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and serviceable light-house; it is a favourite promenade. At low water the walk along the north shore is extremely popular, And such is the uncorrupted purity of the. water and the fineness of the beach, as render it one of the most agreeable bathing places in this part of Europe, and to induce thousands to resort to Douglas, annually. during the summer months An Insular Steam Packet Company was established in1830,the vessels are of a superior build, and convey visiters and Her Majesty's mails to and from the Island.

The climate, is in general, much milder than in the surrounding countries of Great Britain and Ireland Bathing machines are provided by different parties, and thre are hot, cold, shower, and vapour baths Castle Mona Hotel, once the princely castle of the duke of Atholl, by whom it was built at an expense of nearly £35,000., is now fitted up in a style not excelled, probably, in the empire, and is the favourite resort of fashionable visiters. This superb edifice is about a mile from Douglas, situated on the margin of its bay. The castle presents the appearance of a square solid building, with a wing at the southern side. The exterior is faced with stone from the Isle of Arran. The design of the Duke included a north wing, the foundations of which were raised to the surface of the ground at the time of the erection of the principal structure, but the building has never been completed. Shortly after the final sale of the island by the Duke of Atholl in 1829, four gentlemen purchased the castle with about one hundred and eighty acres of land attached to it. The mansion was converted into an hotel, and the land marked out in building lots for sale. The first part of the speculation has been abundantly justified by the success of the establishment, which affords a princely accommodation to, and every luxury which the most fastidious visitor may desire. It is sufficiently extensive to provide for the comfort of one hundred and fifty Guests at the same moment; and the interior is fitted-up with every convenience, including hot and cold baths, and a billiard room, &c. The woods and lawns surrounding the castle are surpassingly beautiful ; indeed, the establishment altogether may rank with the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, and is one of the great attractions to strangers resorting hither, invited by the purity of the air, the peculiar limpidness of its waters, and the economy with which these benefits can be enjoyed. Mr. George Heron is the present proprietor of the Hotel. The Royal Hotel at the top of the Marine parade, in the occupation of Mr. Hill (late of the Crescent Hotel) : the York Hotel, kept by Mr. Duxbury.of Manchester ; Redfern's Hotel and the Adelphi, are alike convenient and respectable, and visiters will find in them every accommodation, combined with moderate charges and courteous attention to their wants. For those who prefer a private domicile, lodgings of the most genteel and comfortable character may be readily obtained. Douglas supports public libraries, news-rooms and billiard- rooms, and a bowling saloon ; while dancing and card assemblies are frequent ; and a closer approximation to English sociality was formed here in 1819, by the establishmentof an United Service Club. The neighbourhood of Douglas is well wooded, and embellished with many elegant mansions. affording pleasing and variedlandscapes, though limited in extent. Boating parties are numerous and frequent, and a regatta takes placeannually in the spacious bay. On the. south side of the bay stands Fort Anne Hotel, built by the celebrated Mr Whaley,aud for many years the marine residence of Sir William Hillary, Bart. This hotel may be justly pronounced the most delightful retreat in the, country. Its situation (upwards of one hundred feet above. the level of the sea) commands a delightful and extensive view of the harbour, town and surroundingCountry. Its internal arrangements are of the highest order, and the taste displayed. in laying out the extensive pleasure grounds, &c. is highly creditable to the Proprietor. A visit to this delightful spot will amply gratify the visitor.

The manufactures of Douglas are of not much importance consisting of linen and sail-cloth, coarse and fine woolen cloths, blankets and flannels. There is also a paper mill, at Mount Rule. Among the leading branches of trade are two iron and brass foundries, two rope manufactories, soap-works, tallow-chandlers, and several tanneries, breweries and corn mills. From the Douglas press issue two newspapers weekly, namely, the ' Manx Sun,': and 'Mona's Herald;' two almanacks are also issued annually,. and have large circulations. As this is the only port into which wines, spirits, colonial produce, &c. are allowed to be imported in unlimited quantities, under the present fiscal laws, the town, and especially the pier and quay, generally present a scene of bustle and activity. The vessels belonging to the port at the present time, are numerous and of considerable tonnage, trading with France, Holland. Spain, Portugal, Prussia, the Hanseatic Towns, &c. The custom-house was formerly the insular residence of his Grace the Duke of Atholl, prior to the erection of Mona Castle. In consequence of the dilapidated state of the old court-house on the pier, several of the local law courts are held in Saint George's Hall. In it the southern deemster holds a court once a fortnight; and the vicar-general once a month ; the high bailiff holds his court every Saturday, for the recovery of debts under 40s.-(above that sum is only recognizable before the deemster), and courts baron are held in the spring and autumn. The justice of the peace hold courts weekly when requisite.

The places of worship are numerous and respectable, Saint Matthew's Church was built in 1711, by Bishop Wilson, and contains nearly three hundred sittings ; Saint George's situate on an eminence behind Atholl street, will accommodate a congregation of upwards of eight hundred; Saint Barnabas', erected in 1833, and ornamented with a handsome spire one hundred and forty feet high, possesses twelve hundred sittings, seven hundred being free ; Saint Thomas' erected in 1845, is an edifice of considerable architectural beauty-the livings are all curacies in the gift of the Bishop. The dissenting chapels are for Independents, Primitive and Wesleyan, Methodists, Presbyterians, Mormonites,&c.; the Roman Catholics worship in a spacious chapel in Atholl street, formerly used for the purpose of theatrical representations. The educational establishments of Douglas are most efficient. The Crescent academy conducted by Mr. Alexander Steele, was erected at that gentleman's own expense; due regard being paid to the requirements of such all institution-its situation is remarkably pleasant and salubrious. The Mona House school conducted by Mr. W. Adams, is also a well regulated establishment. The Douglas Collegiate school is under the efficient superintendence of Mr. J. A. M`Mullen, assisted by competent masters. All the above seminaries together with one conducted by Mr. W. Forrester, M.A. prepare scholars either for the universities, the army, military colleges, or forcommercial pursuits. The national school, built in 1810, can accommodate one thousand pupils : a school of industry, for boarding and educating eight girls, was established in 1816, and an excellent one for infants in 1837. Public schools are also connected with St. Baanabas' church and the Wesleyan Methodists'chapels. There are many benevolent and charitable institutions in the town. A general hospital was established in 1830, to which is attached the Medical Dispensary. The dispensary is open daily from nine till eleven. The average number of patients attended annually is from seven to nine hundred-the rate of expenditure from one hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds per annum. The inmates of the House of industry, usually from seventy-five to eighty, are attended from this institution-Mr. John Drummond is the house surgeon. The institution that formerly existed for the preservation of life from shipwreck, founded by Sir William Hillary, was the means of rescuing great numbers of persons from an ocean grave; but it is to be deplored that so valuable-an institution was allowed to decline. The public buildings in Douglas that claim any pretensions to architectural beauty are few, those worthy of notice being the House of Industry, St George's Hall, and the New Bank of Mona. The House of Industry, or workhouse, is a handsome and extensive structure, with a square tower in the centre ; it was completed in 1837, partly by means of a grant from government and partly by subscriptions. The St. George's Hall, formerly the Odd Fellows' Hall, situate in Atholl-street, is a large and handsome building, with two fine Doric columns, and tasteful portico in front ; it contains an elegant hall which is in constant use for lectures, concerts. & other entertainments. It is capable of seating five hundred persons. The building was erected in 1841, at an expense of upwards of £2,000. by shares ; and when erected almost entirely belonged to the Order of Odd Fellows', it has since been purchased by government, and is now used for the above purposes also in it an before named are held the local law courts. The Bank of Mona situate on Prospect Hill, is a small but handsome semicircular building. The Wellington Market, Duke-street, erected by a company in the same year as St. George's Hall, is very spacious, with an extensive range of stalls on each side of a spacious area. The market, which is held on Saturday, is well supplied with provisions of all kinds; and fish may be obtained any day in the week at reasonable prices. The theatre, which was formerly held in St. George's Hall, has recently been held in the large room above the Wellington Market, but it is intended that there shall be shortly erected a larger and a more convenient building, for the purpose, and which will add materially to the attractions of the town. An annual fair is held 12th November, and there is also a weekly cattle fair on Saturdays. Population of Douglas in 1841 8,647; in 1851, 9,653; and (including the parishes of Braddan and Onchan), in 1851, 15,538.

BRADDAN parish lies on the cast coast, in the Middle Sheading, and in the southern division of the island ; in extent it is about eleven miles from north to south, and one to five from cast to west. The surface is pretty equally divided into hill and dale ; the former is clothed with verdure-the latter is very fyrtile, and agreeably interspersed with wood. In this parish, about two miles and a half from Douglas, are the extensive corn and woollen mills known as the Union.Mills, now in the possession oiSr.William Dalrymple The parish church stands in a beautiful situation, nearly two miles from Douglas on the road to Peel, and is surrounded by some of the finest timber in the island ; it is a plain edifice, rebuilt in 1730 ; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the bishop- the Rev. William Drury, is the present incumbent. The parish likewise contains a small chapel of ease at Baldwin, dedicated to Saint Luke, erected in 1836 - the living is a curacy in the gift of the bishop. There are also two Wesleyan chapels, and one belonging to the Primitive Methodists, exclusive of those in the town of Douglas. In 1849, a cemetery was established which is situated on the Strange[sic Strang] road. Many handsome villas have been erected in this parish within the last few years. Population in 1841,2,122; in 1851, 2,407.

The parish Of ONCHAN lies in the same Sheading and division as that of Braddan ;it is of more regular form, however, extending, from north to south, some four miles, and five from east to west. The parish church, a neat structure, rebuilt in 1833; is dedicated to Saint Peter, and is situate in the village. about two miles north-east from Douglas; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown-the Rev. John Howard, is the present incumbent. The Wesleyan Methodists have a small chapel in the village, and another about a mile to the north of it.

KIRK ONCHAN village stands pleasantly on the east road from Douglas to Ramsay, and contains a considerable number of comfortable houses. There is an extensive and beautifully-situated nursery, open to the public, the property of Alexander Spittall, Esq., adjoining which is a well frequented Inn, the Nursery, kept by Mr. T. Barber. Population of the parish in 1841, 2,589 ; in 1851, 3,478.


Daily in Summer, generally at five P. M., four times weekly in Winter at five P. M.

Daily in Summer at nine A. M., four times weekly in Winter according to tide.

INLAND LETTERS Arrive from all parts of the Island, at eight A. M., and are despatched at a quarter-past five, P. M.
Money Orders (Chief Money Order Office), open for business from nine A. M. to six P. M.


Abbott Mr. John, Peel road
Adams Mr. George, 6 Strathallan crescent
Adams Mrs. Mary, Mill st
Adamson Lawrence, Esq. Clifton
Akroyd Mr. Jonathan, 4 Hope st
Allen Capt. George, Kirk Onchan
Allpress Mr. Robert W. 22 Derby sq
Andrews Mr. Thos. 4 Osborne terr
Armstrong Mrs.-. Union Mills
Arrowsmith Mrs.Charlte.7 Woodside terrace
Ashburner Mr.. John Thos. Union Mills
Atkinson Mr.-, 10 Stanley terrace
Bailey Miss Rebecca, 4 Windsor pl
Bank John, Esq. Bibaloe-Moar, Onchan
Barker-Mrs. Ann Margt.42Atholl st
Barrington William B. Esq., L.L.D. Spring Valley
Beckwith William, Esq. Glencrutchery, Kirk Onchan
Bellamy Rev. Joseph, Hill's House
Bell Mrs. Ann, Oak.hill, Braddan
Bell James, Esq. Mount Vernon
Bennett Mr. John,George, Onchan
Blakoney Mrs Martha, Rose-mount
Bluett Mrs.-.-, 52 Atholl st
Blundell Mrs. Ellen, 8 Esplanade
Blundell Mrs. Sarah, Goldie terrace
Boardman Mr. Robert, Windsor cottage
Boyd Mr. George W. 31 Derby sq
Bradley Mrs. Catherine B. Strathallan crescent
Breed Richd, Foster, Esq. Ballaughton House
Bridson Miss Mary Ann,29 Atholl st
Bridson Mr. Thomas, Atholl st
Brown Mrs.Ann, 11 Stanley terrace
Brownfield Mrs. Susan, 72 Derby rd
Butler Mr.Thomas, 5 Albert terrace
Calcraft Mrs. Mary Jane, Fort Anne tower
Callow Miss Mary, 13 Rose mount
Cannell Rev. John, 4 Anrkland terr.
Carmichael Capt. John, 95 Derby sq
Carr Rev. James, Atholl st
Chamberlain Lady Harriet, 4 Harris terr
Charlton Colonel Andrew, Farm hill. Braddan
Charlton Mr.Philip, 38 Derby sq
Chippindall Mrs. Charlotte Mary Dundas, 5 Harris terrace
Christian Mrs. Catherine, Hope st
Christian Mr.Philip,Finch hill House
Christian Mr.Wm.Finch hill Cottage
Cleland Rev. James, Finch road
Clucas Mrs. -, 9 Mount Pleasant
Cochrane Mr. Robert, St. George st
Collins Mrs. Mary, 3 Daltou-terrace
Cookson MissElizabth.13Windsor pl
Cooper the Misses Hannah & Frances, 13 Finch road
Corlett Mr. James, 5 Stanley terrace
Cowin Mrs. Hannah, Goldie Terrace
Cox Mrs. Eliza, 6 Finch road
Cromie Rev. Wm. Woodville Lodge
Crossfield Mr. Robert,3 Victoria rd
Cubbin Miss JaneM.Strathallan park
Curphey Mr. William, 6 Woodbourne terrace
Dalling Miss Margaret, 2 Woodside terrace
Daniels Mr W. H. Derby castle
Dawes Rev. George, Baldwin
De Chais Mrs. -, 6 Adelaide terr
Denshire Rev. -, Harold' tower
Donaldson Mr. Edwd. 7 Rose mount
Drinkwater William Leece Esq. (the Hon. Southern deemster), Kirby
Drury Mrs. Mary, Sungborough
Drury Rev. William, Braddan
Duff Mrs. Esther, Burligh
Duff Mrs. Robert, l Adelaide terrace
Dumbell Geo. Wm. Esq. Belmont
Duncan Mrs. Ann, 2 Stanley terrace
Dunn Mr. William, 12 Victoria terr
Dutton Hiss Frances Ranson, Villa Marina
Dyson Mrs. Jane, 96 Derby square
Edes Mrs. Mary,-80 Derby square
Edwards Downes Esq. Ravens cliff
Ellis Mr. Lester, Crescent
Emery Mr. William. 2 Auckland ter
Ettrick Mr. John. Parkfield House
Evans Mrs. Ann, 36 Fort st
Evarard Mr. Jos. 8 Auckland grove
Falconer Lieut. Colonel George, Strathallan Park
Fawcett Mr. James. 3 Adelaide terr
Fell Miss Ann, 2 Prospect hill
Fell Mr, John, 2 Prospect hill
Fenwick Mr.Henry, 1 Hope st
Fife Mr..George, 45 Bucks road
Fitzsimmons Mrs. Sarah, Falcon Cliff terrace
Flint Mrs. Jane Woodside. House
Foot . Captain Randal Harvey, 10 Esplanade
Forbes Rev. Edward, Priory
Frazer Mrs. Sarah, Cliff Cottage, Braddan
Galliard Mrs, Eliza Eleanor, Villa Bella Vista
Gardiner Mr. James, Egerton terr
Garrret.Mr. Henry B.5 Windsor terr
Garret Mr.Thomas, 9 Finch road
Gell Mr Thomas,.6 Cambridge terr.
Gell.Mr. William, 11 Rose mount
Gill Captain Henry, Rose Mount
Gill Capt. William, 7 Harris terrace
Gillespie Major General Henry, 4 Woodside terrace
Goldie Captain Alexander T. R.N.,the Hermitage
Goldie Captain Mark, Woodville
Graham Mrs. Eliza, 9 Strathallan crescent
Grant Mr. George, 14 Stanley terr
Grantham Mrs.. E. E 6 Finch road
Grave Miss Susan. 9 Post Office lane
Gray Mr. George, Personage House
Gray Rev. Joseph H. St. Barnabas personage
Green Mr. Henry B, 79 Derby terr
Green Mr. James, 15:Stanley terr
Greetham Miss Mary Ann, 68 Derby sq
Grey Mr.James, 3 Windsor terrace
Grier Captain James,Goldie terrace
Griffiths Mr. Joseph, 5 Woodside terr
Griffiths Colonel John Thomas, 5 Mona terrace
Hall Mrs. France. A. 17 Finch road
Harrison Mr. Henry, Summer hill
Harrison Mr. John B. Harcroft
Hart Mr. Wm. Woodbine Cottage
Harwood Mr. John, 18 Derby road
Hawks Mr, Edward, Crescent
Hawksworth Rev. John, Atholl st
Hawley Rev. William feel road
Hayes Mrs. Sarah, 2 Albert terrace
Heath Mr. George, Eastfield
Herod Rev, George, 2 Windsor place
Hetherington Miss Cth.2Wesley terr
Heyland Lieut.Jas. R.N. 5 Victoria pl
Higgins Mr. Robert, 12 Windsor pl
Hill Mrs. Anna, Union Mills
Hodgson Mrs. Catherine,98 Derby sy
Hollingbery Mr. Charles P. 2 Taubman terrace
Holt Mr. George, Strang
Howard Rev. Jno. Vicarage, Onchan
Hudson Mr. Thomas, Fort Anne
Hughes Mr.George,Eastfield House
Hutchinson Mr. Thomas, Braddan
Ick Rev. William R. B D. Victoria rd
Ilbery Mr. Josiah Jas.3 Woodside tert
Jackson Mr, Frederick, Castle lawn
Jackson Colonel James,Castlelawn
Jackson Mr. John S., Bank of Mona House
Jefferson Mr. George, Peel road
Jefferson Joseph, Esq Bermanague
Jones Mrs. Catherine A.12 Finch rd
Jones Mrs. Jane, 3 Spring gardens
Jones Mrs. Martha, 3 SpringGardens
Jones Mrs. Martha,2 Cambridge terr
Jones Lieut.Thomas Kirk Onchan
Jones Rev. William,Pulrose Cottage
Kelly Mrs.Sarah, 14 Hope st
Kelly Mr. William, 24 Atholl st
Kenrick Mrs. Jane Mary, Peel road
Ker Mr. Richard, Mill mount
Killey the Misses Susan & Jane, 85 Derby square




Marked thus * are Boarding; not otherwise described are Day Schools

*Adams William (classical, mathematical & commercial, & preparatory for the military colleges and universities), 11 and 12 Mona terr -(See advertisement)
BALDWIN SCHOOL Ballamotha-John Cowell, master.
Barker Mary, 11 Finch st
Cannell Claudius,.7 Bath place
CATHOLIC SCHOOL,.Prospect Hill--John Kelly, master
Chubb Elizabeth, Kirk Onchan
Costain Charlotte, 16 St Georges st
*Davies Catherine (& day), l Albert st
*DeRuvignes Georgiana (and day),the Hills
*DeRuvignes Henry (and day), the Hills
DOUGLAS COLLEGIATE SCHOOL-James A. M'Mullen, principal ; Dr. Hemming, second master ; Edward Kissack, T. C. D. third master; John Horan, fourth master; P. C. Herchfeld, German master; Emile Lucien, French master-(See advertisement)
*Dutton Lydia Barbon,Villa Marina
*Forrester Walter, M. A:, (and preparatory for the military colleges and universities,&c.) Atholl Academy, Crescent
GawehorpeCatherine,Woodville Cott
*Hart Ellen (and day), 6 Mona terr
*Hattersley Eliza, Mill mount
   Barrack st (St. George's) -Elizaheth Moore, mistress
   Thomas st (Wesleyan), Catherine Lamplugh, mistress
   Drumgold st (St. Barnabas')-Sarah Ann Brown, mistress
   Braddan--Margaret Collister, mistress
   Strang-Catherine Carran, mistress
   Tromode-Alice Jane Edwards, mistress
   Onchan-Esther Mallard, mistress
*Kaylls the Misses -, 91 Derby sq
*Kellett Henry, Stanley House Academy
Lloyd Mary Ann, 6 Windsor terrace
Mallard Esther, Kirk Onchan
Mitchell Lucy W., Lord st
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Atholl street-Thomas Winter, master; Rosanna Winter, mistress
Oman Ann, Prospect terrace
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL,Kirk Onchan-Richard Cowley, master
Parkins Samuel, Fort st
SAINT BARNABAS' SCHOOLS, Cattle Market-Thomas Green, master; Elizabeth Green, mistress
ST. THOMAS' SCHOOL, Chester st James E. Willis, master
Sanders George Samuel, Woodburn Academy
Savage Hannah, 8 Stanley terrace
*Steele Alexander, A M. Ph. D., (classical, mathematical and commercial, aud preparatory for the military colleges & universities), CRESCENT ACADEMY-(See adv.)
Tate Susan, 8 Strathallan crescent
*Thompson Margaret,3 Finch road
WESLEYAN SCHOOL, Well road-Edward Costain, master
WESLEYAN SCHOOL, Thomas st-James Cannell, master
Williams Edward, Union Mills


Branthwaite Harrison, North quay
Cannell William, Christian's road
Goldsmith John,3 Albert terrace
Houseman George, North quay
Johnson Henry, Custom House
Ross David (and honorary secretary to the Art Union of Glasgow),Bank of Mona, Prospect hill
Spurr William Henry, 36 Atholl st


Adamson Lawrence W. Gellings yd
Callow Thomas Cheslyn Duke st
Craigie Lawrence, 31 Atholl st
Fleetwood Edward,Caryl, Atholl st
Harris & Adams, Atholl st
Harrison Ridgway,,Duke st
Head Edmund George, 1 Saint Barnabas square
Spittall James (and clerk to the justices) 42 Duke st
Tuton Richard, jun, Custom House quay
Watts Henry B. St. Barnabas yard
Wilson Senhouse (high bailiff), St. Barnabas square


(See also Auctioneers, &c. and also fire, &c, Office Agents.)
Backwell Matthew Price (to the Christian Knowledge Society), 74 Atholl street
Berey William (Custom house, and steam packet), North quay
Boardman Robert (for Lloyds), Windsor Cottage
Branthwaite Harrison (.commission, North quay
Clark Jun. (Steam packet), 64 North quay
Cowin William, jun. (custom house), North quay
Harris John (wine and brandy), Custom House quay
Harris Samuel (tithe). Atholl st
Heron George (for Guinness & Son's Dublin porter), Castle st
Johnson Henry (customs, estate & house), Custom House buildings
Lee John (house & estate),Thomas st
Moore Edward (steam packet), North quay
Roskell Joseph, Market place
Skrimshire Frederick C. (for the commissioners of woods and forests), Ballacraine House, Kirk Onchan


Carlisle Thomas, Derwent Cottage
Lemon Alfred, 9 Prospect terrace
Wemyss Thomas S. King street



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