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IS in the Sheading of Ayre, seven miles in length from north to a south, and five miles broad from east to west. It is bounded on the east by the sea, Maughold and Lonan, on the south by Braddon, on the west by Jurby, Ballaugh and Michael, and on the north by Andreas and Bride, The southern portion of the parish is mountainous and barren ; the northern is considered the garden of the island. The chief places of interest are Glenmoar, or Sulby Glen and Glenauldyií; the former is the most beautiful in the island. The parish is exclusively agricultural. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Crown, and held by the Rev. A. A. Bridgman ; the Rev. Sidney Swan is curate in charge at Sulby. The Wesleyans have chapels at Glenauldyn and Sulby, and the Primitive Methodists have also a chapel in the parish. Population in 1881 , 1710


Addissil George Wm., Ash hill
Allan James & John, tenant farmers, Grange
Allen Wm., farmer, Clanaugh
ANDERSON WM., Sulby glen family and commercial hotel

Black John, farmer, Craig
Boardman Peel, Grest
Boyde Jane, grocer, Cooilbane
Brigman Rev. Arthur A., vicar of Lezayre, The Vicarage
Brown John, tenant farmer, Aust
Breareton John Alfred, farmer, Riversdale

Cain Wm. Sulby bridge
CAIN WM., grocer and poultry dealer, Sulby bridge
Caley Daniel, farmer, Clanaugh
Caley John, farmer, Cooilbane
Caley John James, farmer, Ballamanaugh ~
Caley Mary, farmer, Clanaugh
Caley Thomas, farmer, Clanaugh
Caley Wm. , farmer, Glenauldyn
Caley Wm., farmer, Kerrowinoar
Cannell Charles, labourer, Sulby village
Cannell Thomas, tenant farmer, Balladhoc
Cashen Wm., farmer, Glentrammon
Christian Daniel, farmer, Ballacarbary
Christian Daniel, farmer, Aust
CHRISTIAN JOHN EDWARD, head master of the Sulby Board School, School house
Christian John, farmer, Glenmoar
Christian Thomas Frederick. farmer, Aust
Christian Thos., Ballacloughbane
Clucas Margaret, landowner, Thornhill
Colvin Robert, tenant farmer, Aust
Corlett Ann, tenant farmer, Glenauldyn
Corlett Edward C., farmer, Kella
Corlett Hugh, farmer, Glenmoar
Corlett James, farmer, Kella
Corlett John, farmer, Clanaugh
Corlett John, farmer, Balidroma
Corlett Thos., tenant farmer, Kerrowmoar
Corlett Wm. Thos., farmer, Glentrammon
CORLETT WM., fashionable tailor, Sulby.
Cottier John, farmer, Kerrowmoar
COTTIER THOMAS, farmer, Ballamanaugh
Cottier Thomas, farmer, Glenauldyn
Cottier Thomas, farmer, Ballamanaugh
Cottier Wm. Alfred, farmer, Kerrowmoar
Cowell Ann, landowner, Sulby village
Cowell Cæsar, farmer, Ballacaley
Cowell Jas. Edward, farmer, Sulby village
Cowell John Robert, M.H.K., Milntown
Cowell Thomas Wm., farmer, Ballacubragh
Cowin John, farmer, Garay
Cowley Daniel, farmer, near Ginger hall
Cowley John, farmer, Crammag
Cowley John, farmer, Knockshamrick
Cowley Robert, farmer and collector of the School, Asylum and Lord’s Rent, Clanaugh
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Corrody
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Clanaugh
Cowley Wm., farmer, Ballacubragh
Craine Daniel, farmer, Cooilbane
Craine Isabella, landowner, Glenauldyn
Craine Thomas D., farmer, Claddaugh
Craine Thomas Caley, farmer, Carrick .
Craine Wm., farmer, Ballaskella
Crowe Thomas, farmer, Narey
Crowe Wm., farmer, Garey
Cubbon Henry, farmer, Glenauldyn
Curphey John, miller, Sulby mills
Curphey Robert, farmer, Kella
Curphey Thomas, miller, Garrett’s mill ,
Curphey Wm., farmer, Ballacottier

Dawson Wm., farmer and draper, Belleview

FARGHER ELIZA, family grocer, provision dealer, and select private apts, Sulby Glen station
Fargher John Preston, farmer, Ballabroie
Fargher Wm. C., farmer, Cooilbane
Farrant Edward Curphey, farmer, Ballakilliang
Fayle Robert, farmer, Kella

Gawne John, farmer, Clanaugh rd
Gelling Wm., lic. vict., Ginger Hall hotel, Sulby bridge
Gibb Janet, landowner,The Grove
GoldsmithJno., baker and farmer,Clanaugh
Graham John, farmer, Glenauldyn
Graham Walter, farmer, Glenauldyn
Greenwood Dr. Haydock, Glenduff

Hardy James, Lougyeigh

Kayle Cochrane, Ballacowle
Kelly Cæsar, farmer, Grange
Kelly Thomas, labourer, Sulby bridge
Kelvin Margaret, landowner, Ginger Hall
Kerruish Thos., farmer and butcher, Glen more
Kerruish Wm., tailor and postman, Sulby village
Kewin Daniel, tailor, Sulby village
Kewish Thomas, farmer and butcher, Glen. more
Kewley Thomas, farmer, Ballamanaugh
Killip Ann, farmer, Clanaugh
Killip John, farmer, Closevolley
Killip John, farmer, Ballamanaugh
Killip John, farmer, Rock
Killip John, farmer, Clanaugh
Killip Wm., farmer, Curragh
Kinrade John, farmer, Kella Brigga
Kissack Wm., farmer, near Kella
Kneale James, blacksmith & farmer, Sulby bridge
Kneale Jane, landowner, Lezayre lodge
Kneale John, miller, Milntown
Kneale John James, farmer, Glenauldyn
Kneale Wm., farmer, Ballabroie

Lace Isabella, landowner, Curragh
Lace Philip, farmer, Curragj
Lawton George,woollen manufacturer, Glenauldyn

Moore Margaret, grocer, Sulby bridge
Mylecraine Edward, farmer, Ballacubragh
Mylecraine John, jun., farmer, Ballacubrag
Mylrea James, farmer, Glenmore

Quayle Ann, Gob-e-Volley
Quayle Ann, farmer, Corrody
Quayle Cæsar, farmer, Grest
Quayle Edward Henry, farmer, Ballaskella
Quayle John, farmer, Glenduff
Quayle John Henry farmer Nerradale
Quayle Wm., farmer, Glenauldyn
Quayle Wm., farmer, Craigmore
Quirk Daniel, farmer, Ballamanaugh
Quirk John, farmer, Glenauldyn
Quirk Wm., farmer, Glencrammon

Radcliffe John, bootmaker; Sulby village
Radcliffe Thomas, bootmaker, Sulby bridge
Radcliffe Wm., farmer, Glenauldyn
Raynes Henry, surgeon, Abbey villa
Redpath Francis, farmer, Glenrammon
Richmond Francis, gardener, Ballachrink
Richmond Francis jun , farmer Ballacowle
Rothwell John, farmer, Ballie
Rudd Thomas B., Ballacloughbane

Sayle John, farmer, Drye Close
Sharp Wm., farmer, Narradale
Shepherd Mrs., Sulby village
Shimmon Wm. Henry, farmer, Glendu~
Skillicorn Edward, farmer, Doore
Smith AmbroseHenry,postmaster & grocer the post office Sulby village
Southward Francis, woollen manufactur & Sulby
Southward John Thomas, Ballamenaugh
Southward Thomas John, woollen manufacturer, Sulby
Stevenson John Robt., farmer, Kerrowm
Stowell Wm , farmer, Ballamanaugh
Stowell Wm., Alfred, overseer and farmer, Carrick
Swann Rev. Sidney, M.A., curate in chage,The Vicarage, Sulby

Teare Charles, blacksmith, Regaby Gate
Teare George Joseph, farmer, Loughanyeigh
Teare John, farmer, Curragh
Tyson Margaret, farmer, Glenauldyn

Vondy Thomas, farmer, Sena
Vondy Thomas, farmer, Vollan
WADDELL GEORGE, joiner & builder Sulby village ~
Wall Alfred, brewer, Ballamanaugh
Williams Aaron, Volla
Worrall Rev. Arthur, farmer, Glentram


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