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FORMS the north north-western part of the island, in Michael sheading, and is near five miles in length from east to west, and two in breadth from north to south. It is for the most part under cultivation, being generally level and fertile. The parish church of St. Patrick, a was erected in 1814, is nearly eight miles north-west of Ramsey, on an elevated site; the living is a vicarage in the gift of the bishop of Sodor and Man, and at present enjoyed by the Rev. John Edward Harrison-there are also three Wesleyan Methodist chapels in the parish. An annual fair for cattle and hiring servants, is held on the 5th of April. Population 1841,1,068,in 1851, 983.

POST, Receiving House at Andrew Joughin's, NAPPIN-from which place, letters are conveyed to BALLAUGH by foot messenger.


Farrant Mr. William, C.P. Ballamoar
Hardy Rev. Henry, Jurby
Harrison Rev. John Edwd, Vicarage
White Mr. James, Summer hill


Caley Daniel, Jurby East
Kerruish Abner, Sandy gate
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Jurby-John Looney, master


Hall William, tailor, Jurby
Brew James, cooper, Ballamour
Brew Thomas, joiner, Jurby
Callister John,shoe maker,Ballasalla
Callister Patrick, tailor, Kallane
Callister William, wheelwright,Willow grove
Carran William, smith, Sandy gate
Christian Thomas, joiner, Sandy gate
Clarke Philip, joiner, Ballagarraghan
Corkill James, shopkeeper and smith, Longhan
Crain Thomas, shoe maker, Cronke moar
Dow John, steward to W. Farrant, Ballarnoar'
Joughin Andrew, wheelwright,Nappin
Killip Thomas, joiner & shop, Sandy gate
Kissack John, shoe maker, Loughin
Lace John, parish clerk, Glebe
Moughtin John, sumner, Ballasalla
Readhead Ellen, dress maker Sandy gate
Wade Jane, shopkeeper, Ballacaine


Brew Jane, Ballamanagh
Brew Thomas, Ballagash
Caine David, Ballacaine
Callister John, Ballconnelly
Callister John, Ballasalla
Callister Thomas, Willow grove
Christory Thomas, Gollane
Christory William. Ballachristory
Clarke James, West Nappin
Clarke John, Ballagarrighin
Clarke Thomas, Rhaindoo
Clarke William, Bretney
Cleator Mary, Sartfield
Cleator William, Ballamanagh
Clucas William, Ballaclucas
Corkill John, Quildew
Corlett John, Barrag
Corlett Thomas, Gollane
Corlett William, Closeclark
Cowley John, Sartfield
Cowley John, Knockbreck
Crain Henry, Knockmoar
Creer Thomas, East Nappin
Creer William, East Nappin
Cubbon Thomas, Bretney
Gale Edward, Sartfield
Gawn Daniel, Ballagharaghin
Harrison John P., Ballavarran
Harrison Thomas, Ballamanagh
Kaighan John, Ballaclucas
Kelly William, Ballahasney
Killip John, Ballasalla
Kissack Catherine, Laugitan
Kneale Robert, Ballacurry
Kneale Thomas, Ballasalla
Kneen Thomas., Ballamanagh
Lace John, the Glebe
Nelson William, Kerrowcroie
Quaye William, Kerrow Kuail
Quayle Charles, Ballatear
Teare John, Laughan
Teare Thomas, Laughau
Teare William. Loughclout
Vondy John, Ballig


PARISH CHURCH. Jurby -- Rev. John Edward Harrison, vicar; Rev. Henry Hardy, curate,
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, at Jurby, Sandy gale, and East Jurby


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