Jemima, Wellington street
+Sparrow Joseph, 72 Atholl street
Taggart Isabella, 44 Atholl street
Taggart Sarah, 44 Buck's road
Wood Catherine, 21 Lord street


Bamber S. J., l Stephen terrace
Benn Richard, Finch road
Brown Richard, (piano tuner,) Wilton buildings
Green Ellen F., Rose mount
Hughes Eliza, 38 Derby square
Jackson William, (and organ builder and piano-forte tuner and repairer,) 13 Atholl street
Paton David, (piano-forte and harmonium dealer,) Harris buildings, Atholl street
Reeve David, 29 Mona street
Valentine A., 7 Prospect terrace


Craine Robert, The Tonge; h. Drinkwater street
Todhunter & Elliott, Market place


Isle of Man Times, (Saturday,) James Brown, Parade street; h. 9 Prospect terrace
Manx Sun, (Wednesday & Saturday in Summer, and Saturday in Winter,) Harriet Curphey, 13 King street; h. 40 Derby sq
Mona's Herald, (Wednesday and Saturday in Snmmer, and Wednesday in Winter,) Robt. Fargher, Wilton buildings, Duke street; h. Mona terrace
Isle of Man Weekly Advertising Circular, (Tuesday,) R. H. Johnson, Prospect hill


Protestant Institute, Prospect hill
Sailors', Pier


(See Advocates.)


Butterworth James, (dealer in oils, paints, and colours,) Prospect hill
Callister Robert, Drinkwater street
Cannell William, Castle street; h. Christian road
Clague Richard, (and decorator, and imitator of woods, marbles, &c., wholesale and retail dealer in paints, oils, colours; crown, sheet, plate, and stained glass; paper hangings, &c.,) South Quay; h. 13 Fort William
Clark George, 5 Wellington street
Corrin Edward, Wellington square
Creer Joseph, 8 Heywood place
Douglas Samuel, 43 North Quay; h. 27 Finch road
Gelling Robert, (and decorator, gilder, &c.,) Circular road
Kay and Quine, Lord street
Kay John, 23 North Quay
Morrison Charles, 53 Duke street
Nicholson William, (and gilder,) Well road hill; h. 28 Finch road
Quirk John, Edward lane; h. 32 Finch road


(See Medical Practitioners.)


Caley William, 12 Mona street
Cowell Robert, 20 Albert street
Christian John, Chester street
Hunter M, 3 North street
Magglerow Alexander, Callow place
Rason Alexander, 13 Cambridge terrace


Marked + are Brassfounders.
Clucas Thomas, Gt. Nelson street
Dawson Joseph and Son (John), 48 Strand street
Kneale James, 58 Strand street
+Moore James, Finch road; h. 37 Buck's road
Morrison Samuel, Castle street
+Smagg Frederick, Wellington st
+Thompson Charles, (and oil and lamp merchant,) Strand street
+Todhunter and Elliott, Market pl


Clucas Ann, 57 Duke street
Curphey Isabella, Wellington st
Davis Henry, 9 Duke street
Hamilton James, 61 Duke street


(See Booksellers.)


(See Grocers and Shopkeepers.)


Quiggin Edward T. & Co., The Bridge
Quiggin William, Strand street
Thompson William, Circular road; h. 3 Drinkwater street
Winram John, Fort street and Rope Walk road; h. Adelaide terrace


Cubbon Joseph,Market place; h. Sidney mount, Buck's road
Curphey John, Strand street
Harrison William, 6 Mount Have lock
Johnson Joseph, Prospect hill
Kennaugh Anne, 22 Strand street
Molyneux Samuel, 20 North Quay
Quayle Richard, North Quay


Moore William F.,Tromode Mills; h. 4 Derby terrace
Quirk Robert, 31 North Quay


Harrison John Paul, (and manufacturer of artificial manure,) Parade Steam Saw Mills; h. 2 Osborne terrace
Noble Henry B., St. George's place; h. Atholl terrace
Quiggin E. T. & Co., (and weighing machine proprietors,) The Bridge


(See Coal Merchants.)


(Marked + are Boarding.)
Barnes Mary, Mona street
Brown Amelia, Wilton buildings, Duke street
Bugg George, 60 Fort street
Catholic, Stanley mount: Margaret Dowling, mistress; h. Peel road
+Chamberlain Elizabeth, 11 Victoria terrace
Christian Margaret, St. Thomas's walk
+Cooper Ann and Frances, Mona terrace
Davies Catherine and Jane, I Albert street
Derrig Hugh, (Mem. Univ., London,) Middle School, Windsor place
Hart Julia and Sarah, 86 Derby square
Hemmings Henry V., LL.D., (professor of science and classics,) 8 Mount Havelock
INFANTS.-St. Barnabas, Fort qt.: Jane Gell, (h. 19 Strand street,) mistress. St. George's, Barrack street: Elizabeth Gill, (h. Atholl street,) teacher. St. Thomas's, Chester street: Susan Elizabeth Davis, (h. 1 Mona st,) teacher
+Kayll Mary Elizabeth and Jane Margaret, Woodbourne
Kellett Henry, 18 Stanley terrace
+McBurney Isaiah,LL.D.,F.S.A.S., &c., Atholl Academy, Crescent
McMullen James A., M.A., Glenlyon School, Castle Mona road
NATIONAL-St. Barnabas, Cattle Market street: Thomas Green, h. 3 Dalton terrace, master. St. George's, Atholl street: William Battersby, h. 4 Dalton terrace, master; and Margaret Lewin, h. Douglas Bridge, mistress
+Oman Ann, 2 Prospect terrace
+Robinson Mary, Woodville
+Rowland Emily, 1 Woodbourne mount
+Savage Ann, 83 Derby square
+Steele Alexander, Ph.D., A.M., Crescent Academy, Bay View House
+Stowell E. & B., 31 Derby square
Sutherland Patrick, Mona terrace
Sutherland M. F. & W., 39 Buck's road
+Tate Margaret, Crescent
Thomson Margaret, Finch road
Wallace Harriet, Castle Mona road
Wesleyan, Thomas street: William Cotterell and Elizabeth Davies, teachers
Wesleyan, Well road: William Parker, master
Wright Anne, Sidney street


-(See Schools )


Carlow Jane, Well road hill
Gonyer Thomas, 52, Strand street
Isdale Ann, 14 Thomas street
Keenan Diana, back Strand street


Noble Henry B., St. George's place
Spittall Alexander, Harbour Head
Quiggin E. T. & Co., The Bridge


Beckwith William, Harcroft
Clucas William, 45 North Quay
Norris John, 17, Hope street
Noble Henry B., North Quay; h. Atholl street
Spittall Alexander, New Bond st
Torrance G. & Co., North Quay


-(See also Grocers.)
Archibald Mary, Bigwell street
Bell Arthur, 21 Gt. Nelson street
Bogie John, Strand street
Bridson Ann, Gt. Nelson street
Briers John, Wellington square
Brougham John, North Quay
Bryan Margaret, Bigwell street
Cain John, Hanover street
Cain Thomas, Duke lane
Callow John, Crescent hill
Christian Isabella, Lord street
Christian John, Chester street
Christian William, 19 Atholl st
Cleator John, 1 l Drumgold street
Clucas Henry, 24 Mona street
Clague Ann, Fort Anne road
Collister Edward, 30 Fort street
Cooke Mary, Chester street
Coole Thomas, Barrack street
Cooper Alexander, South Quay
Corkill Robert, 8 St. George's st
Corlett William, Back Strand street
Cottier Robert, 2 King street
Cottle Mary, 24 King street
Cowin Robert, James street
Cowley William, Cattle Market st
Craine Ann, 6 Cattle Market street
Creer Robert, Wellington street
Crow John, 15 Hope street
Cubbon Margaret, 24 Lord street
Eastmoor Ann, Great Nelson street
Faragher John, 5 Queen street
Fitzsimmons Ann, 1 North street
Gale William, Lord street
Gill John, 3 Lord street
Hampton John, Bigwell street
Jacob Henry, 26 Castle street
Joughin James, I Drumgold street
Kaighan Jane, Fort Anne road
Karran John, New Bond street
Kelly Anne, 16 Parade street
Kelly James, St. George's walk
Kelly Thomas, Barrack street
Kermaan Thomas, 1 Queen street
Killip Eleanor, Bigwell street
Kinley Matilda, Lord street
Lockhart Robert, 8 Windsor terrace
McCallister James, 15 Great Nelson street
Moore John, 15 Heywood place
Malinger George, 9 Cattle Market street
Noy John G., 16 New Bond street
Quayle John, Strand street
Quill William, Fairy Ground
Radcliffe John, 5 North street
Sayle John Henry, 10 Atholl street
Sayle William, Bigwell street
Teare Ann, St. George's street
Teare Philip, Back Strand street
Walker Mary, Crescent
White Lawrence, Back Strand st


(See Boot and Shoe Makers.)


(See Watch Makers )


(See also Hosiers and Toy Dealers.)
Cottle Mary, King street
Kemball Edward Towers, 25 Strand street
Jacob Henry, 26 Castle street
Looney William, 65 Strand street


Graham Mary, 6 John street
Horsley Hudson, 28 King street
Qualtrough William, The Bridge; h. Woodhouse terrace


Dixon Margaret, John street
Meredith Joseph, Strand street
Roberts Thomas, 12 Fort street


(See also Builders and Joiners.)
Adams James, Buck's road
Bell William, 1 Gt. Nelson street
Cain John, Crescent hill
Caley Hugh, Cambrian place
Connall Hiram, Drinkwater street; h. 17 Market street
Corkill William, 30 Buck's road
Corlett William, Back Strand st
Cornish Robert, Circular road
Cowell Alexander, 9 Spring gardens
Creer Daniel, Falcon terrace
Kelly Philip, 7 Mona street
Kewley William, Bigwell street; h. Barrack street
Quayle John, Hope street; h. Sidney street
Quayle Thomas, 4 Mona street
Quine John, 81 Derby road
Swinnerton Charles, (and engraver, and carver of tombstones and monuments,) Finch terrace, Stanley mount; h. 60 Fort street
Ward Daniel, 70 Strand street
Waterson Robert, 17 Albert street


(See also the preceding head.)
Bell John, Fort Anne road
Benson Matthew,Crescent hill; h. Woodbourne road
Christian James, Wellington street
Crellin (Thomas) and Calow (Thomas), Crescent hill
Downward William, South Quay
Finigan John, Fort Anne road; h. Duke street
Hinds Thomas, Fort Anne road; h. Brown Bobby, Peel road
Jelly, J. J. R., South Quay
Killip Thomas, Crescent hill
Sale Philip, South Quay; h. Big well street


(See Milliners.)


(See Medical Practitioners.)


(Marked + are Gentlemen's Outfitters also.)
Cain James & Son, Kewley's lane
Cain Jonathan, 36 Atholl street
Cain Robert, 18 Duke street; h. Circular road
Cain Robert, 27 Barrack street
Cain Thomas, 2 Great George st
Cannell Joseph, 63 Duke street
Clarke George, 2 Drumgold street
Clucas James, 57 Duke street
Conner John, 20 Cattle Market st
Corlett James, Church street
Cowley Daniel, 25 Fort street
Gawn Thomas, Duke lane
Gell Robert, 19 Strand street
Gribbin Edward, Strand street
Hales James, (army and navy tailor, habit and robe maker,) 70 Strand street
Halsall James, Fancy street
Kaye Richard, 6 Lord street
Kermaan Thomas, 1 Queen street
Kewley Charles, Church street
Kewley William, Wellington st
Kinley Robert, 77 Strand street
Kneale Henry, 7 Gt. George street
Kneale James, Duke street
Morrison George, 48 Duke street; h. 53 Derby square
Skeley John, Drumgold street


Clucas William, (and soap manufacturer,) Hanover street; h. 6 Myrtle street
Hamlyn Richard, Lord street; h. 1 Goldie terrace
Kaye John, Prospect hill; h. New Bond street


Caine Thomas and Son, Well rd
Gell Robert, Cattle Market street;h. Mount Pleasant
Kennaugh Anne, 22 Strand street
Killey Philip, Cattle Market street; h. Derby square


-(See Hotels.)


(See also Grocers.)
Harris John, 53 North Quay
Richards Thomas, 15, Duke qt.;h. 15 Stanley terrace
Walker Brothers, Prospect hill


Cleator Charles, North Quay
Noble Henry B., (and Steam Saw Mills,) St. George's place and Hill's street; h. 11 Atholl ter
Quiggin E. T. and Co., Lake Timber Yard, The Bridge
Spittall Alexander, (and slate, &c.,) Harbour Head; h. Laurisco i
Torrance G. & Co., North Quay


Marked + are Manufacturers.
Askew William Edmund, Wellington street
+Blore William, North Quay
Fieldwick Henry, 36 Duke street
+Gelling Edward and Co., Duke street; h. Harris terrace
Kirk Sarah, back Castle Mona lawn
+Laurence Henry, 11 Duke street
+Quirk Mary, 59 Duke street; h. 7 Wellington street
Saqui Joseph, Prospect hill
Walker Brothers, (and tea dealers,) Prospect hill
Warburton Richard, 3 Strand street
Warburton Samuel, 56 North Quay
+Warburton William, (and spirit merchant,) 8 Duke street


Bregazzi Sebastian, 68 Atholl st
Broughton Samuel, 33 Duke street
Houseman Eliza, 50 Strand street
Kemball Edward Towers, 25 Strand street
Knapp William, Prospect hill
Looney William, 55 Strand street
Strains Eliza and Frances, 18
Castle street
Webb Samuel, 32 Duke street
Welsh Anthony, 50 Duke street
Welsh John, 58 and 59 Drury st


Johnson Joseph, Prospect hill
Kelly Robert, Wellington street
Magee Nicholas, 49 Strand street


(See Wood Turners.)


Fairhurst Thomas, (and wire worker and grinder,) 54 Strand street
Gardiner John, Church street


Burbage John Henry, Mount Havelock
Faichney John, (and inspector for Norfolk Farmers' Cattle Insurance Society,) North Quay
Taylor Peter, 1 Broadway


(Also Jewellers & Goldsmiths.)
Brown Thomas, 4 Duke street
Clucas William, 45 North Quay
Goldsmith Thomas, 8 Great Nelson
Goldsmith William, 20 Duke st
Lemon A. & M., Duke street
Muncaster George, 16 Duke street
Muncaster William, 22, Duke st


Jelly Richard, King street
Lewin Edward, (shipsmith,) The Bridge
Lewthwaite John, (and edge tool and scale beam maker, and iron turner and borer,) North Quay; h. l Bigwell street
Milburn & Dixon, (and locksmiths, bell hangers, and kitchen range manufacturers,) 7 Fort street
Smagg Frederick, Wellington st
Wright David, 37 Strand street


(See also Grocers.)
Amery Robert, Prospect lane
Clucas Henry, 64 Strand street
Harris John, 53 North Quay
Heron George, (and agent to Allsopp & Son, and Barclay, Perkins, & Co.,) Castle street
Hogg & Co., North Quay
Noble Henry Bloom, North Quay; h. Atholl terrace
Spittall Alexander, (and seed merchant,)4 New Bond street; h. Lauriston
Torrance G. & Co., North Quay, and Queen street


Christian Robert, St. George's walk
Cubbon William, Prospect hill; h 19 Buck's road
Qualtrough William, The Bridge
Teare Thomas, Queen street


(See also Braddan and Onchan Directories.)
Forster George, 3 Atholl street, and Onchan


From the Market Place.
To Castletown, daily, at 10 a.m.; William Kelly, Royal Hotel yard, proprietor
To Castletown, daily, at 4p.m.; Thomas Coole, Castletown, proprietor
To Peel, daily, at 10 a.m.; William Kelly, Royal Hotel yard, proprietor
To Peel, daily, at 4 p m.; William Johnson, Peel, proprietor
To Ramsey, daily, at 8 a.m.; Thos. Smyth, Fort street, proprietor
To Ramsey, daily, at 4 p.m.; Jas. Crowe, Ramsey, proprietor


Steam Packets.
To Dublin, The Queen or Princess Alice, once or twice a-week; W. Berey, North Quay, agent
To Liverpool, The Tynwald or Mona's Queen, daily, at 9 a.m. in summer, and three or four times per week, according to tide, in winter; E. Moore, agent
To Ramsey, The Mona's Isle, every Friday, according to tide.
To Whitehaven, The Queen or Princess Alice, once or twice a week; W. Berey, North Quay, agent


To Glasgow, The Christiana and William, every three weeks; G. Torrance & Co., owners
To London, The Bessie, during the summer months; G. Torrance & Co., owners


Castletown, Richard Cavendish, daily, from Quay
Peel, Kneale & Kennedy, daily
Ramsey, Daugherty, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


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