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IN the Sheading of the same name, is a parish about five miles long from north to south, and four miles broad from east to west, and situated on the main road from Peel to Ramsey, and has a station on the Manx Northern Railway. It is bounded on the east by Lezayre, on the south by German, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Ballaugh. A portion of the parish is mountainous and barren, but to the north and west are fertile and highly cultivated. The principal glens are Glenmoor, Glenwyllan, and Glentrunk. The parish church is dedicated to St. Michael and the Angels. The living is in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Wm. Hawley. The most interesting place in this parish is the ecclesiastical palace at Bishop’s Court, adjoining which is the Diocesan College for training students for the service of the church. The Wesleyans have chapels at the village, Baragarrow, and Kerrowglass, and the Primitive Methodists at the village and Orrisdale. Population of the parish in 1881, 1214.


Addison Mrs., owner of Mount Pielor
Anderson Col. Wm. Jas., M.H.K., captain of the parish, Cooley
Archibald John, joiner, Ballalig

Bardsley Right Rev. John W., D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, Bishop’s court
Baron John, grocer, near Bishop’s court
Best Peter, farmer, owner of part of Ballachrink
Boyde John, owner of part of the mountain
Boyde Wm., joiner, Glenwillan
Brew Robert, tenant farmer, Lhergybreck
Burnett Kate, grocer, The Village

Cain Ann, Station rd
Cain John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Cain John, farmer, Ballajuckley
Cain John, gentleman, Barragarrow
Cain John, owner of part of Ballanea
Cain John Charles, farmer, Ballaskyr
Cain John James, farmer, Skerrisdale
Cain Thomas, joiner, The Village
Cain Thomas, farmer, Glenwillan
Cain Thos., owner of part of Cammell
Cain Wm., farmer, Bannister
Cain Wm., tenant farmer, Ballaleigh
Cain Wm., farmer, Ballamearagh
Callow Edward, tenant farmer, Ballanea
Callow James, farmer, Barragarrow
Callow John, farmer, Loughnemargah
Cannell Daniel, farmer, Rhence Cullin
Cannell Helena, Ballyre
Cannell Frank, owner of part of East Berk
Cannell James, parish clerk, The Village
Cannell John, tailor, The Village
Cannell John, farmer, Ballacanane beg
Cannell John, farmer, Chester
Cannell John, joiner & farmer, Ballacooley
Cannell John Thos., farmer, Ballarhenny
Cannell Mary Ann, owner of part of Ballachrink
Cannell Patrick, farmer, Ballameanagh
Cannell Thomas, blacksmith, Ballarhenny
Cannell Thomas, owner of Barregarrow
Cannell Thos., joiner, Bishop’s court
Cannell Thomas, tailor, The Village
Cannell Wm.., grocer, The Village
Cannell Wm., fisherman, The Village
Cannon John Jas., owner of part of Cooil. shallagh
Cannon John Wm., farmer, Cooilshallagh
Cannon Wm., joiner, Ballanea
Carren Thos., owner of Ballacragga
Christian Ann, dressmaker, The Village
Christian James, farmer, Llergybreck
Christian John, tenant farmer, Ballaleigh
Christian Margaret, tenant farmer, Ballameanagh
Clarke Wm., farmer, Ballarhenney
Clucas James, farmer, Little London
Cogaige Wm., miller, Lhergybreck
Cogeage John, tenant farmer, Ballalonna
Collister Daniel, tenant farmer, Glenmoar
Corkill Edward, farmer, Lhergybreck
Corkish John, farmer, Ballafadine
Corlett Jeptha, farmer, Ballahowin
Corlett John and E., farmers, Earyne Kenro
Corlett John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Corlett John Thos., farmer, Cammell
Corlett Wm., joiner, The Village
Cormode Mrs., apts, Station rd
Cowley Wm., farmer, Cammell
Cowley Wm., farmer, Ballacragga
Crellin Mrs., Orrisdale
Crellin Mrs., carrier, The Village
Cretney Robt, owner of part of Barragarrow
Crowe W. , farmer and grocer, The Village
Curphey John, tenant farmer, Barragarrow
Curphey John, tenant farmer, Cammell
Curphey John, farmer, Cammell
Currie John, blacksmith, Barragarrow

Dagleish George, butcher, The Village
Ditchfield Richard, licensed vict., Railway. hotel, The Village
Dougherty Wm. , farmer, Ballagawne

Ennews John, licensed vict., Mitre hotel, The Village

Ferrier, Rev. —, of Castletown, owner of Shoughlague

Games Rev. Stephen Hugh, The Hostel

Hannah James, tenant farmer, The Village
Hawley Rev. Wm., vicar of Ballaugh, The Vicarage

Joyce Wm., fisherman, The Village

Kaighin Mrs., owner of part of Ballaleigh
Kaighin Hugh, farmer, Ballacanane
Kaighin James, apts, Station rd
Kaighin James, tenant farmer, Ballachrink
KELLY DANIEL and SON, joiners, builders, contractors, general merchants and drapers, The Village
Kelly Elizabeth, farmer, Ballaleigh
Kelly John, farmer, Ballajuckley
Kelly Jonathan, tenant farmer, Ballaleigh.
Kelly Robt., tenant farmer, Ballakilley
Kermode John, tenant farmer, Ballafadine
Kerruish Jane, landowner, part of Ballaleigh
Kewley Robert, tenant farmer, Ballakimag
Killip Wm., farmer, Clyeen
Killip Wm. E., owner of part of Ballakilley
Kinley John, tenant farmer, Burnagh
Kinvig Saml, tenant farmer, Shroughlague
Kissack Alfred, farmer, Ballacooley
Kneen John, owner of Lhergybreck
Kneen John, farmer, Ballyre
Knight Philip, butcher, The Village

Lace James, bootmaker, The Village
Leece Joseph, schoolmaster, Board school

Malcolmson John, farmer, The Mountain
Metcalf —, owner of part of Burnagh
Moore Thos., road surveyor, Barragarrow
Moore Wm., tenant farmer, Ballacanane moar
Mylchreest Joseph, gentleman, White house
Mylrea Mary, farmer, Cronkurleigh

Norton John, grocer and miller, Glenwillan
Nelson John Cæsar, farmer, Ballarhenny

Oates John Jas., owner of part of Ballalonna

Percy Joseph, property owner, The Village

Quayle the Misses, farmers, Ballachrink
Quayle Ann, farmer, Ivy cottage
Quayle Elizabeth, apts, Station rd
Quayle John, owner of part of Cammell
Quayle John, farmer, Ballanea
Quayle Thos., baker & grocer, The Village
Quayle Wm., farmer, Ballaleigh
Quayle Wm., owner of part of Cronkashen
Quayle Wm., landowner, owner of part of Ballanea
Quiggan Mrs. , farmer, Shoughlague
Quiggan Dinah, owner of part of Ballalig
Quiggan Margaret, farmer, Ballameanagh
Quirk Bros., farmers, The Mountain

Rogers John, farmer, Ballajuckley
Ross H. Hill, gentleman, Cronkurleigh

Sayle John, postmaster, The Village
Seddon Edwd., tailor, owner of part of Ballajuckley
Shimmin Thos., farmer, Orrisdale
Sugden H. T., owner of part of East Berk

Taylor John, gentleman, Ivy house
Teare Wm., farmer, Orrisdale
Thompson Mrs., Rhence, Cullen house

Vick John, tenant farmer, Cronk ashen

Wheeler John, Glenwillan


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