[From Ballaugh Nick Names, 1933]

Some Nick Names as used in Ballaugh, from about 1860 to 1900

Mag Colloy Miss Margaret Cowley Village Housekeeper
Jem Beg Tom Jem Mr James Corlett Ballamooar Owner Crofter
Jane Juan Phaul (Fall) Miss Jane Kneen Ballamona Farm Servant
Willie Tom Steen Mr Wm. Corlett Croit-e-Gurrin Owner Farmer
Bill y Wuddagh (Wuthagh) Mr Wm. Boyde Port Dyker and Owner Crofter
Kidden Lhennie Mr John Cain Ballakinnag Crofter and Farm Servant
Dan Johnnie Philip Mr Daniel Corlett Ballamooar Tenant Farmer
John Billie Sam Mr John Boyde Ballacoraige Cobbler, Fisherman and Owner Crofter
Bet Nell Miss Elizabeth Kinrade Ballakeig Farm Servant
Dan y Clay Mr Daniel Caley Bollagh Weaver and Owner Crofter
Tom Pherick Arthur Mr Thomas Moughtin Carlane Cobbler
Robbie Tom Bob Mr Robert Teare Frowde's Croft Owner Crofter
Bill Johnnie Beg Mr William Corlett Ballatessen Owner Crofter and Fisherman
John Juan Raif Mr John Callister Broughjiarg Owner Crofter and Fisherman
John Juan Phaddy (Faddy). Mr John Cannell Ballacooilley Owner Farmer
William Billy Mr William Corlett Village Joiner
William Billy Wuddagh (Wuthagh) Mr William Boyde Ballavolley Farmer
Tom Jack Mr Thomas Quayle Village Joiner and Owner Crofter
Tom Hommie Mr Thomas Corlett Village Pig Dealer
Lizzie John Bill Mrs James Lace Village
Tom John Bob Mr Thomas Teare Cronk Owner Crofter and Blacksmith
Billy Caine Flute Mr William Caine Cape Horn Owner Crofter & Butcher
John Matt Mr John Corlett Ballatessen Owner Farmer
John Dan Hommie Mr John Corlett Village Builder
Tom Philip (S. of parish)
Tom Nellie N (in N. of parish)
Mr Thomas Craine Dollagh Owner Crofter & Coroner
Corleod y Kidden
(Cur'lyode a kidden)
Mr Wm. Corlett Ellan Rhenny Tenant Farmer
William Steen Beg Mr William Kneale Curragh Owner Crofter
Quayle Nannie Mr William Quayle Curragh Owner Crofter & Tailor
Jem Jimmy Matt Mr James Cowell Glen Owner Crofter and Fisherman
Kitty Dick Miss Cath. Corlett Village Charwoman
Phil Phaddy (Faddy) Mr Philip Mylecraine Glaick Owner Farmer
Tommy Dan Mr Thomas Cannan Cronk Sailor, Cobbler and Farm Servant
Billy Juan Ned Mr Wm. Kneen Ballacain Tenant Farmer
Nannie Margaid (Marg'ad) Miss Ann Killip Curragh Shop Keeper
Dan Juan Vairy Mr Daniel Cannan Cronk Farm Servant
Judy Thomas Miss Judith Corlett Carmodale
Billy Vess Mr Wm. Corlett Glenshoggyl Tenant Farmer
Bill Hugh (Cue) Mr Wm. Caliister Ballacrye Owner Farmer
John Bobby Jack Mr John Teare Ballacrosha Owner Crofter & Cooper
Tommy Bobby Rob Mr Thomas Corlett Ballakinnag Owner Farmer
Tommy Charlie Pheg (Feg) Mr Thomas Kneale Ballacoraige Fisherman & Farm Servant
Tom Juan Jemmie Mr Thomas Gill Dollagh Farm Servant
John Pherick Jack (Fericx) Mr John Cannan Ballamona Fisherman & Farm Servant
William Juan Mr Wm. Corlett Ballakinnag Cobbler
Lenny Kate Matt Miss Leonora Cain Ballakinnag Farm Servant
Tommy Fillim Ned Mr Thomas Kneen Ballatesson Owner Farmer
Dan Juan y Pherick Mr Daniel Quayle Curragh Weaver & Owner Crofter
Tom Juan Pherick Mr Thomas Caley Bollagh Crofter
Jemmy John Mooar Etty Mr James Quayle Village Cobbler
Kate Chris Miss Cath. Cowle Village Itinerant Beggar
Ann Dan Steaon (Stee'orn) Miss Ann Stephen Glenshoggyl Owner Crofter
Bella Jimmy Mary Mrs Thomas Cowle Dollagh Farm Servant
Juan Robin Mr John Brew Glen Owner Crofter
John Billy John Mr John Corlett Ballamona Farmer
Willie William Billy Bill Bane (Bedn) Mr Wm. Corlett Village Joiner
Place Names
Thomas y Cladagh
(Thomas a clay'dagh)
Mr Thomas Corlett Carmodale Owner Crofter
The Balley (Barl'ya) Mr John Corlett Ballatessen Tenant Farmer
Dan y Corvalley (Corvarl'ya) Mr Daniel T. Corlett Corvalley Owner Farmer
The Glaick (Glitre) Mr Thomas Craine Glaick Owner Farmer
Bill Thie Vane (T(h)ie Vedn) Mr Wiliam Kaighin Curragh Owner Farmer
Moaney Beg (Moanee Beg) Mr William Callister Castle Lake Owner Farmer
Bill Verk Mr William Cain Dollagh Fisherman & Farm Servant
Tom Broughjiarg (Brush-jerg) Mr Thomas Corlett Ballamooar Owner Farmer
Tommy Broughjiarg Mr Thomas Craine Brook Villa Retired from abroad
Johnnie Broughjiarg Mr John Craine Broughjiarg Mooar Owner Farmer & Moar
Billy Crongaberry
(nasalized 'n-'g' hardly sounded)
Mr William Oates Ballacrye Owner Farmer
Bill Thie Noa (T(h)ie Noe) Mr William Kneen Bishopscourt Farm Servant
Bill the Nailer Mr Wm. Craine Glen Nail Maker
Robby yn Varchan (in Var'chan) Mr Robert Keig Ballacain Owner & Tenant Farmer
Bob y Hatter Mr Robert Quayle Ballacoraige Butcher
Personal Characteristics
John y For (as written: 'r' is rolled) Mr John Boyde Village Crofter
Tom Lane Vie (Tom Leddin Voi) Mr Thomas Crellin Curragh Crofter, Turf Cutter & Farm Handyman
Tom Yernagh Mr Thomas Quilliam Itinerant Beggar
John Beg Mr John Boyde Bishop's Demesne Tenant Farmer
John Beg Mr John Maddrell Cronk Fisherman & Farm Servant
Tommy the Lark Mr Thomas Corlett Ballamooar Sailor
Beautiful Billy Mr William Teare Village Publican, Farmer & Coal Merchant
Phil Thay Mr Philip Teare Ballacoraige Fisherman & Farm Servant
Bill Hoon Mr William Goldsmith Ballacoraige Farm Servant
Philly the Wine Mr Philip Teare Curragh Owner Crofter, Turf Cutter & Farm Servant
Maa Miller (May) Mrs Margaret Corlett Dollagh Egg Dealer & Midwife
Harry Nut Mr Harry Killey Village Butcher
Kinny Mr John Thomas Gawne Village Itinerant Beggar
Dan yn Yearn (Dan in Yeean) Mr Daniel Corlett Croit-e-Gurrin Owner Crofter
Liddley Mrs Richards Ballacoraige Tenant Farmer
Dawsey Mr Thomas Cavendish Ballatessen Owner Farmer
Pete Mr John Boyde Bishop's Demesne Tenant Farmer
The Vhose Mr William Craine Ballatessen Owner Farmer


All the foregoing have now passed on, the last to leave being Willie William Billy Bill Bane, who died in 1932 full of years and respected by all who knew him. As I write there comes to me the memory of the great and diversified knowledge of John Juan Phaddy, the exceptionally retentive memory of William Juan, the deep dry humour of Tommy Fillim Ned, the welcoming smile and kindliness of John Dan Hommie, the words and wisdom and veiled sarcasm of Jemmy John Mooar Etty, the constant and amusing interruptions of Jem Beg Tom Jem and Tommy Bobby Rob at political meetings, the agricultural science of Dan-y-Corvalley, the wonderful philosophy of Robby-yn-Varchan, the marvellous eloquence of The Glaick, the nippy repartee of Robby Tom Bob, the keen wit, humour and impish mimicry of Tommy Dan and Pete, the sermons of Kinny when primed with old ale, the many tales of land and sea told by Tommy Charlie and Tom Juan, and much more that may not at this time be set down.


The Mount, Ramsey. January, 1933.


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