[taken from Chapter 5 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

BELLANNE STOWELL (b. 1814, d. 1889),

a daughter of William Stowell, and a sister of William Hendry Stowell (see p. 51), for many years conducted a school at Ballabeg in the parish of Arbory, together with her sister, and she afterwards had a school in Douglas. She was greatly loved and respected by her old pupils, and, indeed, by all who knew her. "Manxland," a novel, with an introductory sketch about Manx home missions,* and ·"Nellie Brennan," a biography of a pious Irishwoman, who devoted herself to nursing the sick at the time of the cholera in Douglas, in 1832, were written by her.

* Chiefly relating to the Isle of Man Diocesan Association, founded in 1839 It was published in 1863.

School was at Rushen Abbey - originally Ellen Stowell had a school in Douglas (6 Shaw's Brow - advertised as re-opening in 1825, moved to Athol Street in 1827, joined by Mrs Stowell 1830-1833(death) then by sister Bellanne - in 1840's leased Rushen Abbey until late 1850's

see pp166/7 Hinton Bird An Island that led vol 1


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