[From Old Church Plate,1907]


IWISH to express my cordial thanks for the unfailing kindness and help accorded to me personally by Mr. A. W. Moore, C.V.O., M.A., whose well-known works — The History of the Isle of Man; Manx Worthies; Diocesan History of Sodor and Man; and Manx Surnames and Place Names — have been freely consulted in the compilation of this little volume.

To the clergy of the Isle of Man I am indebted for their courtesy in giving me ready access to the plate.

Mr. Jackson's book, English Goldsmiths and their Marks, has been instrumental in the identification of marks previously unknown.

My friend, Mr. K. A. R. Sugden, B.A., sometime Demy of Magdalen College, Oxford, has helped in many directions. Finally, I desire to thank the publishers for their great consideration and forbearance in the preparation of this small work, and in The Church Plate of the Diocese of Bangor.



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