[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


IS a small parish in the Sheading of Rushen, extending about six miles in length from north to south and two miles from east to west. It is bounded on the north by Patrick and on the east by Malew, on the south by the sea, and on the west by the parish of Rushen. The Parish Church is a small edifice, in the middle of the parish, about 2½ miles west from Castletown. The living is a vicarage, of the annual value of £160, in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Charles Thomas Langton; the services are on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.; accommodation for 350 worshippers.



BEALE JAMES THOMAS, lic. vict., Colby Glen hotel, Colby
Beck Mrs., Balladoole
Bell Richard, farmer, Nocksha~nnaugh
Blackburn Robert, tenant farmer, Ballagawne
Boucher James George, Parville
Brew James, steward, Ballaoates
Bridson John, tenant farmer, Claughbane
Bridson Robert, tenant farmer, Colby Moar
Bridson Robert, farmer, Strand hall
Bridson Thomas, tenant farmer, Balladoole
Bridson Wm.,labourer, Colby Moar
Bridson Wm., tenant farmer, Balladoole

Callow John, tenant farmer, Friary
Cannell Eleanor, landowner, Colby
Callow James, tenant farmer, Balladoole
Callow John, Colby
Callow Thomas, farmer and overseer, Balladoole
Callow Wm., farmer, Balladoole
Clague Charles, tenant farmer, Ballaclague
Clague Edward, mariner, Ballabeg
Clague Henry, fisherman, Colby
Clague James, joiner, Colby
Clague Joseph, fisherman, Bishop’s Barony cottage
Clague Margaret, Ballafadda
Clarke Wm., farmer, Ronague
Clucas Margaret, landowner, Thorn Hill
Collister Paul, farmer, Balladoole
Collister Thomas, tenant farmer, Balladoole
Comish Catherine, farmer, Ballaquaney
Comish Henry, labourer, Balladoole
Comish John, fisherman, Ronague
Comish Wm., farmer, Ballastroke
Cooil Elizabeth, farmer, Cronkdaragh
Cooil James, farmer, Ballamenagh
Cooil John, farmer, Ballagawne
Cooil John, fisherman, Ballacomish
Cooil Richard, farmer, Cronkdaragh
Cooil Thomas, farmer, Ballamenagh
Cooil Wm., farmer, Ballaquaney
Cooil Wm., farmer, Ballacomish
Corrin Edward, labourer, Balladoole
Corrin James, lic. vict., Round Table hotel, Ballafadda
Corrin John, tenant farmer, Croft
Corrin John, blacksmith, Ballabeg
Corrin Richard, labourer, Ballacarmick
Corrin Richard, farmer and lunacy rate collector, Ballabeg
Costain Ann, landowner, Ballabeg
Costain Eleanor, landowner, Claughbane
Costain Eleanor, farmer, Ballacrink
Costain Elizabeth, farmer, Colby
Costain James, wheelwright, Ballabeg
Costain James, farmer, Colby
Costain John, farmer, Ballagrenny
Costain John, wheelwright, Colby Moar
Costain Richd., tenant farmer, Ballacarmick
Crebbin Henry, farmer, Ballacarmick
Creer James, weaver, Colby
Cregeen Robert, labourer, Colby Moar
Cregeen Thomas, landowner, Balladoole
Crellin Edward, farmer, Friary
Crellin James, fisherman, Ardary.
Crellin Robert, farmer, Cringle
Cubbin Ann, farmer, Ballaglonnei
Cubbin Ann, owner of pant of Ballagbonney
Cubbin Ann, Colby
Cubbin Margaret B., landowner of part of, Ronague
Cubbin John, farmer, Ballagbonney
Cubbin John, farmer, Ballaconnell
Cubbin Robert, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbin Robert, landowner of Ballagloney
Cubbin Robert, farmer, Ballayelse
Cubbin Thomas, tenant farmer, Colby
Cubbin Thomas, landowner, in Ronague
Cubbin Wm, mariner, Ballabeg
Cubbin Wm, farmer, Colby Moar
Cubbon Elizabeth, landowner, Level Rushen
Cubbon Thomas, tenant farmer, Claughbane
Cubbon Wm., owner of part of Ballaglonney

Dixon Jane, landowner, Colby Moar
Duggan James, sexton, Ballabeg
Duggan John, landowner, Ballacubbin
Duggan Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Duggan Wm., farmer, Ballacomish
Duggan Elizabeth, landowner, Ballakelly
Duke Wm., Ballacallow

Gale John, tenant farmer, Ballanorris
Gawne Jane, farmer, Ballafadda
Gawne John, farmer, Ballafadda
Gill John Frederick, landowner, Ballacubbon
Gray Wm., Ballacarmick
Greetham Edward R., landowner, Belawn Belew
Grice Eleanor, farmer, Colby Moar

Hall Catherine, farmer, Ballafadda
Hall John, farmer, Ballafadda
Harrison John, farmer, Ballacallow
Harrison Ridgway, landowner in Ballaoates
Harrison Thomas, farmer, Ballamoar

Karran John James, landowner of part of Cronkdarragh
Keig Thomas, mason, Ballafadda
Kelly Henry, farmer, Bwooilewoar
Kelly Margaret, farmer, Ballacricket
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballaquaney
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballagawne
Kenna James, farmer, Ronague
Kennaugh John, tenant farmer, Ballakeigan
Kennaugh Robert, tenant farmer, Ballaglonney
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballakeigan
Kennaugh Thomas, tenant farmer, Bemecan
Kennaugh Wm Henry, tenant farmer, Balladuke
Kennish Thomas, farmer, Ballavarkish
Kermode Henry, farmer, Colby
Kinley John, farmer, Ballacarmick
Kinvig Ann, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig Daniel, tenant farmer, Garey Moar
Kinvig Elizabeth, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig Esther, farmer, Ballaquaney
Kinvig James, labourer, Ballagawne
Kinvig John, fisherman, Ballacomish
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballaglonney
Kinvig John, Ballaquaney
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Ballakarin
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Ballagreney
Kinvig Thomas, jun., tenant farmer Ballagreney
Kinvig Thomas, Colby Moar
Kinvig Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquaney
Kinvig Thomas, landowner of Ballaquaney
Kinvig Wm., farmer, Ronague
Kinvig Wm., farmer, Ballakarin
Kinvig Richard, Ballabeg

Langton Rev. Charles Thomas, vicar of Arbory, The Vicarage
Lawson Edward, tenant farmer, Ballavarkish
Lawson Robert, occupier, Ballavarkish
Lawson Wm., tenant farmer, Bailsoubix

Maddrell John, farmer, Ballamadrell
Moore Edward, mariner, Ballabeg
Moore George, tenant farmer, Balladool.
Moore Isabella, farmer, Ballacross
Moore John, farmer, Claughbane
Moore John, farmer, Ballacubbon,
Moore John Gale, farmer, Ballacross
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballaglonney

Nelson John, fisherman, Ballacallow

Qualey James, tenant farmer, GareyMoar
Qualtrough Margaret, landowner of part Parville
Qualtrough Richard, landowner in Cringle
Qualtrough Richard, joiner, Colby Moar
Qualtrough Thomas, tenant farmer, Balgreney
Quane Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballayack
Quayle Catherine, farmer, Ballayack
Quayle John, landowner in Ballaglonney
Quayle John, farmer, Ballacrie
Quayle John Joseph, farmer, Ballayack
Quill Jane, farmer, Ballacrie
Quilliam Ann, farmer, Ronague

Radcliffe Elizabeth,farmer, Ronague
Radcliffe James, farmer, Ballacannell

Shimmin John, farmer, Balladoole
Skeally George,fisherman and farmer,Ballakelly
Skeally Henry, farmer and fisherman, Ballakelly
Skeally Wm., farmer, Ballakelly
Skillicorn Ann, Colby
Stevenson Wm. Augustus, Ballakeigan
Stevenson Wm. B., farmer, Balladoole

Taylor Henry, Ballamenagh

Watterson Ann, farmer, Ballacomish
Watterson Henry John, captain of the parish of Arbory, farmer, Colby
Watterson John, landowner, Three roads
Watterson Thomas, farmer, Ballakelly
Watterson Wm., farmer, Crossack Melew
Welch John, landowner of Bemeosu
Wood Jane, landowner in Ballabeg


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