[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




NY mraane Kilkenny hie ad dy. Ghoolish,
Hie ad dy Ghoolish lesh y vainney-geyr
Agh cre-er-bee aggle haink er y cabbyl,
Va-jeeyl mooar jeant er y vainney-geyre.

Ren ny mucyn chaglym as ren ad scryssey,
Mygeayrt y dubbey ren ad chloie Tig,
Cha jinnagh 'nane iu jeh yn vainney,
Agh daa vuc starvet lesh Kinleigh Be,-,.


THE Kilkenny women went to Douglas,
They went to Douglas with the butter-milk;
But what e'er the fear that came on the horse,
There was great waste of the butter-milk.

The pigs they gathered there and scratched about,
All around the pool they played at Tig;
But none of them would drink of the milk,
Except two starved pigs of Kinley Beg's.


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