[from Manx Ballads, 1896]




JEEAGH, jeeagh yn ghrian ta reill yn oie,
Son soilshey daue ta gennal soie ;
Jeh'n billey-feeney s'moyrnagh troo
Mysh shoh, ta jeh yn coontey smoo.

(twice after each verse).

Moyllee-jee maryms, Vanninee,
Yn tune vie la er as y vraih
Dagh seaghyn, as dagh kiarail t'ayn,
Ta gholl ersooyl lesh bree yn oarn.

Dy beagh y staghyl nagh gow coyrle,
Er n'iu jeh shoh, ga losht yn seihll,
Yn ooir as aer mygeart-y-mysh,
Veagh eh cha sauchey's ta shin nish.

O heshey, gow yn ghless shoh hood,
Cre'n aght hee'yms dty stroin ny hrooid
Myr ta'n gholl-twoaie jeh cooyl yn aile,
Myr shen ta shoh lesh soilshey'n chainle.

Agh myr t'an ghrian fo bodjal still
Dasyn ta doal ny doon y hooill,
Eshyn nagh n'iu jough tra t'eh paa,
She shoh ta jannoo 'n oie jeh lhaa.

0 boyaghyn, ny cur-jee geill
Da eddin aalin nee falleil ;
Dooghys cha dug dooin ny share vie,
Na shoh lesh eash ta gaase ny spooie.




SEE, see the sun1 that rules the night,
For light tothem that cheerful sit
The proudest vine is envious
About this being counted best.2

(twice after each verse).

Ye Manxmen, sing with me the praise
Of the good strong ale and the malt;
For ev'ry trouble, ev'ry care
Goes away with the barley bree.3

If the dolt who'd not take advice,
Had only drunk of this, though burned
The world, the earth and air around,
He would be safe as we are now.

O comrade,-take this glass to thee,
That through it I may see thy nose!
Like the rainbow behind the fire4
Like what is seen by candlelight5.

But as the sun is 'neath a cloud
To him who's blind or shuts his eye,
Who'll not drink ale when he's dry,
This is what turns the night to day.

O boys, do not pay any heed
To a pretty face that will fade !
Nothing better nature gives us,
Then this which with its age improves.

* An old name of the Isle of Man.,

1 i .e., Ale.
2 " About this (i.e., ale) which is of the greatest account."
3 Peculiar similies.
4 "Spirit."
5 " That is as this is by the light of the candle.

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