[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


Rushen, in the sheading of its own name, forme the south-western extremity of the island. It is bounded on the east by Arbory, on the south and west by the sea, and on the north by Patrick, and in about 4½ miles long and 1½ miles broad. The parish church is four miles west from Castletown, about in the centre of the parish. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. F. F. Tracey. There are also places of worship for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists

Anderson Joseph, farmer, Balnabow

Barkell John, agent, Ballacorkish
Beever Frederick, joiner Four roads
Bridson Thos., tailor, Ballacreggan
Brown Rev. Blundell, curate

Christian Richard, tailor, Little Mill
Clague Allen, farmer, Surby
Clague Charles, farmer, Surby
Collister Edward, bootmaker, Howe
Collister Wm., farmer, Howe
Cooil Frederick, farmer, Bradda
Cooil James, farmer, Bradda
Corlett John, corn miller, Little Mill
Corrin Edward, farmer, Fistard
Corrin Thos., mason, Cregneish
Corrin Wm., farmer, Scard
Corris Wm., farmer, Scollaby
Costain Edward, joiner, Surby
Costain James, builder, Kentraugh
Costain Richard, blacksmith, Ballagawne
Costain Richard, tailer, Level
Crebbin Patrick, farmer, Glenchass
Crebbin Thos., farmer, Ballacrink
Crebbin Wm., farmer, Cregneish
Cubbon John, gardener and seedsman, Ballagawne
Cubbon Wm., grocer, Level

Davidson Alexander and Wm., blacksmiths, Four roads

Gale Edward, baker, Ballakilpheric
Gale Henry, farmer, Ballavear
Gale John, farmer, Stand hill
Gale John, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Gale Thos. mason, Strugan Snail
Gale Thos, farmer, Pistard
Garrett James, joiner, Kentraugh
Grose Walter H., Level inn, Level

Hudson Edward. farmer, Ballagale
Hudson James, boilermaker, Ballapherson

Kegg John, farmer, Ballacorkish
Kegg Wm., bootmeker, Kirkie
Kegg Wm., watchmaker, Kirkie.
Keggeen Wm., farmer, Howe
Kelly Henry, farmer, Ballaqueeney
Kelly John, bootmaker Kirkie
Kelly John, farmer, Kirkie
Kermode John, farmer, Ballagale
Kinnish John, farmer, Seard
Kinnish Thos., farmer. Mount Gawne
Kinley John, farmery Ballakillowey
Kinley Wm., farmer, Kirkie
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballarhenny
Kneen Richard, farmer, Cross-e-Caley
Kneen Thos., farmer, Level
Kneen Wm., farmer, Ballacreggan

Lace Ambrose, seed merchant. Kentraugh
Lace Thomas, farmer, Mount Gawne
Lowey James, farmer, Kirkie
Lowey John, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Lowey Wm., farmer, The Sound

Madrell Edward, bootmaker Ballabane
Maddrell Joseph farmer, Ballahane
Mellews Garland, oil merchant Ballakillowey
Moore John, farmer, Ballahane
Moore John, farmer, Yon's quarter
Moore Robert, farmer and joiner, Ballapherson
Moore Thee., farmer, Howe
Moore Wm., farmer, Ballacrink
Morrison Daniel, tailor, Mount Gawne

Preston Wm. and Richard, farmers, Ballaourry

Qualtrough Edward, farmer, Surby
Quallrough Mrs., Shore inn, Kentraugh
Qualtrough Thos., farmer, Kentraugh
Qualtrough Wm. farmer, Ballagale
Quayle Edward, farmer Kirkie,

Sansbury John, farmer, Ballacrink

Taubman Thos., farmer, Cregneish
Taylor James, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Taylor Wm., blacksmith, Four roads
Tracey Rev. F. F., The Vicarage

Watterson Thos joiner, Howe
Watterson Wm, farmer Strand hall


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