[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




EC ny fiddleryn ayns yn Ollick
Va'n chied boayl veeit mee graih my chree;
Dy graihagh hoie shin sheese cooidjagh,
As hug shin toshiaght dy hooree.

Voish yn oor shen gys kione shiaght bleeaney,
Va my graih as mish mennick meeitcil;
As giall ee dooys lesh ee chengey foalsey
Nagh jinnagh ee mee dy bragh hreigeil.

Fastyr jy-doonee roish Laa-ynnyd
Hie mee dy yeeaghyn yn graih my chree;
Hug ee ny daa laue ayns my ghaa laue
Nagh poosagh ee, fer elley agh mee.

Haink mee roym thie my chree dy gennal,
Nhee erbee cha row jannoo seaghyn dooys;
Yn chied skeeayl cluinn mee moghrey Laa-ynnyd
Dy row my graih rish fer elley phoost.

My drogh,veilley er y doodee foalsey,
As mee sooree urree rish ymmoddee laa
Na honnick ee nagh row graih eck orrym,
Oddagh ee ve yn obbal ayns traa.

Cha jeanyn noi ee drogh loo ny gweeagyn,
Cha wizym drogh fortune dy heet ee raad,
Agh dy jean ee booiys gys ee chaarjyn,
Gg dy vel ee jannoo jeems agh craid.

Yn billey waltitit cha ren rieau taggloo,
Feanishyii elley cha row aym;
Nish ta my graih er prowal dy foalsey.
As ta mee faagit my lomarcan.

Hem's roym er yn 'Eaill Pherick,
Dresym my-hene myr scollag aeg erbee;
Hem's shaghey my graih ayns meayn y vargey,
Cha lhiggym orrym dy vel mee fakin ee.

Beem' 's dy hassoo 'sy kione y vargey,
Goym's my reih jeh 'nane ny gbaa;
Agh ee t'ee poost rish ee molteyr foalsey,
Cha vod ee cooney ny caghlaa.

Yn raad mooar liauyr v'aym dy hooyl er,
As.yn ughtagh jeeragh dy jannoo ftiee skee;
Cha voddyin soie sheese dy goaill my aash,
Nagh beem kinjagh smooinaght er graih my chree,

O ! dy jinxiagh yn geay mooar sheidey,
Dy voddym chlashtyn voish my graih;
As ee cheet hym harrish ny ard sleityn,.
Veeitagh shin dagh elley er-cheu yn trale.

'S gennal, 's gennal, hem roym dy veeiteil ee,
My fys v'aym dy veagh my graih ayns shen
'S gennal, 's gennal, yinnym soie sheese lioree,
My roih son pillow eck fo ee kione.

O I dy jinnagh yn keayn mooar hirmagh
Raad dy jannoo dy voddym goll trooid ;
Sniaghtey Greenlyn nee gaase jiarg myr roseyn,,
Roish mee foddyni my graih jarrood.


AMONG the fiddlers at Christmas time
Was where I first met my heart's love;
Lovingly we sat down together,
And made a start of our courtship.

From that hour to the end of seven years'
My love and I did often meet;
And she promised me with her false tongue
That she would never forsake me.

Sunday evening before Ash-Wednesday
I went to visit my heart's love;
She put her.two hands in my two hands
(Saying) she'd marry none but me.

I went back home with a cheerful heart,
Nothing at all was troubling me;
The first news I heard Ash-Wednesday morn
Was that my love was to another wed.

On the false damsel be my worst curse,
And I courting her for so long ;*
When she saw she had no love for me,
She might have refused me in time.

I would not curse or swear against her,
Nor wish bad luck to come her way,
But that she may give her friends pleasure,
Although she makes but mock of me.

The walnut tree that ne'er word uttered,
Other witnesses I had none;
Now my love has proved to be so false,
And I'm deserted, all alone.

1 will go my way to Patrick's Feast,
I'll dress myself like any other lad ;
I'll pass my love by in the fair's midst,
I'll not let on that I see her.

I will stand'at the end of the fair,
I'll take my choice of many a one;
But she that's wed to her deceiver,
She can't get either help or change.

The big long road I had to walk on,
And the steep hill to make me tired;
I could not sit down to take my rest,
Without bft thinking of my heart's love.

Oh ! that the mighty wind would blow,
That I might hear from my own love;
And her conaing to me o'er the high hills,
We'd meet each other beside the shore.

Gladly, gladly, would I go to meet her,
If I knew that my love would be there;
Gladly, gladly, would I sit down by her,
My arm for pillow beneath her head.

Oh I that the mighty sea would dry up
To make a road that I could go though;
Greenland's snow will grow red as roses,
Before I can my own love forget.

*Many days.


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