[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


IN the Sheading of Glenfaba, comprises the town of Peel, and is bounded on the east by Braddan, on the south by Patrick and Marown, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Michael. It is about 4½ miles long from north to south, and 3½ miles in breadth from east to west. The Chapel-of-ease is at St. Johns, the junction of the Manx Northern Railway with that of the Isle of Man Railway. The village of St. Johns is the most interesting in the parish, if not in the island, for in its centre stands Tynwald Hill, where for centuries the Manxmen have gathered annually, on the 5th July, to hear the Governor, attended by the public officials, read the laws by which they are governed. The Wesleyans have chapels at St. Johns, Greeba, Lhergydhoo, and Laurel bank, and the Primitive Methodists at Port Town and Knocksharry.


Addison Mary, owner of part of Barrowglass

Bailey Alfred, tenant farmer, Ballatarson
Bailey James, tenant farmer, Karrowgarrow
Bell John, tenant farmer, Ballawillin
BETHEL Mrs. RACHEL, lic. vict., Ballacraine hotel
Blair John, owner of Ballawillin and Ballaquane
Blundell Thomas, owner of Ballatarson
Brew John, tenant farmer, Ballakilley
Bridson John, tenant farmer, Ballatarson
Bridson John James, tenant farmer, Lamb-fell
Bridson Thomas, tenant farmer, Kewe
Boyd Isabella, tenant farmer, Llergydhoo
Burman Elizabeth Yates owner of part of Ballavarkish
Bush Rev. John, owner of Ballatarson

Cain Charles, Ballalig
Cain Esther, farmer, Ballakaighin
Cain John, Llergydhoo
Cain John, tenant farmer, Ballagyr
Cain John, farmer, Ballakaighin
Cain John, tenant farmer, Ballakaighin
Cain Robert, owner of Knocksharry
Cain Thomas, owner of part of Bollach
Cain Thomas, schoolmaster, St. John’s
Cain Thomas, farmer, Eary glass
Cain Thomas, farmer Moaney moar
Cain Wm., farmer, Scarsdale
Cain Wm , farmer, Corvalley
Caine Mary, farmer, Karrowgow
Caine Philip, owner of part of Ballahowin
Cannell Mrs., owner of Scarsdale
Cannell Isabella owner of part of Scarsdale
Cannell Jas., owner of part of Quaylesland
Cannell Philip, tenant farmer, Scarsdale
Cannon Wm., farmer, Ballakaighin
Cannon Wm., joiner, Ballakaighin
Christian Eliza, farmer, Bollach
Christian Enos, Ballacraine
Christian Wm., tenant farmer, Brack-ebroom
Christian Wm., farmer, Lambfell
Clague James, tenant farmer, Ballaoates
Clague John, farmer, Ballalig
Clague Robert, blacksmith and farmer, Ballalough
Clark Ann, owner of Ballagarrahan
Clark Catherine M., owner of part of Ballaquane
Clark Eleanor, owner of part of Ballaquane
Clark Elizabeth,owner of part of Ballaquane
Clarke John, owner of Ballawillin and Ballacraine
Clucas James, farmer, Little London
Clucas Philip, tenant farmer, Ballatarson
Clucas Wm., tenant farmer, Ballatarson
Collister Edward, owner of part of Kenna
Collister Eleanor, owner of Vaish
Collister Henry, owner of Ballalig
Collister Wm., tenant farmer, Ballalough
Corkill Edward, farmer, Ballahimmin
Corkill John, farmer, Earythane
Corkill Robt., tenant farmer, Ballagarrahan
Corkish Henry, tenant farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett Ann, owner of part of Moaney moar
Corlett Charles, tenant farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett John, tenant farmer, Ballalig
Corlett Rev. John, government chaplain, St. Johns
Corlett Philip, tenant farmer, Ballaoates
Corlett Philip, retired engineer, Ballagarrahan
Corlett Philip, tenant farmer, Ballalough
Corlett Wm., tenant farmer, Moaney moar
Corrin Robert, owner of part of Cronkbane and Ballaquane
Corris John Cæsar, owner of part of Ballatarson and Ballachrink
Corris Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballakilmurray
Cosnahan Wm. , farmer, Kewe
Cowell Philip, owner of part of Ballaoates
Cowin Joseph Charles, owner of part of Quaylesland
Cowin Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballanyr
Cowley Ann, owner of part of Ballaboughie
Cowley Isabella, owner of part of Ballalig
Cowley John, retired farmer, Ballacraine
Cowley Margaret, farmer, Cronkbane
Cowley Wm. , builder, Ballaquane
Craine John, bootmaker, St. Johns
Creer Daniel, tenant farmer, Bollach
Creer Paul, farmer, Karrowgarrow
Creer Wm., farmer, Karrowglass
Crellin Ceasar, tenant farmer, Crontbreck
Crellin John, owner, Karrowgarrow
Crellin John, farmer and landowner, Sand-house
Crellin Joseph, farmer, Ballacurry
Crellin Margaret, owner of Crontbreck
Crellin Philip, tenant farmer, Karrowglass
Crellin Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballaoates
Crellin Thomas, owner of Ballacurry
Cretney Wm., tenant farmer, Lhergydhoo
Cubbon Ann, owner of part of Ballatarson
Cubbon Robt., retired farmer, Fairy cottage

Dawson Henry, owner of part of Ballatarson
Dinwoody Emily, owner of part of Ballaoates.
Dodd Wm. , owner of part of Ballatarson
Duke John, police sergeant, St. Johns

Faragher Wm. , owner of Crontbreck
Fargher Cathlen, tenant farmer, Ballacurry
— John, tenant farmer, Ballalig
— Robert, farmer, Knockdoo
— Robert, owner of part of Ballacurry
— Thomas, miller and corn merchant, Glenfabba mills
Wm., tenant farmer, Ballacurry
— Wid., miller and flour dealer, Glen-moat mills
Farrant Annie, Greba towers
— Q., Greba towers
— Margaret, Greba towers
Farrant Susanah Eleanor, Greba towers
Fisher Thomas, owner of Ballakilmurray
Flux Thomas, stationmaster, St Johns

Garratt John, tenant farmer, Vaish
— John, blacksmith, Knocksharry
— Thomas, farmer, Kewe
Gawne Isabella, owner of Laurel bank
Gelling Henry Evans, owner of part of Corvalley
Gill Ann, owner of Ballalough
— Ann, owner of part of Kerrochord
— Elizabeth, owner of Kerrochord
— Henry, grocer, St. Johns
— John, owner of part of Kenna
— John, school rate collector, Greba
— Wm., grocer, Ballacraine
Glen Helen Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Company—George Maley, secretary
Graves Martha, owner of part of Closechairn

Halsall John, owner of part of Moaney moar
Harrison Ridgway, owner of Eareythane and Cooilslieu
— Thomas, joiner, St Johns
Higgins Louisa, owner of part of Ballaquane
Hinton Edward R. H., Ballaquane
Holt John Russell, Ballaquane
Hood Robert, ho. vict., Glen Helen hotel
HOPE JOHN, lic. vict., Tynwald inn, Ballacraine

Jones Eliza, owner of Knockdhoo
Joughin John, M.H.K., Ballaquane
Johnson Eleanor, owner of Ballaquane

Kaighin Hugh, farmer, Renash
— James, owner of Ballakaighin
— John, farmer, Scarsdale
— Philip, White strand
— Thomas, farmer, Lhergydhoo
Keig Wm., bootmaker, St. Johns
Kelly Cathlen, farmer, Ballacurry
— Charles, farmer, Earymoar
— Elizabeth, owner of part of Lambfell
Kelly James, farmer, Lhergydhoo
— John, tenant farmer, Ballalig
Kelly John, owner of part of Earythane
— John James, joiner and builder, St. Johns
— Richard, farmer, Ballaboughie
— Robert, tenant farmer, Ballalig
— Sidney B, schoolmaster, Cronk-e-voddy
— Wm, owner of Ballacurry
Kenna Thomas, owner of part of Ballagyr
Kennaugh John, blacksmith, Ballacraine
Kermode John, owner of Ballacross
— John, tenant farmer,Ballaboughe
Kewley Elizabeth, owner of part of Earythane
— John James, miller, Ballahowin
Kissack James, farmer, Corvalley . ~•
Kinley Edwd., tenant farmer, Knocksharry
Kinrade Rev. Hugh,Cronk-e-voddy vicarage
Kinvig John, tenant farmer, Cronkdhoo
Kneen Wm., miller, Greba mill Wm., tenant farmer, Ballagyr

Lace John , refreshment rooms, Glen Helen
— John, tenant farmer, Ballakaighin
Lawton Alfred N., M.H.K., high bailiff of Peel, Ballaquane house
Llewelyn Wm., owner of part of Ballatarson
Lucas, Miss, owner of part of Ballagyr

Matthews Emily, owner of part of Ballahowin
McCormick Elizabeth, Ballatarson
McLeavy John, tenant farmer, Ballaoates
Moffatt John, owner of part of Ballatarson
Moore John, Ballaquane
— John, tenant farmer, Lambfell
— Rev. John James, owner of part of Vaish
— Margaret, owner of part of Ballavarkish
— Samuel, tenant farmer, Ballakaighin
— Thomas, farmer and woollen manufacturer, St. Johns
— Thomas C. S., captain of the parish, and owner of part of Ballahowin
— Thomas, tenant farmer, Knocksharry
— Wm., tenant farmer, Ballaquane
— Wm., tenant farmer, Ballavarkish
— Wm Thomas, tenant farmer, Karrochord
Morrison Louisa, owner of Brack-e-Broom, Rockmount and Closegary
Mylchreest Thomas, owner of part of Ballahara

Paulin John, tenant of Peel castle and grounds

Quayle John, tenant farmer, Ballaleece
— John, farmer, Stockfield
Quayne William, joiner and wheelwright, Knocksharry
Quilliam Charles, farmer, Ballacraine
Quine John, joiner and wheelwright, St. Johns
Quine John, tenant farmer, Ballahowin
Quine Robert, owner of Lambfell
Quine Wm., owner of part of Ballakaighin
Quirk Annie, owner of Ballakilley
Quirk Elizabeth, owner of part of Lambfell
Quirk James, owner of part of Lambfell
Quirk John, grocer, St. Johns
Quirk John James, joiner, Ballatarson
Quirk The Misses, drapers and dressmakers, St. Johns
Quirk Wm, owner of part of Ballakaighen
Quirk Wm., tenant farmers Eary beg

Race Edwin, Junction hotel, St. Johns
Raddiff Thomas, owner of part of Ballaquane quarries
Radcliffe Charles, bootmaker, Ballalig Thomas, owner of part of Ballaoates
Redpath Alexander, tenant farmer, Vaish moar

Sayle Wm., owner of part of Lambfell
SHIMMIN CHARLES, butcher and car proprietor, St. John’s
Shimmin John Thomas, owner of part of Ballacurry
Shimmin Wm., owner of Earyglass
Shimmin Wm., tenant, Closegary
Smith George Thomas, farmer, Beary

Taggart Robert, owner of part of Kerrowglass
Teare Exors. of Margaret owners of part of Ballaoates
Teare Robert, farmer, Ballaoates
Templeton —, Rock mount

Wade Wm., tenant farmer, Knocksharry
Watson George, owner of part of Ballaleece
Wattleworth Cæsar John, farmer, Ballawattleworth
Welson Thomas, owner of part of Moaney moar
White Catherine, owner of part of Ballatarson
Windus Edith, landowner, Greba castle
Wingrave John, owner of Bollach
Woods Jas., owner of part of Ballahimmin
Woods Wm., owner of part of Knocksharry


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