[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


WHAT are ye shoutin', Lizzie ? I'm comin' so quick as I can,
An' what call have you to be talkin' with every passin' young man!
The King! What King is there on ye-chut- capers-an' up these hills !
Aw, well! Is it raelly the King though? An' me in my dishabills !

Give us a heis up the hedge, gel-we'll be seein' handy from theer,
To think of the King of Englan' comin' all the way up here
I'd like to have put a clean brat on me, but I hadn't no time at all,
For I come so quick as I could the moment I heerd you call.

I min' they was used to be sayin' this falla was middlin' wile,
An' lashins of gool spent at him since he was a lump of a chile.
But th' oul' Queen nussed him clavver, and give him scope for to run,
The knowing that he'd come to when he would have had his fun.

Aw the Lady she was! Ma word! Th' oul' Queedn that is gone,
That was sittin' quite's an earwig, doin' judgment from her throne,
An' the high wars goin' a scutchin' if they didn' be mindin' themselves,
And an eye for the sarvents as well, that there wasn' no duss on the shelves.

An' rowlin' her bonnad ribbons to be all so nate's a pin,
An' larnin' the childher their duty, but spashul this wan that's in.
It's like she'd be radin' the laws to 'm while sittin' beside his bed,
The way she'd be havin' him studdy by the time he'd come to be head.

An' sarvin' his time for King, eddicated an' all for to know,
Aw, a rale grammatical falla-Prince of Wales they were callin' him to,
An' was'n it our " Cap'n " Hunter that was with him aboord the ship,
To see that them ignorant haythens was not givin' none of their lip.

There's them comin' though-there-roun' by Cronk Urleigh, see-
Gerrourra th' road, Lizzie veen ! Is it devoured you're wantin' to be
Under the feet of the horses? Stan' quite, now, for these wans to tell
The pretty the Manx gels is-(The King Passes)- Aw ! Well !


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