[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


IN the Sheading of Michael, is a large parish in the north-west of the island. It is bounded on the east by Lezayre, on. the south by MiQhael Parish, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Jurby. It is five miles long from north to south, and three miles in breadth from east to west. The Parish Church is a handsome structure, capable of accommodating 600, dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Crown, held by the Rev. Wm. Kermode. The Wesleyans have two chapels in the parish, and the Primitive Methodists one. Population in 1881, 1384.


Atwood George, owner of part of Dollaugh moar
Avonmore Countess, owner of part Ballabeg

Boyde James, tenant farmer, Ballacombkill
Boyde John, owner of part of Ballacorraga
Boyde John, tenant farmer, Ballacrosha
Boyde John, owner of Glendhoo village
Boyde John, tenant farmer, Bishop’s domain
Boyde Wm., tenant farmer, Ballavolley

Caldwell Alexander B., licensed vict., the Northern hotel, The Village
Caley Esther, owner of part of Ballavolley, Ballathor
Caley John, owner of part of Ballavolley
Caley Thomas, farmer, Ballavolley
Caley Wm., tenant farmer, Ballathor
Callow John, tenant farmer, Dollaughmoar
Cannel John, owner of Ballacolley
Cannel Margaret, owner of Ballamoar
Cavendish Thomas, farmer, Ballatareon beg
Chadwick James, owner of Ravensdale
Christian Thomas, tenant farmer, Crowin
Clarke Catherine, owner of part of Ballavolley
Cleator Wm., tenant farmer, Croughjairg moar
Coffey Hugh, tenant farmer, Ballcrosha
Collister John, St. Germans, owner of part of Broughjairgmoar
Collister Mary, Crowin
Collister Thos., owner of part of Ballamona-moar
Collister Thos., owner of Podvie cottage
Collister Wm., tenant farmer, Loughdhoo
Collister Wm., farmer, Ballacray
Collister Wm., farmer, Crowin
Corlett Christian, owner of Intack 88
Corlett Daniel Thomas, owner of part of Corvalley
Corlett Elizabeth, owner of part of Ballaniddin.
Corlett James, owner of part of Cronkould
Corlett John, tenant farmer, Ballamona beg
Corlett John, tenant farmer, Sween
Corlett John, farmer & mason, The Village
Corlett Judith, owner of part of Ballamoar
Corlett Thomas, farmer, Bailkinnag
Corlett Thos. Wm., owner of part of Ballamoar
Corlett Thos. Wm., owner of part of, Carmodal beg
Corlett Wm., farmer, Croit Mycorryn
Corlett Wm., farmer, Rothwell’s cottage
Corlett Wm., tenant farmer, Ellin Rhenny
Corlett Wm., tenant farmer, Ballacorrage
Corlett Wm., tenant farmer, Ballamoar
Corlett Wm. Hy., tenant farmer, Cronkould
Corrin John, farmer, Close Ballacarrage -
Cottier Wm., tenant farmer, Bishop’s domain
Cowin John, farmer, Ballacray
Cowle Margaret, grocery and hardwares, The Village
Cowley John, owner of part of Ballacray
Cowley Thomas, owner of part of Ballacray
Cowley Thomas, owner of part of Glendhoo
Craine Catherine, owner of part of Dolloughmoar
Craine Charles, tenant farmer and occupier of Sharraghvane
Craine Elizabeth, owner of part of Crowin
Craine Jane, farmer, The Village
Craine John T, farmer, Broughjairgmoar
Craine Thos. W., owner of.part of Squeen
Craine Wm., owner of Dollough beg
Crellin Wm., farmer, Tomyeams’croft
Cubbon Wm., tenant farmer, Ravenstale
Curphey Robert, tenant farmer, Squeen

Daugherty Alfred, tenant farmer, Ballacorna moar
Daugherty James, owner of part of Ballacorrin moar

Fayle Robert, tenant farmer, West Killey
Fayle Wm, farmr,:West Killey
Freer Eleanor, owner of. part of Crowin

Gawne -, Ballakyg
Gawne John, farmar, Ballacarage
Gill Isabella, Mona house, owner of part Ballamoar
Gill Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballakennag
Green Thos. Wm., farmer, Ballacornin moar

Hirn Eliza C., owner of part of Ballakinnag
Hughes Rev. James Joshua, owner of part part of Grange

Jelly Margaret, farmer, The Village

Kaighin Ann, farmer, Close Rhenney
Kaighin Eleanor, Close Rhenney
Kaighin Humphrey, farmer, Crowin
Kaighin Robert, farmer, The Village
Kaighin Thomas, tenant farmer, Grange
Kaighin Wm., farmer, Close Rhenney
Kaneen John, tenant farmer, Corvalley
Keig Mary A., owner of part of Ballacarrage
Keig Robert, tenant farmer, Ballacain
Keig Sophia, owner of part of Ballacolumbkill
Keig T. Stephen, farmer, Ballamona moan
Kelly Thos., owner of part of Dollaghmoar
Kermeen Robert, grocer, The Village
Kerruish Robt., tenant farmer, Ballacarage
Kewley John Rigby, owner of Ballathor
Kewley Thomas, tenant farmer, The Village
Killey Elizabeth, tenant farmer, Cormodal beg
Killip Elizabeth, Mill bank, owner of part of Glendhoo
Killip James, farmer, Gardmodal beg
Killip John, farmer, Gob-e-Volley
Killip Thos. Block, tenant farmer, Glaick
Killip Wm., millowner, Milastment
Kinrade Thos., farmer & joiner, The Village
Kneale Ann, farmer, Loughdhoo
Kneale Philip, farmer, Glenshoggal
Kneale Thos. S., owner of part of Allan Rhinney
Kneale Wm., farmer, Curragh
Kneen Ann, farmer, Dolloughmoar
Kneen Catherine Andrews, owner of part of Dolloughmoar
Kneen Edwd., owner of part Sharraghvane
Kneen James Daniel, station master, Ballaugh station
Kneen Philip, tenant farmer, Crowin Thomas, farmer, Dolloughmoar
Kneen Wm., tenant farmer, Ballatarson moar

Lace Isabella, owner of Intack 71, Lezayre
Lace Jane, owner of part of Crowin, The Village

Martin John Philip, farmer and miller, The Village
Moore Thomas Corlett S., owner of part of Glenshoggar
Morrison John Caesar, owner of part of Ballacarrage
Morrison John, owner of part of Glenshoggar
Moughton Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacolumbkill
Mylecraine Ann, farmer, Ballamoar
Mylecraine Eleanor, farmer, Ballamoar
Mylecraine Margaret, farmer,Ballamoar
Mylecraine Thomas, farmer, Ballamoar

Quayle Ann, farmer, Close Taggart.
Quayle Philip, tenant farmer, Broughjarg beg
Quayle Thomas, farmer, Closemoar
Quayle Thomas, farmer, Intack 48.
Quayle Thomas, farmer, Close Taggart
Quayle Thos. Stephen, owner of Neashcoyan
Quayle Wm.. Douglas, owner of part Ballacrosha
Quayle Wm., farmer, Close Moughton -.
Quayle Wm. Edward, grocer and joiner, Village

Radciff Thomas, Ramsey, owner of part Ballacrosha
Roberts John, tenant farmer, Ballavolley
Roberts Wm., tenant farmer, Glendhoo

Sayle James, schoolmaster, Sween
Sayle Benjamin, owner of part of crosha
Sayle Christopher A., tenant farmer Forester’s lodge
Shavellin Jas., owner of pant of Ballamoar
Shimmin Caesar, tenant farmer, G1endhoo
Shimmin Wm. farmer Glendhoo
Skinner John Edwin H., owner of part of Cronkould
Smith Ann, owner of Scrondal mill
Stephen John, Village, owner of part of Ballamoar
Stephen W., owner of part of Dolloughnioar

Taggart Eleanor, The Village
Taggart James, farmer, Cronkould
Taubman Edwd Moore, owner of part of Ballacrosha
Taubman John Joseph, owner of part of Ballamoar
Teare Ann, The Village
Teare Charles, owner of part of Dollough. moar
Teare James, farmer, Ballavolley
Teare Jane Elizabeth, owner of Brough. ‘jairg beg, Ramsey
Teare John, farmer, Ballaneddin
Teare John, farmer, Ballacrosha
Teare Philip, owner of part of Ballacrosha, The Village
Teare Thomas, farmer, Frow’s croft
Teare Thomas, owner of part Castle lake
Teare Thomas, farmer and blacksmith Ballakinnig
Teare Wm., landowner, Corvalley cottager
Teare Wm., postmaster and farmer, The Village
Templeton Henry Herbert, owner of part af Ballamona beg


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