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A PARISH in the Middle Sheading, is the smallest parish in the island, being 3½ miles long and l½ broad. It is bounded on the south and east by the sea, on the west by Malew, and on the north by Braddon, The Parish Church is situated on the old road from Douglas to Cástletown, and is dedicated to St. Anne. The living is in the patronage of the Crown. There are also places of worship for the Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. Population in 1881 was 630.

Alphabetical Directory

Bacon Catherine, Seafield
Bridson Thomas, farmer, Ballaquiggan

Cain Ann, owner of Baligick
Caugherty John, tenant farmer, Keigscroft
Clague Thomas, farmer, Ragainemoar
Clarke Rev. Benjamin Philpot, owner of Marybeg -
Clarke Edward, tenant farmer, Lhergy
Clucas Rev. George P., owner of Mary moar
Clucas Catherine, owner of part of Ballavale
Clucas Thomas, farmer Glenbraugh
Clucas Thomas Kewley, owner of part of Ballagick
Clucas Wm., tenant farmer, Oatland
Collister John, tailor and parish clerk, Crofthouse
Corlett Stephen, tenant farmer, Great gate
Costaine Edwd.,schoolmaster, Board School house
Cowell Robert, owner of Ballavilley
Craige James, owner of Courtefarrn,Douglas
Craine Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacragga
Creetch Ann, Bailicorris
Cretney Edward, tenant farmer Mary moar
Curphey Robert, owner of part of Ballakelly
Curphey John, tenant farmer, Ballagick

Davenport Thomas, owner of Port Greenock
Dickson Jane, owner of Ballafurt

Fargher John, owner of part of Ballacrink

Gale Edward, tenant farmer, Ballavar
Gelling Edward, labourer, Great gate
Gelling Thomas, tenant farmer, Glentraugh
Gelling Thomas, mason, Taylor’s croft
Gelling Thomas, jun., mason, Clanna
Gick Thomas, gardener, Ballavale
Gick Wm. John, owner of part of Ballacrink
Gilherton —, joiner, Newtown
Goldthorpe Samuel, tenant farmer, Ballakissack
Grice Eleanor, owner of part of Ballafurt

Harrison Maria S., owner of part of Tobin’s Moaneys -
Hayworth Jane, owner of part of Mount Murray
Hogg Robert James and Jane, farmers, Park

Keig Thomas, owner of part of Keig’s croft
Kelly Elizabeth, Swner of Mount view
Kelly John, tenant farmer, Mount view
Kelly Wm., joiner and builder, owner of Mount view
Kermode John Loece, owner of Knockfroy
Kewley Win., lic. vict., Brown Cow Inn, Half-way house
Kinley Henry Quine, tenant farmer, Ballshowin
Kinnish John, owner of part of Ballakissack
Kinnish Robert, tenant farmer, Ballakelly
Kinnish Thomas., owner of part of Ballagick
Kinvig Wm., blacksmith, Ballacurry
Kissack Christopher, owner of part of Ballacrink
Kissack Richard, tenant farmer, Ballacrink

Matthews Emily, owner of Oatland
Mickle John, tenant farmer, Ballakissack
Moore Ann, tenant farmer, Ballafurt
Moore John, tenant farmer, Knockaloughin
Moore John, owner of Sulbrick
Moore Robert, tenant farmer, Ballahown
Moore Robert, owner of Ballacurry ,
Moore Wm, owner of Ballavilley
Moore Wm. Thomas, joiner and postmaster, postoffice
Mount Murray Hotel Co., lic. victuallers, Mount Murray
Murray Henry Silver, owner of Ballacostain
Murray Richard Paget, owner of part of Mount Murray
Mylecreest Wm., tenant farmer, Knockfraye

Quayle John, Captain of the Parish, Crogga
Quayle Thomas, tenant farmer, Mary beg
Quine Edward, owner of part of Ballacorris, Ann’s terrace
Quine John, owner of part of Ballagick
Quine Robert, farmer and owner of Glen greanagh
Quinney John, owner of Ballachrine
Quirk Thomas,farmer, Ballacorris

Shimmin John, tenant farmer, Ballagick
Shimmin Thomas, tenant farmer, Knockfroy

Taubman Robert Brew, tenant farmer, Ballachrine
TROTTER JOHN, lic.vict., Lancashire house, Half-way house

Waid Wm., owner of part of Ballavartin
Watson Robert, owner of part of Mount Murray
Woffindale Samuel, marketgardener, Laurel cottage


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