[from Porter's Directory, 1889]



Persons described as "landowners" are the owners of the farms, those described as "farmers" are occupying owners, and those described as "tenant farmers" are simply occupiers.


IS an extensive parish in the Sheading of Ayre, bounded on the & north by the sea, on the east by Bride, on the south by Lezayre, and on the west by Jurby. It is about six miles in length from north to south and 4½ miles from east to west; it stretches along Lhen Moor for some four miles, and in appearance and character it is similar to the adjoining parishes. It is a purely agricultural district, the area of which is about 15 square miles. The village is about 4 miles from Ramsey. The Parish Church is a large building capable of accommodating 800 worshippers. The living is a rectory, in the gift of the Crown, held by the Archdeacon, Rev. James Joshua Hughes. There is also a chapel of ease in Ballachurry. There are dissenting places of worship in the parish.


Allen Thomas, owner of part of Ballavary

Black John, farmer, West Craig
Bourne George D., owner of part of Ballacottier
Brew Catherine, owner of part of Larivane
Brew Jane, farmer, Bal]acollum
Brew Thomas, tenant farmer, Kieltushghag
Brew —, joiner, Close-e-Kee
Brook John Bernard, farmer, Ballakelly
Brown John M., owner of part of Gat-oWhing
Brown Joseph, brick manufacturer, West Craig
Burnyeat John, farther, Ballaslig
Burnyeat Wm., owner of Close-e-Lough

Cain John, owner of Intack, Bride
Cain Thomas, farmer, Ballabane
Caley Wm., owner of part of Dhowin
Callister John, West Craig, owner of Lhen Meadows
Callow Daniel Robert, farmer, Ballathona
Callow John, farmer, Ballachurry
Callow Thomas, farmer, Ballacollum
Cannell John, farmer, The Village
Cary Clarence Horatio, proprietor of Intack and Gilcough, Castletown
Casement John, farmer, Ballacorry
Christian Alfred, farmer, Ballacorry
Christian Daniel Stephen, owner of part of Ballayockey
Christian John, farmer, Ballaslig
Christian John, tenant farmer, Ballakiel
Christian John Murray, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian Mary Ann, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian Mary Ann, farmer, Rye hill
Christian Nathaniel Ireland, tenant farmer Kerrowgarrow
Christian Robert, tenant farmer and miller, Lhen Mills
Christian Thomas, tenant farmer, Braust
Christian Thomas, tenant farmer, Rose Cottage
Christian Wm., owner of part of Ballasyre
Christian Wm., Ballacorry
Christian Wm. Watson, owner of part of Kerrowgarrow
Clark Thomas, farmer, Leighkerrow
Clark Thomas, sen., farmer, Ballasyre
Cleator Daniel, farmer, Ballakiel
Cleator Elizabeth, farmer, Ballamacskelly
Cleator Wm., bootmaker, Ballakiel
Clucas Margaret, owner of part of Leodest and Ballasteen
Colvin Cornelius, farmer, Ballacorry
Corkill John, farmer, Ballaquane
Corlett Daniel, owner of part of Balladoughan
Corlett John, farmer, John Eiois
Corlett John, farmer, West Craig
Corlett Robert, J.P., Craig
Corlett Thomas, farmer, Kiellushghag
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballaconnell
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballacamaish
Cormode Charles, tenant farmer, Ballaberragh
Cormode Daniel, farmer, Leodest
Cormode Ellen, farmer, Dhowin
Cormode James, tenant farmer, Ballasyre
Cormode James, tenant farmer, Ballaclucas
Cormode John, tenant. farmer, Kiondroughad
Cormode John, farmer, Knockinean
Cormode Wm., tenant farmer, Dhowin
Cottier John, farmer, Ballavaston
Cottier Thomas, butcher, Larivane
Cowle Captain Charles H., farmer, Balla-hagie
Cowle Elizabeth, landowner, Ballakaneen
Cowle Mary Ann, landowner, Ballakaneen
Cowle Samuel, owner of part of Ballasyre
Cowle Wm., tenant farmer, Ballasyre
Cowley John, owner of Ballaconnell
Cowley Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballavoddan
Cowley William, tenant farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Craine Henry, owner of part of Ballabane
Craine Mary, owner of part of Ballaclucas
Craine Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballaclucas
Craine Thomas Caley, owner of part of Ballacross
Craine Wm., owner of part of Ballacollum
Crellin Henry, tenant farmer, Ballacroas
Crellin John Christian, J.P., Ballachurry
Crennell Wm,., farmer, Close-e-Cleator
Crye John, owner of part of Ballayockey
Curphey Edward, farmer, West Craig
Curphey Edward Henry, farmer, West Craig
Curphey Eliza, landowner, The Village
Curphey Henry, Dhowin

Dinwoody John, owner of part of Ballakinnag
Dugdale Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballayockey

Ellison James, farmer, Ballabeg
Ellison Robert, farmer, Ballabeg -
Ellison Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Faragher Alexander, farmer, Dhowin
Faragher Ann, farmer, Ballaquane
Faragher Catherine, farmer, Ballaquane
Faragher James, bootmaker, The Village
Faragher John, owner of part of Dhowin
Faragher Thomas, farmer, Dhowin
Faragher Wm., farmer and owner of Intack, Lhen
Farrant Edward Curphey, J.P., owner of Ballacrebbin
Freer Eleanor, owner of part of Ballachurry

Gale James Henry, tenant farmer Ballacamaish
Gale Wm., farmer, Ballacuma
Garrett Wm, farmer, Ballakinnag
Garrett Wm., bootmaker, Ardonan
Gawne John, farmer, Ballahane
Gill George Wm., Regaby Beg
Gill Henry, owner of part of Dhowin
Goldsmith Thomas, lic. vict.,Grosvenor inn, Ballaradcliffe

Harrison Mary, grocer, St. Jude’s
Harrison Walter, joiner, Ballachurry
Harrison Wm., joiner, Dhowin
Howland James, farmer, Leodest
Howland Jane, farmer, John Eiois
Howland John, Ballaquane
Howland Wm., farmer, Knockinean

Joughin John, blacksmith, Jurby
Joughin John, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Joughin John, sen., farmer, Ballacrebbin
Joughin Mary, owner of part of Ballacottier

Kaighin John Thomas, owner of Ballathona
Kaneen Daniel, farnier, Ballasyre
Kee Eliza, farmer, Ryehill
Kee Walter, tenant farmer, Ryehill -
Kelly John, farmer, Larevane
Kelly John, tenant farmer, Ballakelly
Kelly Philip, tenant farmer, Braust
Kelly Thomas, tenant farmer, Dhowin
Kelly Thomas, tenant farmer, Dhowin
Kelly Ww., tenant farmer, Ballakiel
Kermeen Wan., tenant farmer, West-Craig
Kermode James, tenant farmer, Ballayockey
Kermode Robert, farmer, Ballacorry
Kerruish Jane, owner of part of Ballaston
Kerruish John, owner of part of John Eiois
Kewin John James, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Kewin Thomas, former, Close Vark.
Kewley Wan., tenant farmer, Green Hill
Kewley Wm., tenant farmer, Mullenlawn
Killip John, farmer, Ballacollum,
Killip John, farmer, Gat-e-Whing
Killip Thomas, Ballakiel
Kinnish James, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Kinnish Wm.,farmer, Ballakelly
Kinrade Henry, farmer, Balalhen
Kinrade Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballasteen
Kissack Robert, farmer, Leodest
Kneale Edward, owner of part of Ballaslig
Kneale Jane, owner of part of Balleigh
Kneale John, farmer, Ballhinney
Kneale John, farmer Dhowin
Kneale John, farmer Kerrowmore
Kneale.John, sen., farmer, Kerrowmore
Kneale Margaret, farmer, Barenaharra rd
Kneale Robert, farmer, Ballinakinnag.
Kneale Thomas, Balladoughan
Kneale Rev. Thomas Redfern, curate of St. Jude’s, The Glebe
Kneale Thomas, farmer, Ballacross
Kneale Thomas, owner. of part of Begaby beg
Kneale Wm., grocer, The Village -
Kneen Edward, blacksmith, The Village
Kneen Robert, tenant farmer, Ballavarrey
Kneen Wm., owner of part of Dhowin
Knight John, tenant farmer, Ballachurry

Lace Catherine, landowner, Ballaconnell
Lace John, weaver, Dhowin
Lace Margaret, farmer, Ballaclucas
Lace Philip, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Lace Wm., tenant farmer, Regaby Beg
Lace Wm., owner of Intack, Glenauldyn

Martin Edward, owner of part of Knockitholl
Martin Edwin, owner of part of Knockitholl
Martin James, farmer, Knockedowney
Martin James, Craig
Martin John James, Smeale
Martin Mary Ann, owner of part of Knockithol
McNeale Thomas, owner of part of John.Eiois.
Morrison Janice, farmer, Ballacottier
Mylchreest Thomas, farmer, St. Jude’s
Mylrea Wm., blacksmith and farmer, The Village.

Nelson Charles -Banks, owner of part of house and land, Ramsey
Nelson John, owner of part of Ballayockey

Prew Edward, schoolmaster,the Village,
Priestley Arthur, The Village

Quay Mary Ann, farmer, The Village
Quayle George Parsons, owner of part of Braust.
Quayle John, brickmaker - and owner of Regabybeg
Quayle John, tenant farmer,Regaby
Quayle John Joseph, mason, Lhen
Quayle Thomas, owner of part of Ballacrebbin
Quayle Thomas, Stephen,. farmer, Ballachurry
Quilleash John, owner of part of Ballakiel
Quirk Ann, owner of part of Andonan
Quirk Caesar, owner of part of Ballacross
Quirk John, farmer, The Village

Radcliff Ellen, farmer, Ballakiel
Radcliff Frederick, Eden Villa
Radcliff Leonora, landowner,Rhenwer
Radcliffe Charles, mason, The Village
Radcliffe Ellen, farmer, Ballachurry
Radcliffe George, parish clerk, Ballacrebbin
Radcliffe John, landowner, Ballacross
Radcliffe John, farmer, The Village
Radcliffe John James, The Village
Radcliffe Patrick, owner of part of Regabybeg
Radcliffe Robert, tenant farmer, Ballayockey
Radcliffe Thomas, farmer, Rhenwer
Radcliffe Thomas, farmer, Ballaradcliff
Radcliffe Wm. Lace, grocer, The Village.
Radcliffe Wm, collector of rates for the parishes of Andreas and Bride, and overseer for Andreas, Ohio Cottage

Sale Benjamin, farmer, Ballabane
Sale Benjamin, owner of part of Ballakiel
Sale Eliza Jane, owner of part of Ballayockey
Sayle Christopher, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Sayle Elizabeth, The Village
Sayle John, tenant farmer, Ardonan -
Sayle John, farmer, Ballavaston
Sayle John, owner of part of Larivane
Sayle John. James, farmer, Kullushghag
Sayle Robert, joiner, Auburn house --
Sayle Thomas, farmer, Ballacottier
Sayle Wm,, farmer, Ballathona
Shepherd Jane, West Craig.
Skinner Mary, farmer, Ballacottier
Skinner Wm., owner of part of Ballacottier
Skinner Wm., jun., owner of part of Larivane

Taubman John S. G.M.H.K.owner of Close-e.Arget
Teare Charles, farmer, Ballasyre
Teare Charles, blacksmith, Regaby
Teare Daniel, farmer, Ballakinnag
Teare Daniel, farmer, Ballacunna
Teare James, farmer, Dhowin
Teare Jane, owner of part of Braust
Teare John, blacksmith, Ballakianag
Teare John, farmer, Close-e-Caley
Teare John, tenant-farmer, Lehn Meadows
Teare John, joiner, The Village -
Teare John, farmer, Ballabane
Teare John, farmer, Ballacunna
Teare John, farmer, Ballacunna
Teare John, farmer, Dhowin
Teare John, farmer, Oatland
Teare John Corlett, owner of part of Ballaroddan
Teare Margaret, owner of part of Ballakinnag
Teare Philip, joiner, Ballathona
Teare Robert, owner of part of Ballakinnag
Teare Thomas, tenant farmer, Guilcaugh
Teare Thomas, farmer, Dhowin
Teare Wm., farmer, Ballacottier

Vondy Thomas, sen., owner of part of Ballayockey
Vondy Thomas, jun., owner of part of Ballayockey

Wilde Wan., Henry, lic. vict., The Grosvenor inn, Ballayockey
Wilkinson James Silas, owner of part of Ballayockey



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