[From Manxland, 1863]


THIS little book consists of two parts: the first is intended to represent the strict truth, and to give, as far as the writer's information extends, a correct account of the modes of operation, the localities, and the aims of the Isle of Man Diocesan Association, enumerating its supporters, and endeavouring to plead its cause with those who are not yet of that number.

The second part is fiction- a simple illustration of what has been, and what may yet be done, through this Association, for an interesting people, in a lovely country, by a very numerous class of our residents and visitors, wealthy Christians, willing to offer a portion of their wealth as thanks for the blessing of health restored in this island.

No personalities are intended. Names familiar to Manx ears have been applied to persons and places ; but the incidents and characters of the tale have, intentionally, no personal or local application.

For the sketches of Manx scenery the editor begs to thank those friends who have so generously presented the work with the fruit of their pencils. If in any case some of their drawings have not found a place here, let them feel assured that the omission is not caused by any want of appreciation of their kindness nor of their skill, but by the fear of incurring too much expense.

[the illustrations are generally signed C A Ferrier]


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