[from Manx Ballads, 1896]



 JOARREE, my t'on laccal ve
Reaylt ayns sauchys, shee as fea,
My t'ou shirrey aash dty hene,
Eunys sheelt, dyn loght as glen,
Ayns shoh vees oo trean as reen,
Tar eisht tar dys Mannin Veen.

My t'ou imlee ayns dty lheihll,
As da mooadys dyn cur geill,
My t'ou noi dagh nhee ta dewil,
Reddyn taitnysagh da'n jouyl ;
My t'ou dooinney mie as creen,* Tar, O ! tar dys Mannin Veen.

My ta gennallys dty oai,
Graiagh dty naboo myr ta cooie,
My t'ou gentyn mie erreeish,
Lheid's ta cordail meenid Chreest,
Cha vow boayl er fey-ny-cruinn,
Sheshaght lheid's t'ayns Mannin Veen.

Shoh yn boayl ta tremmid cree,
Feddyn gerjagh, aash as shee.
Keeshyn thie cha vel son ginsh,
Earroo dty uinnagyn son keesh,
Cabbyl, ny dty vooinjer hene,
Coontyt vees ayns Mannin Veen.

Hroailtagh, eisht, nish gow my ghoo,
Cha vel aalid cheerey smoo,
Boayl dy vaik oo ny t'ayns shoh ;
Cha vel nhee ta noi yn traw.
Tar eisht, yoarree, gow dtyt hene
Curnmal bwaagh ayns Mannin Veen.

STRANGER, if thou seeks't 1 to be
Kept in safety, peace, and quiet,
If thou needs't rest for thyself,
Sober joy, faultless and pure,
Here thou shalt be brave and strong,
Come then come to Mannin Veen.

If thou'rt meek in thy conduct,2
And to greatness giv'st no heed,
If thou'rt 'gainst all; that's cruel,
Things pleasing to the devil ;
If thou'rt a good and wise man,
Come then come to Mannin Veen,

If thy face is pleasantness,
Loving thy neighbour as is meet,
If thou hast 3 true compassion,
As befits Christ's gentleness,
There's no place in the whole world,
For such folk 4 as Mannin Veen,

Here's where heaviness of heart,
Comfort, rest and peace receives.
House taxes there are almost nil,5
Neither thy windows, 6 nor horse,
Nor even thy servant will
Be counted in Mannin Veen,

Traveller, then, now take my word,
There is no lovlier country,
In any place than is here ;
There 's nothing that's against the stream,7
Come, stranger, take to thyself
An abode in Mannin Veen.

' For Creeney.

1 " Art desirous."
2 " Motion, activity." This is rather obscure.Each thing."
3 " Conceivest."
4 " Company."
5 " None to speak of."
6 " The number of thy windows for taxing."
7 i.e. Everything is smooth and easy.


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