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In this Book ensueth diverse Ordinances, Statutes, and Customes presented, reputed, and used for Laws in the Land of Mann, that were rattifyed, approved, and confirmed, as well by the honourable Sir John Stanley, Knight, King, and Lord of the same Land, and diverse others his Predecessors, as by all Barrons, Deemsters, Officers, Tennants, Inhabitants, and Commons, of the same Land.

OUR doughtfull and gratious Lord, this is the Constution of old Time, the which we have given in our Days, how yee should be governed on your Tinwald Day. First, you shall come thither in your Royal Array, as a King ought to do, by the Prerogatives and Royalties of the Land of Man. And upon the Hill of Tynwald sitt in a Chaire covered with a Royall Cloath and Cushions, and your Visage into the East, and your Sword before you, holden with the Point upward; your Barrons in the third Degree sitting beside you, and your benificed Men and your Deemsters before you sitting; and your Clarke, your Knights, Esquires and Yeomen, about you in the third Degree; - and the worthiest Men in your Land to be called in before your Deemsters, if you will aske any Thing of them, and to hear the Government of your Land, and your Will; and the Commons to stand without the Circle of the Hill, with three Clearkes in their Surplises. And your Deemsters shall make Call in the Coroner of Glanfaba; and he shall call in all the Coroners of Man, and their Yards in their Hands,, with their Weapons upon them, either Sword or Axe. And the Moares, that is, to Witt of every Sheading. Then the Chief Coroner, that is the Coroner of Glanfaba, shall make Affence, upon Paine of Life and Lyme, that noe Man make any Disturbance or Stirr in the Time of Tinwald, or any Murmur or Rising in the King's Presence, upon Paine of Hanging and Drawing. And then shall let your Barrons and all other know you to be their King and Lord, and what Time you were here you received the Land as Heyre Apparent in your Father's Days. And all your Barrons of Man, with your worthiest Men and Commons, did you Faith and Fealtie. And in as much as you, are, by the Grace of God, now King and Lord of Man, yee will now that your Commons come unto you, and shew their Charters, how the hould of you. And your Barrons, that made no Faith nor Feaftie unto you, that they make now.

And if any of your Barrons be out of the Land, they shall have the Space of Fourty Days. After that they are called in to come shew whereby the houlde andclayme Lands and Tenements, within your Land of Man; and to make Faith and Fealtie, if Wind and Weather served them, or els to cease their Temporalties into your Hands. And then to proceed in your Matters. whatsoever you have there to doe, in Fellony or Treason, or other Matters that touch the Governance of your Land of Manne. First, that Watch and Ward be kept through your said Land as it ought, upon Pain of Life and Lyme; for whosoever fails any Night in his Ward, forfeiteth a Wether to the Warden; and to the Warden the seacond Night a Cowe; and the third Night Life and Lyme to the Lord.

And to charge all Manner of Men within your said, Land to be ready at your Calling, upon Paine of Life and Lyme. And then to ordaine and proclainie, that neither Vessell nor Boat take any Man out of this Land, upon Pain of Forfeiture of his Vessell and Goods, and restoreing the Man into the Land again, he paying the Debts he oweth unto the Lord. But if it be the Shipmen or Merchants that to Day come into the Land, grid pass again at the next Wind ; and iioe Man that is resident within the said Land without a special Lycence. Alsoe, when you send your Lieutennant into your Land of Man, and cometh thither received as Lieutennant, in setting of Lands Courts, houlding and all other Governances we give for Law, that all his Deeds be firm and stable, and what Man offendeth to him be punished, as they that offend to the Lord.

Alsoe, whosoever is borne and resident within your Land of Man, though he had paid his Debts and Farme, he ouglt not to goe out of your Land without a speciall Lycense; and if he doe, the Law is told you in the Governance Tynwald. But if he goe himself away with any Boat of his own, or if he steale any Mans Boat, he is a Fellone; and if it so may be found, he forfeiteth his Goods, whose Tenant soever he be.

Alsoe whosoever occupieth any Pareell of Land., within your Land of Man, with Cattle or with Manure, (except he be any of your Tennants Inlaynes) be ought to pay the Value of that which he occupieth without Quest setting or Farme taking, at your List by your Law.

Alsoe, whosoever is sett by Enquest sworn, whether he be poor or rich, he shall pay it if he have any Goods that occupieth the Land of the Lord, either in Herbage or Manure. And if he have no Goods in time of setting, the Quest shall pay for him, for putting him in the Rowles that hath noe Goods; and then he to be put in Service, or else to take v s. in a Farme, and to find Sureties of Payment by our Laws of Manne. Alsoe, whereas it is said, that the Porter of your Castle, your waged Yeomen within your Garrison dwelling, should beate your Tennants when they be brought to Prisson, and taketh of them more than their Fees, that ought not to be redressed before your Deemnsters, but before your Constable within your Garrison in which the Fault is so committed, by our Law of Manne.

Alsoe we give for Law, that a Castle Maze be paid out of five Maze of Herrings in a Boate taken, and Half a Maze out of two Maze and a Halfe in a Boate gotten, as oft as they goe to Sea and gotten soe; and that is our Law by Custonie and Usage; and the Lord to pay vjd. for a Maze thereof, provided that the Bringers of the first Maze shall for the same have iij s. iiij d.

Alsoe touching the Carriage of your Turves, all your Tennants of your six Sheadings ought by our Laws, to carry your Turves to your Places, as pleaseth you to have them, with all other Carriages, Suite, and Services, that are needful to you within your Land of Man, for it is Use and Custome of longe Time.

Alsoe it is Use and Custome of long Time, that the Moars of every Shedding, pay two Marks of Office Silver yerarly to the Lord; for it hath been used in divers Lords Days, and soe we now give for Law to be paid.

Alsoe it is our Law, that no Coroner. arrest a Man for Debt owinge, unless he have a speciall Warrant from the Lord or his Lieutennant; but in Points of Fellony, or delivering of Servants, or for Surety of the Peace, with many other Points that belong unto his Office, he ought to do these by Vertue of his Office without Warrant.

Alsoe whatsoever Enquest the Lord or his Litutennant taketh to sett his Land by their Oathes, there ought noe Man to falsiefie them, for whosoever doth he forfeites iijl. to the Lord, if it may be proved or knowne.

Alsoe it is lawfull to any of the Lords Councell to stirr or move any Man to doe that may profitt the Lord truly.

Alsoe for as much as the Riseing was made at Kirk Michaell upon the Lieutennant that represents the King's Person.. his Officers, and his Men, those that the Lieutennant saw rise over him there without. Crayeing of Law, is this, that the be first drawne and hanged, and quartered, and their Heads stricken off, and sett upon the Castle Tower over the Burne, another Quarter at Halland Towne, and the third Quarter to be sett up at Ramsey, and the fourth at Douglas.


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