[From Ballaugh Nick Names, 1933]


The following list is far from complete, nevertheless, in it will be found twenty-one families bearing the name of Corlett, with not more than two or three related one to the other.

In these circumstances, nick-names were more or less inevitable, especially so in view of the Christian names of Thomas, John and William being so often duplicated.

Of the families mentioned above, only six are now represented in the parish, and there are but two with sons to carry on the name.

In this connection it may be stated that while Corlett abounded in Ballaugh; Michael had Cannell; Andreas, Radcliffe; Bride, Christian; Jurby, Teare and Clarke; Maughold, Kerruish, Kermeen and Callow; Lezayre, Killip and Craine; and I doubt not but that at one time each parish in the Island had a majority surname, with nick-names for identification.

Nick-names in Ballaugh have now entirely disappeared, and alas! so also have the Crofters, Fishermen, Tailors, Cobblers, Coopers, Dykers, Turfcutters, Nailers, and Weavers.

The sickle, the scythe, the flail and the "dhollan" had to give place to the reaper and the threshing machine, the "nickey" and "nobby" were superseded by the steam drifter, and the small crafts could not exist in competition with the great English factories.

That the population of Ballaugh has decreased in common with that of other country districts will be seen from the following figures taken from the census returns: -
A.D.1841, 1516;
A.D.1871, 1314;
A.D.1921, 628;
A.D.1931, 562


The Mount, Ramsey, January, 1933.


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