[From Manx Melodies, 1922]


HERE are you going, little Boy Beg,
With your little grey dog an' all?
I'm going to look for the King an' Queen,
To see will they cure me for all.

Where will you find them, little Boy Beg,
The King an' the Queen so high?
I'll watch from the bank where the bluebells grow
To see will they ever pass by.

How will you know them, little Boy Beg,
When you've wandered many a mile?
I'll know the King by his golden crown,
An' the Queen by her lovely smile.

How will they see you, little Boy Beg,
With your poor little crutch an' all?
I'll be houlin' my flow'rs an' makin' my bow,
An' the Queen she'll see me for all.

What will you say to them, little Boy Beg,
When you stand at the carriage door?
I'll give them a flow'r, an' they'll touch my han',
An' I'll never be lame no more.

An' that very same day the King came by,
An' the Lady Queen she smiled;
An' they tuk the flow'r from the little han',
An' they put the cure on the child.

Now little Boy Beg can walk an' run
With his little grey dog an' all.
God bless the King and his lovely Queen-
But he hadn't no crown for all!


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