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IS a parish in the Sheading of the same name, and forms the south-western extremity of the island. It is bounded to the east, by Arbory, on the south and west by the sea, and on the north by Patrick; about 4½ miles long and 1½ miles broad. The Church is four miles west from Castletown, and near the centre of the parish The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Crown and. held by. the Rev. Blundell Browne. Services on Sundays at 10.45 a.m.and 3 p.m.


Bell Esther, Ballagale
Bell Richard, joiner, Ballaphason
Bridson Henry, farmer, Kentraugh
Bridson Robert farmer, Kentraugh
Browne Rev. Blundell, vicar of Rushen, The Vicarage

Caine John, fisherman, Ballaqunney.
Cary George Drinkwater Lucius, Calf Island
Clague Charles farmer, Scard
Clague James, farmer Rowaney
Clague John, farmer Scard
Clague Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquaney
Collister Edward, farmer Corvalley
Collister John, farmer, Corvalley
Collister Thomas Lunacy rate and School Rate collector, Secretary to the Rushen water Works Mount Pleasant
Comish Thomas, farmer, Linguage
Coole James, farmer, Bradda
Coole James, Jun., tenant farmer, Brada
Coole Frederick, farmer, Bradda
Corkill Thomas, fisherman, Bradda
Corkish John, farmer, Saureby moar ~
Corrin John, fisherman, Croit-e-Caley
Corrin Wm., farmer, Cronkmoar
Corrin Wm., farmer, Scalaby
Corrin Wm., farmer, Linguage
Corrin Wm., farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain Jane, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain Jane, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain John, farmer, Ballahanney
Costaine Henry, blacksmith, Ballaquaney
Costaine Richard, blacksmith, Ballaquaney
Crebbin Thomas, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbon Mrs., farmer, Croit-e-Caley
Cubbon Thomas, farmer, Linguage
Gale Henry, tenant farmer, Strand hall
Gale Henry, jun., fisherman, Ballavear
Gale Henry, sen., farmer, Ballavear
Gale Jane, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Gale John, farmer, Ballakilpharic
Gale John, joiner, Ballaquaney
Gale John, tenant farmer, Ballahowe
Gale Wm., joiner, Ballavear
Gawne Miss M. H., Ballagawne
Gawne Thomas, farmer, Ballaphason ~
Gawne Wm., farmer, Glendown
Gorry John, farmer, Yons quarter
Gorry John, jun., farmer, Yons quarter
Griffin Thomas, farmer, Ballavear
Hudgeon Edward, tenant farmer, Ballagale
Karran Jane, farmer, Craigneish
Karran Thomas, farmer, Craigneish
Kegg Edward, farmer, Cronk.e.Dhooney
Kegg John, farmer, Ballakillowey
Keggan Thomas, farmer, Glensast
Keggan Wm., farmer, Coryalley
Kelly, — , farmer, Ballaquaney
Kenna John, farmer, Scard
Kermode Henry, Jun., farmer, Bradda
Kermode Henry, sen., farmer, Bradda
Kermode John, farmer, Ballagale
Kermode Nicholas, farmer, Glensast
Kinley Ann, farmer, Fistard John, farmer, Bradda
Kinley John Thomas, farmer, Ballakilpharic
Kneen Eleanor, farmer, Croit.e-Caley
Kneen Eleanor, jun., farmer, Croit-e-Caley
Kneen Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacorkish
Kneen Wm., farmer, Croit-e-Caiey
Kneen Wm., farmer, Ballacraggan
Lace Thomas, Mount Gawne
Lowey James, farmer, Scard
Lowey John, tenant farmer, Linguage
Lowey Wm., farmer, Linguage
Lowey Wm., tenant farmer, Shinvalley
Maddrell Henry, farmer, Glensast
Maddrell John, farmer, Bradda
Maddrell Joseph, farmer, Ballahane
McKenzie —, journalist, Ballaquaney
Moore Henry, farmer, Ballagawue
Moore Robert, joiner,Ballaphason
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballaglonneg
Moore Thomas, farmer, Droghedfayle
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballagawne
Moore Wm farmer, Ballaglonney

Nelson Thomas, Glensast
NICHOLL WM., lic.. vict., Level Inn, Colby
Nixon Charles, farmer, Ballahane
Nixon Wm., farmer, Fistaid

Preston Christopher, farmer, Ballacurry
Preston Wm: Richd, labourer, Ballaquaney

Qualtrough Edward, farmer, Ballaphason
Qualtrough John, farmer, Corvalley
Qualtrough Wm., miller, Kantrough
Quilliam John, Head Master Rushen Parochial Boys’ Board Schools, School house

Rushen Mining Co., Limited — Captain Gendle, local manager

Sansbury John, farmer, Ballachrink
Stubbs Rev. Frederick, curate, Ballaquaney
Swinnerton Charles, The Studio

Taylor James, tenant farmer, Ballakilpharic
Taylor Thomas, farmer, Ballakilley
Taylor Wm., farmer & joiner, Ballaquaney
Taubman John, farmer, Craigneish
Thorp James Bateman, The Hut, Bradda
Turnbull Wm., farmer, Croit.e-Caley

Watterson John, farmer, Ballagawne
Watterson John, farmer, Droghedfayle
Watterson Wm., farmer, Corvalley
Watterson Wm., Saureby moar
Woodruff Edward, farmer, Smelt


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