[From Thwaite's Directory 1863]


POST OFFICE, Atholl Street.-Miss E. J. Macadam, Postmistress. Letters arrive from all parts of the island at 8 am., and are despatched at 5.15 p.m. Letters arrive and are despatched to England, daily in Summer; four times a week in Spring and Autumn; and three times a week in Winter. The times of arrivals and despatches are regulated according to the arrival and departure of the Steamers. There are Branch Offices at Robert Cain's, 18, Duke Street; John Clague's, Castle Mona Lawn; and George M. Jones's, Crescent Hill. There is also a Pillar Letter Box at Osborne Terrace, Windsor Park.



Consisting of the Names of the Gentry, Clergy, Partners in firms and others not inserted in the Classified List of Trades and Professions

Abbott General Augustus, Strathallan park
Abbott Miss Sarah Eliza, 10 Atholl terrace
Adair J. J., house Burgeon, Hospital, Fort street
Adamson Lawrence, Esq., Seneschal, Court House; h. Clifton
Airey Rev. Robert, Curate of St. George's, 10 Myrtle street
Anderson Misses Ann, Margaret, and Georgiana, Victoria road
Andrews Thomas, gentleman, 2 Adelaide terrace
Archer Robert, draper, ( Quine and A. ;) h. Mona terrace
Archibald George, ship builder, (j)12 South Quay
Armstrong Mrs., Strathallan park
Arrowsmith Mrs. Charlotte, 7 Woodside terrace
Ashburner John Thomas, gentleman, Eastfield
Ashburner Robert, gentleman, 5 Strathallan crescent
Atkin Robert, chief boatman, Coast Guard, South Quay

Bailey Miss Rebecca S., 4 Windsor terrace
Ball Henry, gentleman, 12 West view
Barker Mrs. Ann Margaret, 42 Atholl street
Barron Adeodatus Anthony, Esq., Woodbourne avenue, Derby rd
Baxter Charles, gentleman, 9 Harris terrace
Beale Sergeant William, Coast Brigade, R.A., 19 Christian rd
Bell Lieut. Samuel, Woodbourne avenue
Benwell Col. James, 14 Derby sq
Beves George, electro-plater and gilder, 22 Duke street
Bluett Mrs. Mary, 52 Atholl st
Bolton Henry, town missionary, 2 Drinkwater street
Bordam Miss Jane, Albert terrace
Bostock J. W. M., gentleman, Crescent hill
Bowman John, assistant chemist, Park view
Boyd George William, gentleman, 4 Osborne terrace
Bradley Mrs. Catherine R., 10 Strathallan crescent
Bridges Rev. Thomas, (Catholic,) Hill's street
Bridson Mrs. Isabella, Edward ter
Bridson Misses M. A. and S., 29 Atholl street
Bridson Paul, gentleman, 29 Atholl street
Bridson Philip, managing miller: South Quay
Bridson Robert, French polisher, Goldie street
Bridson Thomas, gentleman, Hill's house, Circular road
Bromehead Mrs. Susan, Derby road
Broughton William, gentleman, 4 Rose mount
Brown Mrs. Dorothy, 11 Stanley terrace
Brown Capt. George C., 5 Sidney street
Brown John A., reporter, (Times,) Woodhouse ter., South Quay
Brown Mr. Michael Patrick, Mona street
Brown Mr. William, Derby road
Bruce Robert, gentleman, 12 Cambridge terrace
Burman James, Esq., F.R.A.S., secretary to Lieut. Governor, 3 Windsor terrace
Burness Thomas, managing tanner, 16 Castle street
Butler Thomas, gentleman, Albert terrace

Cain John, assistant tanner, Frederick street
Cain Mr. Robert, Woodside terrace
Cain Thomas, tanner, &c. (C. Thos. & Son;) h. 18 Finch road
Caley Robert, joiner, (C. Gelling ;) h. Caley's ct., Barrack st
Callow Mr. Sylvester, Circular rd
Callow Thomas, foreman, South Quay
Callow Thomas Cheslyn, advocate, Archdeacon's official, commissioner to take affidavits in English Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, and agent to the Impropriate Trust Fund, (C. and Spittall ;) h. 4 Mona terrace
Callow William, foreman cabinet maker, 8 Auckland grove
Campbell Mrs. Maria, West view
Cannell Rev. John, chaplain, St. Matthew's, 4 Auckland terrace
Cannell Mr. John, 2 St. Barnabas square
Cannell John, coach painter, 26 Atholl street
Caraw Mrs. Rebecca, 15 Buck's rd
Carden Rev. Robert A., assistant chaplain of St. Thomas', 4 Clarence terrace
Career Mrs. Margaret, 2 Albert st
Carr Rev. James, (Catholic,) Hill's street
Cartmail Major Joseph, 13 Derby square
Casey Mrs. Mary Ann, Rope walk road
Cavendish Richard, carrier, St. George's walk
Cheator Rev. John, (Independent,) 33 Buck's road
Chippendall Mrs. Charlotte, M.D., 45 Buck's road
Christian Mrs. Catherine, 8 Hope street
Christian Mrs. Elizabeth, Brisbane street
Christian Mrs. Jane, Buck's road
Christian John, superintendent of House of Industry
Clague Mrs. Elizabeth, Wesley ter
Clague John, harbour master,North Quay; h. Harris lane
Clare Mr., I{Knutsford place
Clark Mr. Thomas, Strand street
Clark-Kennedy Mrs. Harriet, Victoria road
Clarke Mrs. Ann, Woodville
Clarke Archibald, grocer, &c. (C. A. & Son ;) h. 15 King street
Clark Archibald,jun., bank cashier, 7 Rose mount
Clarke William, grocer, &c. (C. A. & Son ;) h. 5 Atholl terrace
Claxton Mrs. Eliza, 3 Albert ter
Cleland Rev. James, (Presbyterian,) Finch road
Clucas Mrs. E. R., 9 Mount Pleasant
Clucas John, Esq., 2 Prospect ter
Coast Guard Station, South Quay: Colin Wm. Lindsay, inspecting lieutenant; and Robert Atkin, chief boatman in charge
Cochrane Mr. Robert, 14 St. George's street
Coffin Colonel Seabright S., 6 Windsor terrace
Collins Mr. Thomas, Netherfield Cottage, Victoria road
Cooke James, agent for Wheeler and Wilson's and other severing machines, 62 Atholl street; h. 4 Albion terrace
Coole Miss, matron, Hospital, Fort street
Cooper Mr. Joseph, Marion terrace
Corlett Thomas, master mariner, 15 Mona street
Corran Mrs. Jane, Rose mount
Corran Mr. Richard, Cattle Market street
Cosnahan Mr. James, 36 Fort st
Cottier Mr. John, Barrack street
Cowin Mr. James, 9 Hope street
Cowin William, managing hatter, Duke street
Cowle Thomas, carter, Athol st
Cowley John, bookkeeper, Wesley terrace
Cowley Matthias, master mariner, King street
Cox Richard, gentleman, 37 Derby square
Craine Charles, clerk to Town Commissioners, St. Barnabas square; h. Thomas street
Craine Paul, blacksmith, (j.) Wellington square
Crebbin George, gentleman, 3 Osborne terrace
Crebbin Lewis, gentleman, 35 Duke street
Crier Mr. John, Christian road
Crier Mr. Thomas, 29 Buck's road
Crofton Mrs. Margaret J. 1~., Rose mount
Cromie Rev. William, Victoria rd
Cross Miss Isabella, 3 Cambridge terrace
Cubbin Moore Thomas, Esq., Strathallan park
Cubbin William H., Esq., Strathallan park
Cubbon Henry, joiner, Buck's rd
Cubbon William, cabinet maker, (Curphey & C. ;) h. Prospect hill
Curphey Mrs. Esther 1~., 7 Windsor terrace
Curphey Mr. John, 6 Thomas st
Curphey John, scripture reader, Buck's road
Curphey Thomas, cabinet maker, (C'. & Cubbon ;) h. 25 Finch rd
Curphey William, gentleman, Woodbourne terrace
Curphey William, ship carpenter, Bridge

Davis Capt. Frederick, Brisbane street
De Chair Mrs. Margaret, 6 Adelaide terrace
Denny Mrs. Henrietta C., 2 Stanley terrace
De Ruvignes Henry, gentleman, 2 Cambridge terrace
Devine Richard, furniture broker, Noble's court
Dilks Rev. Thomas T., (Wesleyan,) l Cambridge terrace
Dixon Isaac, whitesmith, (Milburn & D. ;) h. 7 Fort street
Dixon William, bookkeeper, Dalton terrace
Dockeray Joseph, ship's mate, Cattle Market street
D'Ousley Richard S., collector of Customs, 56 Derby square
Duff James, gardener, Nunnery
Duff Mr. William, 8 Atholl street
Dumbell George William, Esq., banker, (D., Son, & Howard;) h. Belmont
Duncan George, gentleman, 51 Derby square
Dundee Mrs. Horatia M., West view
Dutton Miss Jane, 95 Derby sq
Duyshart Pietr Johannes, secretary Isle of Man Telegraph Company, 64. Atholl street
Dyer Mrs., 9 Esplanade
Dyett Capt. Walter N., 5 Woodside terrace
Dyson William Henry, gentleman, 6 Osborne terrace

Earl William, gentleman, 39 Derby square
Edgley Miss Mary Ann, 2 Rose mount
Elliott Anthony, ironmonger,(Todhunter & E.) Market place
Ellis Lister, gentleman, Crescent
Emmerson Mrs. Anne, 5 Harris ter
Ettrick John, gentleman, 12 Victoria terrace
Evans Captain Edward, 2 Mount Havelock

Fairclough Col. James William, Strathallan crescent
Falconar Col. George Augustus H., Strathallan crescent -
Fanshawe Major Billiard William Henry, 22 Derby square
Faragher John, printer, Stephen ter
Faragher J., printer, 2 Oxford st
Fell Miss Ann, 8 West view
Fell William,ship's mate, 13 Parade street
Fawcett James, gentleman, 8 Victoria terrace
Fitter Mr. William, Mona street
Fleetwood Edward Caryl, Esq., Alybeton Lodye
Foote Mrs. Emily, 10 Esplanade
Forrester Walter, M.A., gentleman, Derby square
Foster John, gentleman, 52 Derby square

Gall Mrs. Marian, 42 Buck's road
Gardener Peter, gentleman, Eastfield
Garrett Henry Bell, Esq, 5 Windsor terrace
Gawthorp Mrs. Katherine, Strathallan park
Gell Mr. Thomas, 6 Cambridge terrace
Gelling Robert, assistant harbour master, 4 Auckland grove
Gelling Robert,tide waiter,2 Myrtle street
Gelling Thomas, joiner, (Carey & G. ;) h. Wellington street
Gibson John D. T., (H.M. Civil service,) Alpine terrace, Strathallan park
Gibson & Richards, manufacturing chemists; stores, Lord st.; works, Ramsey
Gibson Thomas David, bookkeeper, Woodbourne avenue
Gick Mr. Henry, 17 South Quay
Gill Mrs. Elizabeth, Ivy terrace, Strathallan park
Gill Capt. Henry, Rose mount
Gillespie Major General Henry James, 4 Woodside terrace
Gillow Rev. Thomas, (Catholic,) Hill's street
Gold John, manufacturer of fishing tackle, bird and animal preserver, dealer in sea anemones, &c., 8 Castle street; h. 5 Clarence terrace
Goldie Capt. Alexander T., Hermitage
Goldsmith John, secretary to Gas Company, South Quay; h. 4 Albert terrace
Grace Miss E., South Quay
Gracey Margaret, matron, Ladies' Soup Dispensary, Fort street
Graham Mrs. Eliza Oliver, Strathallan crescent
Graham Mr Robert, 9 Drintwater street
Graham Miss Sophia, 6 Windsor terrace
Graham William, gent.,West view
Grave Miss Susan, 18 Christian rd
Gray Rev. Joseph Henry, M.A., incumbent of St. Barnabas', Christian road
Gray Mrs. Susan, 7 Harris terrace
Green Mr. Henry B., Rose mount
Green Miss Mary, 4 Stanley tet
Greer Mr. James, 9 Victoria place
Greetham Mary Ann, Derby square
Grieves Thomas, gentleman, 4 Victoria terrace
Grime Major James, 54 Derby sq
Grifiths Lieut.-Col. John, 5 Mona terrace
Grosvenor Mr. Samuel, Crescent
Guise Col. John, Alpine terrace, Strathallan park

Hall Mrs., 17 Finch road
Halson Philip, lobe spur., Wesley terrace
Hampton Mr. George, South Quay
Harris Joseph, spirit merchant; h. 3 Auckland terrace
Harrison Joseph R., gentleman, 1 Rose mount
Hart Capt William, 86 Derby square
Harwood Mrs. Mary, Finch Hill Cottage
Hawley Rev. William, chaplain, St. George's; Mona terrace
Hayland Mr. John, 4 Hope street
Hawks Edward, gentleman, Crescent
Hay Mrs. Sarah Ann, 1 Albion ter
Helsham Arthur Henry, gentleman, 16 Stanley terrace
Hemmings Henry Vane, LL.D., professor of science and classics, 8 Mount Havelock
Herschfeld P. C., teacher of German, Albert terrace
Heath Mrs. George, Ballaquayle Cottage
Hetherington Miss Catherine, 10 Windsor terrace
Henry John, collector, water rents, 28 Atholl street
Hewitson John, master mariner, 4 Myrtle street
Higgins Mrs. Mary Ann, 12 Windsor terrace
Hinds Mrs. Margaret, 3 Esplanade
Hogg Eleanor, brewer, (Hogg and Co.); h. North Quay
Hogg Thomas, turncock, Water Works Company, 2 Myrtle street
Horsley John S. book-keeper, Edward terrace
Houseman George, auctioneer, (Spurr & Houseman ;) h. Atholl street
Howard Lewis G., Esq., banker, (Dumbell, Son, & H. ;) h. Rose Lodge, Eastfield
Hughes Mrs. Susannah, 24 Buck's road
Hunter William, Esq., Derby Castle
Hussey John, furniture broker, John street

Ibram Miss Ellen, 6 Albion terrace
Ilbery Josiah James, gentleman, 3 Woodside terrace
Innes James, gentleman, Woodville
Irwin John P., gentleman, Falcon terrace
Isdale William, chief clerk, Post Office, 34 Finch road
Isle of Man Mining Company's Stores, South Quay: — William Kelly, and Daniel Craine, store keepers
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's Office, the Pier: — Edward Moore, secretary and agent
Isle of Man Telegraph Company's Office, 64 Atholl street: — P. J. Duyshart, secretary

Jackson Edwin Sindys, gentleman, Crescent hill
Jackson Frederick S., gentleman, 1 Marion terrace
Jackson Lieut.-Col. James, 1 Lawn terrace
Jackson James, gentleman, 2 Clarence terrace
Jackson John S., bank manager, Buck's road
Jefferson John, C.E., secretary and engineer,WaterWorks Company, 28 Atholl street; h. 21 Derby sq
Jenkins Mrs., Crescent
Johnson Edmund, brewers' travellr. Falcon terrace
Jones Mrs. Catherine, 12 Finch rd
Jones Mrs. Jane, 6 Spring gardens
Joughin Joseph, master mariner, 22 Buck's road
Joughin Thomas F., master mariner, Derby terrace
Joule John, Esq., Eden villa, Crescent

Karran John James, bank accountant, 34, Buck's road
Kay Charles, joiner, Lord street
Kay James, printer, (I) Chester st
Kay Margaret, laundress, Wesley terrace
Kay Robert, painter, (E. & Quine;) h. Thomas street
Kaye John C., tallow chandler, 22 North Quay
Kelly E. & S., Temperance Hotel, North Quay
Kelly Edward, town crier, 25 Cattle Market street
Kelly James John, gentleman, 5 Rose mount
Kelly John, carter, Drumgold st
Kelly John Charles, grocer, (Williams and Kelly;) h. 6 Great George street
Kelly Mrs. Sarah, Peel road
Kelly Miss Susan, 85 Derby sq
Kelly William, wheelwright, Big well street
Kenrick Mrs. Jane Mary, 6 Atholl terrace
Kermode John, master mariner, I Victoria terrace
Kewley Mr. John, 13 Windsor ter
Kidd Rev. George, (Primitive Methodist,) 21 Buck's road
Killey James,Parish Clerk of Braddan, 14 Hill street
King Colonel Henry, Brisbane st
King Frederick and Son, preservers of potatoes, SouthQuay: James Wilkins, manager
Kirkby Mrs. Sophia, 5 Adelaide ter
Kirkham Mrs.Apphia,28 Buck's rd
Kneal Daniel, manager, Gas Works
Kneal Edward, draper, (Kneel and Teare ;) h. 4 Harris terrace

Labarte J. B., gentleman, 6 Harris terrace
Lamb Colonel William, Victoria road
Lancaster William, Esq., Raven's Cliffe
Langton Rev. Thomas H., 8 Finch road
Leay Peter, gentleman, Strathallan crescent
Lee Misses, Crescent
Lenin Mrs. Janet, :3, Marina ter
Lewin John, engineer, 1 Dalton terrace
Lewin Robert, foreman shoemaker, Wesley terrace
Lewin William, master mariner, Church street
Lewis Mr. Wm., 1 Victoria
Limond Mr. James, 2 Auckland grove
Lindsey Colin William, inspecting lieutenant,Coast Guards 2Auckland terrace
Liset Mrs., 5, Myrtle street
Little James, clerk, Seneschal lane
Lloyd Colonel H. H., 15 Fort William
Lockwood William, gentleman, 6 Oxford street
Lord Hiram, traveller, 6 Cambridge terrace
Lowe Alexander Duff, professor of dancing, calisthenics, and deportment, (Lowe's Assembly Rooms,) Finch terrace; h. 3 Victoria ter
Lupton William, gentleman, Derby square
Lynch Mr. Francis, Victoria road
Lyon Mr. John, 6 Victoria place

Macadam Miss E. J., postmistress, Atholl street
Macartney Miss Frances, 5 Albion terrace
Mackay Mrs. Cecilia, 2 Victoria pl
Mackenzie Mr. James, 6 Spring gardens
Mackenzie Mrs. Jane, 74 Derby rd
Mackenzie Rev. William, Strathallan park
Mackeson Henry S., surgeon accoucheur, 8 Albert street
Main Mrs. Rachel, Wilton buildings, Duke street
Mansfield Mrs. Henrietta, 15 West view
Madrall Mrs. E., West view
Maguire Hugh, gentleman, 93 Derby square
Martin Mrs. Polesena, 4 Finch rd
Mayle Henry, 11 Finch road
McCallom George A., clerk, Customs' House, 40 Oxford street
McCallum Mr. Donald, Windsor terrace
McCarthy Mrs. E., 9 Monut pleasant
McFarlane Mr. William, 6 Auckland terrace
McIntosh Andrew, gentleman, Victoria road
McQueen Alexander, master mariner, 5, Taubman terrace
Mehew Mr. William, 1 Auckland grove
Milburn Isaac, whitesmith, (Milburn & Dixon ;) h. 7 Fort street
Milburn James Briden, brewer &c., (Hogg & Co. ;) h. North Quay
Mitchell Miss Anna Maria, Ivy terrace, Strathallan park
Moffatt Mrs. Ann, 7, Finch road
Moffatt Mr. Thomas, Park New
Moore George, gentleman, 5 Victoria terrace
Moore, Miss Catherine, 5, Stanley terrace
Moore Misses Catherine and Emma, 27 Buck's road
Moore Edward, secretary and agent to Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, Pier; h. 32 Derby square
Moore Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Spring gardens
Moore Miss F. A., Derby road
Moore Miss Margaret,Woodbourne terrace
Moore Mr. Thomas, Derby road
Moore Mr. William, Buck's road
Motley Thomas, gentleman, 9 Stanley terrace
Mundell Richard, draper, (Spence and M. ;) h. 4 Goldie terrace
Murray Hon. Mrs. Col., Merina terrace
Mutual Ventilation and Sanitary Improvement Company, Prospect hill:-John Skottowe, agent
Mylrea Thomas, joiner, 2 Dalton terrace

Naylor Joseph, gentleman, 2 Wood side terrace
Nelson William F., gentleman, Woodville
Newton Mrs. Margaret Mary, 90 Derby square
Nicholl Mrs. Sarah, 3 Albion ter
Nicholson William S., gentleman, Alpine terrace, Strathallan park

Oates Mrs. Mary, Atholl street
Okell Mrs. Margaret, Falcon cliff, Mount Falcon
Oliver R. J., gentleman, Woodville
Orme John Ormsby, gentleman, Strathallan crescent
Ormerod Mrs. Mary, Mount Falcon
Ormsby Mrs. Frances, 92 Derby square
Otoola Capt. John, Woodville
Owen Miss Harriet, Rose mount

Park Margaret, midwife, Callow pl
Parkes John,mastermariner, Rope Walk road
Parr Capt. Robert, Summer hill
Parr Mr. William, 8 Victoria pl
Partridge Rev. Thomas, Derby sq
Patterson Andrew. T. gentleman, 2 Goldie terrace
Pearson Edwin, master mariner, 38 Buck's road
Peddle Mrs. Eliza, 2 Windsor ter
Perston Matthew, gentleman, West view
Phillott Lieut.-Col. Henry Rodney, Mona Cottage
Place Isaac, ferryman, South Quay
Pollock Major Samuel, J.P. and Captain of Onchan, Strathallan House
Pollock Major William P., Strathallan House
Porter Mrs. Mary, Well road hill
Probyn Capt. Thomas, 1 Windsor terrace
Proctor William, letter carrier, Castle Mona road

Quaye Mr. Thomas, 3 King street
Quayle Mrs. Ann, Buck's road
Quayle Mrs. Catherine, Church st
Quayle Mr. Robert, 55 Derby sq
Quilliam Mr. Richard, master mariner, 6 Thomas street
Quine Mrs. Elizabeth, Sidney st
Quine John, tide waiter, 1 St. Barnabas square
Quine Robert, customs' officer, Buck's road
Quine Thomas, draper, (Q. and Archer ;) h. 1 Prospect terrace
Quilleash John, land surveyor, 10 Hope street
Quirk Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Wellington street
Quirk Richard, Esq.. Receiver General, North Quay; h. St. Barnabas square
Quirk Robert C., Esq., Atholl st
Quirk Mr. Thomas, Lord street

Radcliffe John, gentleman, 9 Cambridge terrace
Ramsey Mrs. Catherine, 4 Prospect terrace
Rand Major George, 6 Woodside terrace
Rawlstone Mr. Samuel, 2 Spring gardens
Reed Arthur, gentleman, 49 Derby square
Reed Mrs. Harriet, 48 Derby sq
Rhodes Joseph, gentleman, Mona terrace
Richardson Robert, bookkeeper, 23 Derby square
Roberts Mark, weigh machine proprietor, North Quay
Robertson Mr. Charles, 13 Mona st
Robinson Henry, joiner,(R. Henry and John ;) h. 33 Finch road
Robinson John, joiner, (R. Henry and John,) and architect; h. 2 Victoria terrace
Robinson Mrs. Ellen, 6 Goldie ter
Rogers Robert, miller, &c. (White side H. & Co.;) h. Nunnery, Braddan
Roskell Mr. John, master mariner, Mona terrace
Roskell Joseph, agent for " White Star Line of Australian Packets," 12 Fort William
Rowley Mrs. Elizabeth, Strathallan crescent
Russell David, Wesleyan missionary, 10 Cambridge terrace
Rylands John, gentlemen, 13 Stanley terrace

St. Amour Mrs. Rebecca, 6 Auckland grove
Sayle John, chief constable, Court House
Sayle William, gentleman, Woodbourne terrace
Scaddan Mr. James, l Spring gardens
Scott Mrs. Eliza, 80, Derby road
Seater Lieut. James, West view
Sellers Samuel, gentleman, 10 Prospect terrace
Sharp Robert, letter carrier, 31 Buck's road
Shaw William, naval instructor, 1 Adelaide terrace
Sherlock Mr. John, 3 Elaywood place
Sherwood Mrs. Elizabeth, Fort st
Shimmin Robert, bank cashier, Circular road
Shum Lieut.-Col. Henry, Merina terrace
Simpson Mr. Philip, 6 Hill street
Simpson Rev. Samuel, incumbent of St. Thomas', Coroner's road
Simpson Richard, Esq., (J.P.,) Cliff
Skillicorn Joseph, master mariner, Market place
Skottowe John, agent to the Mutual Ventilation and Sanitary Improvement Company, Prospect hill; h. Onchan
Smith Ebenezer George, gentleman, 76 Derby road
Smith Rev. Samuel, (Primitive Methodist,) 23 Atholl street
Smith Mr., 1 Taubman terrace
Southwell Henry, gentleman, 11 West view
Spence John, draper, (S. & Mundell ;) h. Broadway
Spittall James, advocate and barrister-at law, secretary to the Isle of Man Bank for Savings, and to the Committee of Highways, and commissioner to take affidavits in English Courts of Chancery, (Callow & S. ;) h Sunnyside
Spurr William Henry, auctioneer, &c., (S. and Houseman ;) h Atholl street
Staveley Mr. John James, 26 Buck's road
Steele-Nicholson Mrs. Isabella, 14 West view
Steffanoni Mrs. Sophia Elizabeth, 7 Prospect terrace
Stephen Mrs. Ellen, Stephen ter
Stephen Rev. George C., Brisbane street
Stephenson John, clerk of St. Matthew's, 5 Mucklesgate
Stewart Capt. Robert, 8 Stanley terrace
Stewart William, gentleman, 89 Derby square
Stowell Misses A., E., & J., Eastfield
Stovrell Miss Catherine, 1 Auckland terrace
Stuart Hugh Lindsay, gentleman, Mona street
Suter Henry, gentleman, 5 Auckland terrace
Sutherland Alexander, fishery officer, 39 Buck's road
Swarbreck James M., gentleman, Crescent hill

Tabbner James, gentleman, Strathallan park
Taggart William, upholsterer, 3 Mucklesgate
Talbot Mr. James, Crescent Hill
Talbot Rev. John, (Wesleyan,) 8 Harris terrace
Tallan Mrs. Ann, 3 Rose mount
Tarlton Mr., 41 Buck's road
Tate Mary Ann, teacher of drawing, Derby road
Tattersall Mr. John Henry, 16 Finch road
Taubman Edward, basket maker, 55 Strand street
Taubman John Senhouse Goldie, Esq., Nunnery
Taylor Mr Aldwell Charles, 1 Mona terrace
Taylor Mrs. Charlotte, 50 Derby sq
Taylor Samuel, gentleman, 20 Christian road
Teare George, newspaper reporter, Wesley terrace
Teare Thomas, draper, (Kneale & T. ;) h. 19 Duke street
Teare Robert, packet engineer, 21 Atholl street
Temple Charles, gentleman, Strathallan crescent
Thomas James, gentleman, Albert terrace
Tighe Mrs. Eliza Sarah, Strathallan crescent
Timperley Miss Ann, Derby road
Tindall Mr. John, Windsor terrace
Todd Suetoneus, gentleman, 13 Finch road
Todhunter William, ironmonger, (T. & Elliott ;) h, 4 Brisbane st
Tomes Captain Richard, 2 Atholl terrace
Tomlinson John, gentleman, 7 Victoria terrace
Tootall Thomas, gentleman, 11 Harris terrace
Torrance Gilbert, spirit, &c. merchant, (Torrance G. & Co. ;) h. North Quay
Torrance Joseph, spirit merchant, (T. G. & Co. ;) h. Peel road
Town Commissioners'Offiice, St. Barnabas square
Trequair Mr. George, Brisbane st
Trustrum George, gentleman, Brisbane street
Turner Lieutenant Thomas, 96 Derby square
Tuton Richard, gentleman, 10 Stanley terrace
Twigg James, gentleman, 7 Stanley terrace

Vaughan Mrs. Isabella, 6 Brisbane street

Wackerbarth John Henry, gentle man, 1 Osborne terrace
Wainwright Richard, slate and Bag merchant, l l Cambridge ter
Walker Robert, tea and tobacco merchant, (Walker Brothers ;) h. Atholl street
Walton George, gentleman, 2 Taubman terrace
Ward Mrs. Frances, 7 Auckland grove
Waterworks Company's Office, 28 Atholl street:-John Jefferson, C.E., secretary and engineer
Wearer Richard J., examining officer,&c., Customs, the Pier; h. Marine Cottage
Webster William, gentleman, 10 Victoria terrace
Weekes Capt. William B., South Quay
Weston Matthew, gentleman, Eastfield
Wheatley Mrs. Jane, 14, Fort William
Whitaker Miss Louisa, 7 Victoria place
Whitehead Mr. Richard, 5 Auckland grove
Whiteside Henry, miller, &c., (W. H. & Co. ;) h. Atholl terrace
Whitlock Mrs. Charlotte, Victoria road
Wilkins James, manager, South Quay
Williams Mr. David, back Stanley terrace
Williams Edward, grocer, (W. & Kelly;) h. 11 King Street
Willson Colonel James E., 84 Derby square
Wilme Fletcher, gentleman, 7 Auckland terrace
Willmott Mrs. Mary, 14 Stanley terrace
Wilson Capt. John S., 4 Marina ter
Wilson Thomas, Esq., Harold tower
Wilton Major John, 2 Marina ter
Wiltshire John, cork manufacturer, 7 Drumgold street
Windle Rev. John Shepherd, 77 Derby road
Wingrave Mr. John, Circular road
Wood Lieutenant George H., Falcon terrace
Wood Rev. George, (Wesleyan,) 8 Harris terrace
Wood George, superintendent of reading room, Prospect hill; h. St. George's street
Wood George, advocate's clerk, Atholl street
Wood James, tailor, Wesley terrace
Wood John, gentleman, 87 Derby square
Woods William, gentleman, 17 Stanley terrace
Worrall James, rope spinner, 9 Windsor terrace
Wright Mrs. Jane, 3, Stephen ter

Yeoward Richard, gentleman, Strathallan crescent



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